The greatest trick the devil ever pulled

You know what SG’s greatest hoax was? Biased boards? Nooo! Rigged matchmakings? Nooo! Fake summon odds? Noooo! Bait and switch? Noooo! It’s something a lot more devlish and insidious… it’s making us think this was a marathon and then turning into a paid for sprint. Long time players felt safe investing lots of money resources and time in heroes they thought matter. And they did, up to a point. Only nobody cared to tell us, most of them will be ballast in 12 month… Hmmm… marathon, rings a bell? Spend insane amounts of… of everything to max a hero just to have a far better one emerge soon after you’re done… Now those heroes turned into shipwreks and noobs with large pokets have it easy. But rest assured they’ll suffer the same fate in time… no matter how you play it, the house always win. We all know it, we all chose to play it different… some choose to ignore it and keep spending, some play for free, some feed thousands of dollars worth rosters to Aife, live on YouTube, to escape the curse… Play it your way, just play it smart, so you won’t regret it in a few month…


I second this … I thought that if i pay and get some good heroes it’s gonna be it and no more chasing.
But they keep happening. New season, new event, more and more better legendaries than before.
One year ago i was all about s2 portal, now i stopped bothering. Outdated. The same begins to happen with some older events.
Look at the fables one… Not worth it.
Just this year they introduced an entire new season and two new events. When it’s gonna end ??


When it stops being profitable for them.


I thought it was dangling that 10 million food for $2.99 and then yoinking it with a simple “oops, my bad”.


Interesting topic, we should all pay close attention to the direction… of… this… game… wait… what’s that new hero?!

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Oh, don’t forget the Limit Breakers. So you can start your marathon again.


yyyyyup…no doubt…I’ve come to the conclusion it’s simply NOT EVEN CLOSE to worth it pulling for heroes anymore…could just be me but asc mats are feeling even less rare lately…BUT bottom line is this: they’re coming out with new heroes at such a break neck speed and imo the ability to obtain asc mats to lv them up is way off balance…so why pull for 5*'s that ik will be on the bench? and emblems need to be slightly more numerous to use multiple heroes of the same class…I’m not saying these items should be easy to get but holy crap!! lol…so many new heroes…if they want me to pull then make it at least somewhat more realistic that I’ll be able to actually lv up the heroes I’m lucky enough to get


lol true…but that’s the point for me…it’s not enough they want us to spend and try to keep up with all these new heroes and costumes…now we gotta spend even more just to try and get the mats needed to use the heroes we spend $ to get…to each their own…but for me it’s just gotten to be too much


I have started playing in November 2019.
Before it, SGG released about 100 5 star heroes - pace of 2.77 per month.
Since then, SGG released about 70 new 5 star heroes - pace of 4.43 per month.
60% higher pace:)

S1 heroes become useless against top raid defences even with emblems.
No new fair ways to obtain 4 star ascension mats.
Broken HA8 with S1 heroes only.

S2 portal is dead for me.
S3 portal is dead for me.
Both finished. Griding for horsea or gnome will not give more than one free pull per month.


Well said!

In the end the greatest problem is we trusted SG (the developer) this would be a long lasting and balanced game.

However they have proven they are not looking to keep the game balanced.

They have made very disrespectful suggestions by releasing a new Finley and Jabber card on beta, instead of giving old heroes more spice, and more is to come.

Now comes season 4 and new event all at once, with heroes close to 820 power level.

All of heroes season 1 are 768 power level so thats a step towards making them obsolete.

For me personally I have lost a lot of love, respect and trust for SG, they don’t listen to beta users or any game player at all, they just want your money, and the sooner you realize the safer for your bank account and family etc.

They have never revised duplicate heroes, HA 10, a faithful balancing of heroes, the release of BALANCED new heroes.

After they killed and destroyed Vela’s card and after doing the same with Telluria like 3 times in a row they go and release Frigg and Odin and the Ninjas.

This move showed their intentions.

For new players this seems fun, but unfortunately the fun wont last, SG will make sure your hero becomes forgotten, just like many of us who have played and invested out time and energy towards this game.


100,000,000,000,000x this!!!

FFS. I gave them my money, then I gave them my time. Only to get passed up by some rookie with a trust fund who just started playing a week ago? Seriously???

And for people to come here and tell me to be patient. Yeah, how long you been playing? 6 months? Don’t tell me to be patient, whippersnapper.

Or for people to tell me to stop complaining. I’ve earned my right to complain, don’t you tell me what I can and can’t do! Whippersnapper!

Or they tell me, “just spend more money.” Ooooh yes, they would love that, wouldn’t they? So that they can nerf my heroes and then release even more powerful ones a month later? Yeah, no thanks. Do I look like an idiot to you? Wait, never mind. Don’t answer that.


Unfortunately, not that many trust funders playing gacha games. More likely some poor schmuck with a gambling addiction/ poor impulse control that doesn’t realise how much they’re spending/ have spent!


Well, if some people want to spend thousands of dollars to be overpowered then why shouldn’t they take advantage of that and make money? For the rest of us, I am happy with the heroes I have. Do I wish I had better ones? Sure but, in the end I am content. I am competitive, I spend some but not over hundred dollars a year, and I play this game a whole lot of my spare time day and night even after 2 years. I still like the game, I didn’t cry because there were people who beat me up in mafia wars because they had become so powerful that I could never beat them, and I am not gonna cry in E&P because I am not able to be in the top ten or have the most powerful heroes in the game. I am going to learn to play better with what I do have, get better and better at it, and not worry about the guys who have more resources than I.


