The Guardian Heroes

Do you feel that any of the Guardian Heroes are top notch and worth pulling for/ascending, esp over some classic/Atlantis/HOTM 5 stars?

If so then Which of the Guardian Heroes (Jackal/Panther/Owl/Kong/Falcon) do you feel is best and why?

Just finished the tournament and beat all 3 levels, while their specials do damage I kinda felt underwhelmed about them, so I’m wondering if I should spend gems to try and grab one or just stick to Atlantis summons…

Currently 3 of the 5 are some of the most important / valuable raid, titan and quest heroes. Those 3 being Falcon, Jackal and Panther … elemental defense debuff is a huge benefit to color stacks, which most folks do when raiding or hitting titans. None of them are particularly effective on defense, but… still serviceable there as well while you build up depth.


I only have Guardian Jackal, but his Holy -Def is nice - and I lucked out and got two of him fairly early on, so I’ve got two of him maxed. I happened to pull a third yesterday, and I’m leveling up Joon right now, so I’ve got plenty of single-target punch against Purple targets.

I would like to have Panther and Falcon for the -Def they each give, but I’m not doing any more pulls because I’m saving for next Atlantis instead. Owl & Kong are 5* but I think there are better ones out there for their color, so… Atlantis it is for me. :slight_smile:

The only reason I did a couple pulls on this portal is… I can’t resist the temptation, heh heh. I got Guardian Jackal on one pull, did a second pull and got Kailani, and I’m stopping.

Good gaming!


All the element debuffers are fantastic. Panther is probably best because she’s harder to get, but Jackal and Falcon are staples at 4* and are worth the gems for a realistic chase.

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I will summary the role heroes for def down element.
For role def down element yellow, currently only Jackal, no other similiar.
For def down element red only Falcon.
For def down element purple only Panther.

Now, for other resource, with def down element outside Guardian Portal.
For def down element green only Evelyn (December 2018 HOTM).
For def down element blue King Arthur (Avalon event portal), and Frida (March 2019 HOTM).


@jinbatsu that was a superb explanation. I didn’t even realize some of them were 4 star lol

@amessofamind @Fizban @Meridian

So y’all all convinced to give it ONE MORE SHOT after reading the comments…so I did a 10 pull.

First hero…Jackal #Wow :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice guys! I’m not gonna go for panther, I already have Seshat(2)/Sartana/Kage/Bosswolf/Domitia/Obakan and I don’t feel like will be that lucky twice lmao!


Jackal, Falcon and Panther are worth it.

G. Kong is okay. He has very high attack which would make him fun for red stacks on offense. On defense he’s meh, high damage but his defense stat is low.

G. Owl, I barely see. No one here seems to like him. For defense teams with him, I’ve never had issues taking them on. He charges his special slowly, and his damage output is low if no teammates are down. If I had him I wouldn’t know what to do with him


I was hoping for falcon since now that you all explained their strengths would make a great add to a red stack…I did one more and got two more jackals, go figure lol

Everything’s already been said, but I can’t resist piling on for emphasis. Elemental debuff is powerful, but also very rare and therefore even more valuable. What’s great here is that Falcon and Jackal are four stars, which make them more accessible. And they are the only ones who do it for their element (same for Panther, but she is way less accessible). That means they’re hugely valuable for titans, wars, raids, and the map (so basically every phase of the game).

Panther is widely regarded as one of the best / most valuable heroes in the game. I feel it’s less common now, but two Panthers flanking Guin used to be a fairly common defense.

Falcon make Kashhrek a joke of a tank and is a major inflection point between Kash being very annoying and very easy.

Jackal is very fast (also a rare attribute). I got him on my only pulls this month (a 10 pull) and am ecstatic! He’ll really help me against Kunchen, as his skill counter Kunchen’s special really well (since there’s no way to lower Kunchen’s non-elemental defense). ALSO, he’s a rogue, which for me is also huge. I have a pile of Rogue emblems and none used so far (others are Scarlett and Danzaburo).


@IvyTheTerrible , so Jackal does work on Kunchen?

I just assumed that Kunchen’s resistance to defense debuffs also applied to elemental defense debuffs.

I pulled 2 jackals and have the orbs to max them both. This will be a real game changer for me in raids.

I was going for Falcon to pair with BT and Anzogh, but I’m definitely not complaining.


I’ve just respelled Gaurdian so the thread is easier to search. Hope that’s ok


Kunchen’s resistance is only to general defense down debuffs image . That includes Athena’s Bow image

You can stack Jackal’s holy defense down image on top of Kunchen’s holy defense up element link image

Element Links can’t be overwritten except by casting the same one again, because they’re undispellable. They’re also not like regular buffs where they’ll overwrite their opposites. Instead, they’ll simply stack on top of any debuffs or buffs.

For this case:
+46% holy defense -54% holy defense = -8% holy defense after both buff and debuff are applied.

Further reading: 📑 Status Effects - Buffs and Ailments


Absolutely, and good catch thank you

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@IvyTheTerrible yeah Falcon stats are super tanky I was hoping I grabbed him instead of Jackal, but I will enjoy the very fast mana esp since him and Kage are the only 2 very fast mana heroes I have

I’m just afraid Of his survival since his Def is so low.

@Fizban, I had Jackal from a previous event and love to pair him with Musashi on a yellow stack. Jackal then Musashi and it pretty certainthe hero is dead, or very near dead.

Just pulled Falcon, stuck to only doing 6 single summons because I prefer Atlantis Summons (still need Wilbur and Proteus, even though my Hel is leveled). Got him on my 6th and final summons!! RNGesus must not have been paying attention? :joy::rofl:

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I guess I’ll know for sure in a month or however long it takes me to max Jackal, but my understanding is what @DaveCozy said: Jackal’s skill essentially nullifies Kunchen’s elemental defense. Still a huge win if he fires before dying.

Kunchen’s resistance is to the general defense down (RP types). He can still get elemental debuffs. Because of that, lately I’ve actually found myself attacking him more and more with Evelyn. She lowers his defense against nature and then I try to hit him with green tiles. If I had a Lianna type that would also work.


Thank @IvyTheTerrible! I’m super stoked to give them a try. Unfortunately I’m currently running 2 TC20 and am in the process of brining up a third, so it will take months to just max out one of them…

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You don’t have one on TC 11?

I don’t think that’s a problem, as I don’t think the game will change in a way that elemental defense down becomes less valuable. When they’re ready, they’ll crush.

I have a similar situation in that I am not generating a huge flow of feeders. As is, I’m feeding Anzogh, Rumplestiltskin, Kadilen, Jackal, and Jabbar. Except for Jackal, none of those will be game changing in my roster (especially since the five stars will be parked at 2.60 or 3.70). BUT, my plan is that if I draw a game changing hero out of TC20, I will immediately switch my production. Probably something like TC11, TC1/2, TC19 (until rugged clothes are gone then 1/2), TC20.

I don’t think it’s worth it for me to do that for just Jackal, but it probably would be for Jackal plus a long awaited sniper in any element.


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