The Guardian Chameleon Problem

The Guardian Chameleon also removes negative status barriers on the opponent. For example, hitting with franz and then activating the chameleon removes +50% of franz’s damage.

It’s just part of the design in the same way Gazelle removes all your own buffs and stops any more being applied. Don’t think this is an actual bug as working how always has and no sign SG looking to change.


Just make sure you fire GC before Franz and it’s mitigated.

You have to be very alert when using GC from experience.


But isn’t that unfair? :worried:

This is radical but…

Hit with Chameleon first then fire Franz


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Why? Some heroes have drawbacks, it’s part of the game.


I really didn’t think of that, it helped a lot :joy::joy:

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It’s why my Mythic team is ordered this way…Chameleon just takes all the buffs off so you put him first so you don’t forget that

There are close to 70 5* heroes that I have developed, but I have seen very few heroes with such a big disadvantage. like scary heroes like exeera or mok arr

But why is that more unfair than Gazelle removing buffs on your own heroes and being unable to apply any again?

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He has a huge gain and that’s offset with some things you have to consider. As I’ve said in multiple threads he is counter-intuitive and you have to plan how to use him.

But used correctly he is crazy good.

But if you want a charge and fire hero I’d stick to Frigg as she’s really easy to use. Chameleon isn’t as straight forward but that’s really part of his charm.

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I think it’s a problem as the chameleon’s mana speed works with mystical titan heroes. I can only do it if I have no choice but to think tactically.

Not a problem really for normal raids though as he is average and with a lvl 23 mana he’s firing in 9 which is when the majority of your greens are firing. So again, fire him first.

For Mythic titans you either use a Hurricane or a Super mana to fire Chameleon first.

It’s really not a problem but you are certainly making it into one. Not sure why…just get some practise with him and you’ll work it out I’m sure.


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