The Grimnir Alliance is recruiting!

Revenge of Grimnir is looking for three active daily players to join our family. We are regularly facing 4* and 5* titans. Minimum requirements 400+ cups and team power 2200+.

Wrath of Grimnir is looking for a VERY ACTIVE titan slayers to join our family. We are a friendly, fun, and chatty bunch. We are regularly slaying 6* and battling 7* titans. Cups must be 600+ and your heros above 2800.

Communication via Line is a must as we frequently talk strategies, share tips, etc. We are one of 3 Grimnir alliances with Vengeance of Grimnir in the top 100. We participate in Alliance Wars. Join the family and learn and grow with us!

Message us on Line Chat @the1monie or @Datootfary with questions or to join.

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