The Guardian Heroes

Reading this thread made me give in to the urge for “just one more pull!” - heh heh.

It was weird. I clicked the portal, spent the gems, and… it just sat there. About 15 seconds went by, and then I saw the little “wifi icon” that indicates my connection to the game was poor, so now I’m worrying that it spent the gems but wasn’t going to complete the pull.

5 more seconds, and then… Guardian Falcon! :smiley:

OK, so NOW I’m done… that’s plenty of luck for this week: 3 pulls gets me Jackal #3 and my only Falcon.

Good gaming!


Yeah now that I pulled Jackal and I have a few snipers that are seriously leveled and headed to max levels, I am trying to figure out where to fit him in my holy leveling as well. I really wanted drake Fong leveled because I don’t have too many heroes that do AOE damage with fast mana, so the goal is as to level and swap Joon out with him, but I may do Jackal then Drake since Joon is still a great hero.

I just recently got Joon, he’s up to 3-26 and so he’s getting to the point where he might be able to join in on raids soon - and fortunately, I have the mats to ascend him and push him all the way to 4-80.

Jackal+Joon will be a devastating combo. :slight_smile: I don’t have Drake, and I understand he is very, very good also. I guess it depends what you want: a hero that can hit multiple targets and blind them (Drake), or one that can devastate a single hero target (Joon).

Worth considering: Jackal’s Holy defense down only affects one target. Still, hitting with Drake will do extra damage to that one, and still good damage to the others too. It won’t be the one-two punch that Jackal+Joon can do, but Drake will increase general survivability because he’ll make more enemies miss.

Choosing between Joon & Drake = a good problem to have. :wink:

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I’ve only got 100k+ on 2 titans. 1 was green 1 purple thanks to my Jackal and Falcon. Picked up dupes this summon and test they will be levelled they are that good.

OMG are a lucky tart!!! I did that and got…4 falcons total :frowning: but I fed two to one of them to give him instant boost and bump up his special one level already, I’m gonna keep the 4th one as a duplicate

@Fizban I agree! The only reason I’m willing to sub Joon for Drake is because I also have Lianna, Sartana, Marjana, and a few other major target damage dealers. But I don’t have one that can hit 3 at a time and fast like a sniper, also with an elemental link…now that’s a deadly combo.

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Isarnia is my girl, currently favorite ice 5* but her mana is slow so Drake will definitely be refreshing to see that happen much faster.

I have Wilbur!

Do I need flacon at all?

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Complicated. …

Wilbur and Falcon is both different and has synergy if we bring both together…
So, Wilbur give opponent -44% def down normal.
And Falcon give opponent -54% def down from fire element.
Damage tiles or damage skill from Fire heroes, oponent status defense down are 44+54 = 98%.


Wilbur is amazing, I have him and love him. Not really needed esp if you have Wilbur and BT/Gormek, but he’s the only one that does the elemental defense.

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@jinbatsu is one of my faves on this forum :slight_smile:


Got falcon in my first month of playing with one pull!
Now just got a jackal from two pulls, kinda handy as iv got chao at 4/66 I’m very low on holy heros so I can start on him pretty soon!

Jackal VERY FAST = makes Joon and other yellows SMASH what they hit
Falcon = Makes Red snipers SMASH what they hit
Panther = Would you like to guess??? Thats right she make the purple snipers (Kage and Sartana and others) SMASH what they hit

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@DaveCozy, as expected, you are 100% correct. Now that I maxed my Jackal (and gave him a ton of emblems), I was able to roll him out against a Kunchen tank. Here’s a screen shot, which clearly shows both Kunchen’s element link and Jackal’s elemental debuff on both his main hero representation and his card. The two stack instead of overwriting.

@wineybrit, I know this is relevant to you too.


Thanks @IvyTheTerrible!

My G. Jackal is only at 4/46 right but I’ve had fun playing with him so far. I don’t have any good yellow snipers to pair him with yet though. My other yellows are Li Xui, Danza and Bane +18 and Wu of course. I’ve had the best luck hitting someone with GJ followed by tiles. I have another ready to start levelling as soon as this ones maxed, then after that Chao unless something better comes along.

Ho did the raid go Ivy? Looks like you got this one.


7-0 with Jackal so far - he’s only going on the field as a third holy with Onatel and Leonidas. I fully expect to never lose to a Kunchen tank again. :roll_eyes:

That’s awesome that you have another Jackal! Following one with the other sounds amazing. Also, Jackal charges so quickly that I’ve sometimes been able to charge him, get the elemental debuff on a foe, then charge him again and use his second special to finish them. For now, yellow tiles should be a powerful option, especially if you’re rolling him out with Wu in, say, a war hit.


Get LvL 11 mana troops for Jackal and he’ll charge in 6 tiles (3 ghosted).

Just a little comment: the def down doesn’t sum with the elemental down. They’re actually multiplier stacks.

(1 - 0,44) * (1 - 0,54) = 0,56 * 0,46 = 0,2576

1 - 0,2576 = actual -74,24% def down (still huge).

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Also: Jackal +8 Emblems [+2% Mana] does the same thing with just a Lvl 5 4* Mana Troop.

That can be useful if you’re stacking Yellow and want to put a bigger Mana Troop on someone else, you can get away with the Lvl 5 Troop on Jackal.


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