THE GREAT BATTLE OF CORELLIA - An E&P story by Scrutator

I love to write in my free time and I have wanted to write a little E&P fanfic story for a long time, I hope you enjoy this =)


“How sure are you?”, asked Richard. The paladin leaned on his mighty hammer, the head of which he had placed on the floor before him, and looked the mysterious messenger right in the eye. The bearded little guy, who wore a cape and had a hood over his head and a staff in his hand, had just arrived at the stronghold on his goat. “Absolutely sure”, confirmed Grimble. “You are in great danger. It looks like they gathered thousands.”

Elena seemed skeptical. “You’re telling us you saw thousands of monsters headed for our stronghold and we’re supposed to just take your word for it?”, she asked. “What do I stand to gain from misleading you like this?”, replied Grimble calmly. Silence followed. “I believe him”, said Vivica after a while. She put into words what everyone felt. Grimble seemed honest and not at all like a deceitful villain. Richard, Elena and Vivica looked at each other and everyone nodded. It was time to prepare for the greatest battle of all time.

Messengers were sent out into all parts of the land and even beyond, to Atlantis. All the great heroes were called to help defend the center of the land in Corellia. And to the great joy of Richard, Elena and Vivica, many came. They were very happy to meet old and new friends from all parts of the realm, but at the same time, everyone knew that the situation was serious. If what Grimble told them was even just remotely true, they were facing the greatest threat they had ever encountered in their lifetimes. Thousands of monsters were gathering and moving towards Corellia to take control of the stronghold. They could not let that happen, no matter what the cost.

Preemptive strikes

While most of the heroes stayed in the stronghold to make plans for the defense, some of them formed teams that were supposed to attack the enemy while the troops were still on the move. The teams were formed according to the elements the heroes belonged to. They were sent out to the Slopes of Ogron, where the enemy had to pass. They hid in the forests and behind rocks, knowing it would be easy to kill quite a few of those dumb monsters, but they had to watch out for the dark heroes that led the troops. Some dark heroes had sometimes helped Corellia and its allies, others had always been their enemies – dark heroes were always either evil or just reckless and unpredictable.

At the edge of one of the forests of Ogron, Boldtusk was watching the horizon when he suddenly saw a bunch of enemies coming closer quickly. It seemed that it was a rather small, disorganised group, perfect for a sudden attack to weaken the enemy’s forces. Boldtusk gave his band of warriors a signal and they positioned themselves for battle. When the wild, bloodthirsty animals, zombies and gnomes entered the forest, they suddenly spotted someone standing in the middle of the path.

It was Khagan, the great eastern warrior, with his massive sword and shield, ready for battle. Immediately, a bunch of enemies attacked him, charging towards him quickly and without much thought. Khagan easily deflected and parried their attacks and then unleashed Khan’s Order. The monsters before him were knocked back and Khagan’s shield suddenly seemed much sturdier.

As the enemies prepared their next attack, they were stunned again to discover that Khagan had also strengthened the magic of two heroes that had waited in the bushes closely behind him. It was the valiant fisherman Wilbur from the shores of Atlantis and the last Leor, the mighty Azlar. As he jumped out of the woods, Wilbur immediately knocked all the enemies’ shields out of their hands and left them vulnerable.

Not long after that, Azlar was ready to finish them off. With a deafening roar, he covered them in fire and lava and burned every last one of them to ashes. Khagan turned to his friends to congratulate them for their successful manoeuver. “Watch out!”, screamed Boldtusk suddenly, who had kept looking in the direction the enemies had approached from. But it was too late.

The cursed warlord Kageburado, who was the leader of the monster troop, had run up to Khagan in a flash and now attacked him with his feared japanese blade. Khagan’s increased power faded immediately like it had never been there in the first place, and then he was hit hard and fell to the ground. Boldtusk joined his allies as quickly as he could and used his powers to give Khagan and the others some of their strength back.

His help proved to be vital, since the fifth part of their band of fire warriors could now attack with increased power. Kageburado literally didn’t know what hit him when the incinerating beam came out of nowhere with full force and knocked him out of the forest again. He got up hastily and tried to put out the fire on himself as he fled. “Thanks, Marge”, said Boldtusk breathlessly as he helped Khagan get back up. “You’re welcome, boys”, said the Lady of Windemer with a big smile, who had appeared from behind a tree to deliver the crucial blow. “Let’s get back to Corellia before more of them show up.”