I know. That is the sad part. I originally thought that was the case, like “oh well a bunch of rich kids found a game on their phones and since they don’t understand the value of money, they thought a thousand dollars for a few fancy game heroes sounded reasonable”

I don’t get it. The console and PC games I play, people get seriously pissed off if they spend $50 for a game and it has a couple of glitches in it… even if the game company immediately fixes the glitches 2 weeks after release, they’re still like “dude bro, my game was glitched for 2 weeks, I want my $50 back, total ripoff, F you guys!”

Come to E&P and people are like…



Wait. Wut. Seriously?

Two completely polar opposite extremes. I go from one forum where people are ready to burn down game developer headquarters because the game release date was set back by two weeks so that they could fix some remaining bugs…

Then I come to E&P and players are like “oooh yes I love spending all of my money on feeder heroes nom nom nom




So then… I guess that’s it, then. SG world is a world where people give money every month, like a tithe, to the church of SG, and pray to RNGesus to bless them in return. Those who don’t giveth every month shall be considered filthy blasphemers, and completely disregarded as such. For they hath forsaken thy lord Zynga and are therefore unworthy of mercy or consideration.

Is that it, then? Officially? Is that where the devs, the mods, and the forum regulars officially stand? That everything here is just hunky dory and that nothing needs to change? And that any opinions to the contrary are no longer welcome (or never were welcome to begin with)?

That all of our complaints are just “me” problems and if we don’t like it, we should just officially shut up for once and for all, because it’s never going to change anyway? So people like me are just wasting our time and our words and annoying the rest of you, our presence in the game and on the forum is not only unappreciated but also entirely unwanted?


Not any more this games a joke and we all look like mugs playing it. Can’t believe how stupid I feel to fall for such a trap that’s sucks the life out of you.


I wanted to like this game. I still want to like this game. I used to like this game. I still like certain aspects of it… and I’m hopeful that they will eventually put some effort into improving other aspects…

But when I come on here to complain about the crappy summoning odds, only to get responses like “if you don’t like it, shut up and stop playing…”

Wow. So that’s how it is, then? Customers don’t even get a say? That’s kind of harsh, isn’t it?


How can a rookie with a trust fund who just started playing a week ago fully ascend a good roster, emblem them well, ascend the troops, and finish all buildings?

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One week was a bit of an exaggeration of course. But ascension items can be bought. Hams and iron can be bought. Feeders can be bought. Skip times can be bought.

To make it more realistic, let’s say someone who started playing 6 months ago. And has been playing and spending nonstop for most of that time.

Or to put it another way. I’ve been playing this game for roughly 2.5 years. Take someone else who has been playing for 1 year. New season is released. Let’s say I am spending $5 a month for VIP. The other player is spending $200 a month for gem and summon packs. Who do you think is going to get most of the new *5 heroes first?

Well duh… obviously the big spender! “As it should be!” one might say.

As it should be? Okay, well at least we’re all in agreement then that the game is pay to win.

“That’s not what I meant!”

Are you sure? Because it’s what you said…


Sounds like you’re saying that for a player who started playing 6 months ago and has been playing nonstop for most of that time, the only way for them to compete with you is to spend money nonstop, right?

  • Well but they keep buffing and buffing s1 heroes :thinking:
  • Well but they made costumes for s1 heroes and most of them are heavy!
  • well they make up new content that i personally like more than always go grinding everyday 8.7
  • well they even bring new game mechanics and slowly Think over some older heroes to be buffed.

I do agree on:

  • useless season 2 and season 3 summons (the odds dont bring it). Farming for summons is just a waste of time to get one free summon (tyrum … always tyrum)
  • farming without loot tickets is impossible

I disagree on the fact that people that spend intense amounts of money shall therefore be stronger than those who dont. Thats totally okay.

Its each one of us choice if and how much we spend. And choose wisely, for example skip season 4 cashing, better costume up old s1 heroes. Even dupes (marjanna, leonidas) can be incredibly improved with those.

And think out of your box please:
Starting the game today may give benefits to push money on newest portals.
New players will most likely NEVER get sole certain old hotm. Just as

  • Hel
  • gravemaker
  • uraeus
  • alberich
  • zimkitha
  • kunchen
  • miki (!!!)
  • ranvir
  • Frida
  • seshat
  • grazul
  • Kingston
  • malosi

So tell me if its fair for new players that they would have to spend about (i guess) 1 bazillion dollars on atlantis portal to get at least tarlak for titan team.
Look at all those heroes above. They wont come back and legendary summon will give you nothing stable. Same chance to get tothamun and perseus.

And also:
As game mechanics change, maybe some old hotm may become quite powerful.
Simple Example:

  • 15 to 18 star titans are released. The red ones habe very fast mana and heal themselves up tremendously whilst being immune to be silenced. Guess what. Perseus brushes his dust off and joins the Team.

With fiends being brought in the game maybe even healreducing heroes become more relevant, although i dont see that we reached that point already, roc and rana still suck.

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