The Guardians of Teloc hate me


I can’t play Guardians of Teloc. I get to the dopey owl’s welcome, then it won’t let me escape. Every time I try to move on (by hitting ‘next’) the owl just comes back to mock me.

Is this just me?


Judging by the total absence of other posts about this, it’s clearly just me.


I‘m having the same problem. No getting past the owl.


Anche a me come a tutta l’ally dove sono…penso sia un problema generale…spero recuperino il tempo perso…


I have exactly the same problem!!!


I’m having the same issue


Same here


Anche io sono bloccato allo stesso punto


I can’t get in either, and the game crashes when I try to back up to the main screen. Plese fix this! :persevere:


Not just you. Several Alliance members have the same issue.


Just to be certain, then: it’s only me, right? No one else is having this problem? Has anyone at least heard of anyone else having this problem?


Seems like an issue for everyone.
Dev’s are looking into the problem:


I have the same problem.


У меня точно такая же проблема!!!



I just wish I could find someone else with this problem. It’s so frustrating.


I have the same issue!


У меня аналогичная ситуация


The same problem as mine
Ten sam problem co u mnie


Вот когда её интересно уберут эту проблему весь кайф ломают без ножа режут)))