The Green Dilemma

So, i think I saw some posts that are almost equal to mine but I think i didn’t saw one equal…

The Green Dilemma:

Already have Evelyn full and got other Evelyn and Mother North.

Pros for Evelyn: Doubling Evelyn in a defense team is equal to a double Panther and after one fires her special the other doubles her attack

Pros for Mother North: I don’t have Alberich só it’s always good to have a hero that can resurrect other hero’s…

I only have mats for one of them.

How do we solve this dilemma ???

Mother North to 4^80 (really worth it, I have her) second Eve to 3^70


Mother North.

Evelyn doesn’t hit hard enough. And double dispel is wasted somehow. Evelyn paired with Lianna would better.


I have Liana and Zeline!!!

We could go this way:

Or this way:

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Im still voting for Mother North

Since you already have one Evelyn leveled up I would go with North.

Evelyn (Hit 3 debuff/dispell) + Zeline (Hit All/dispell) + Lianna (Snipe Hit) already makes a great damage dealer team.

No need for a triple dispell.

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