The battle begins

In time, all of the attacking teams returned to the stronghold. Most of them had been able to take out a good number of monsters, but some had struggled, especially if greater bunches of enemies had come toward them or when several dark heroes had attacked them. “They’ve suffered some critical losses, that could be just the advantage we need”, said Richard. “It’s possible”, replied Elena. “But we still need to prepare the best defense we can.” “We will”, said Vivica who was looking down to the training camps within the stronghold where the heroes practiced their skills and strategies.

When the signal came in the middle of the night, everyone gathered behind and before the wall just as planned. A ghastly silence lay upon them as they waited for the sound of the enemies’ footsteps to become louder. At last, they emerged from the woods. Immediately, a whole bunch of small enemies ran forward toward the wall, and projectiles were fired. The battle had begun.

The heroes of Corellia could spot Cyprian in the front of the attacking troops, guarding the monsters to his left and right. Wu Kong was eager to attack him but Sonya held him back and, without looking at him, said: “You better wait for me to stab that guy or you’ll be pushing up the daisies in no time.” She looked up at General Li Xiu, who gave her the sign she expected. She looked at Caedmon, who nodded. They didn’t waste any time. The blonde champion and the experienced elf quickly ran through the advancing enemies towards Cyprian to impair him. But they were spotted quickly.

Sartana, who was approaching the stronghold behind Cyprian, was already ready to fire her Deathstrike, and she wasted no time when she saw the two heroes attack. She pushed some monsters out of the way and pointed her staff at Caedmon. A bright violet light emerged, and a beam of deadly, poisonous energy was released. It hit the old elf, who was flung into the air and crashed onto the grass. He was in great pain and the poison was killing him.

Sonya looked at him in horror as she continued running. Since she didn’t look ahead, she couldn’t dodge the spell of Proteus, corrupted Mage of Atlantis. Suddenly, she felt paralysed. She tripped and fell. As she lay on the ground, the dark magic hurt her. It didn’t look good. Cyprian had a mischievous smile on his face since his defense would not be dispelled. But he was wrong.

Suddenly, two figures emerged from the troops that were fending off the first wave of enemies before the walls of the stronghold. One looked like a bear, the other like a warrior princess. Cyprian was the first to recognize them. “You have to kill Frida, go!”, he barked at the monsters around him. They started to fire arrows and energy beams and all kinds of other things at her, but she was sturdy and it took a lot to slow her down. And just as they thought they had her, her friend Ariel cast her powerful magic and gave her new strength.

Her spell spread over all of the troops on Corellia’s side and filled them with magical energy. Caedmon and Sonya felt the sting of the dark magic inside them cease. Frida used the energy Ariel had given her to break through the enemies before her. Now, she faced Cyprian. He couldn’t stop her from hitting him and the monsters beside him with her monstrous icy weapon. His spell evaporated, and the heroes of Corellia could counter with full force.

One step forward, two steps back

The battle was even. The heroes of Corellia were able to slow down the enemy’s attack at the beginning because of Ariel’s boost. Yunan unleashed a mighty sandstorm on the advancing forces, Justice hit them with her blinding light, and Elena orchestrated strong counterattacks. But later, the heroes of Corellia were forced to retreat when the dark magician Kunchen weakened their defenses and the mad scientist Quintus unleashed a thunderstorm that left a whole defense line down or literally shocked to the core.

Vivica quickly healed the wounded and helped them block the enemies’ attacks more efficiently while Poseidon threw his trident at Quintus who died instantly. Meanwhile, Lianna killed enemy after enemy from her spot on the wall, and Thorne had teamed up with Grimm to cause significant damage wherever he could. But on the other side, larger monsters appeared, accompanied by generals like Domitia, Guardian Panther, Khiona and the mighty Hel.

These new enemies made the battle significantly more challenging. Hel stopped many heroes from using their powers, and if they did, Domitia and Guardian Panther undid the spells. And when Onatel, Rana and Drake Fong worked together to defeat them, the dreaded Seshat showed up, shooting down hero after hero, each time summoning a creepy minion that protected her. Only when Grimble rode into battle on his goat and destroyed her minions, Leonidas managed to impair her abilities and Joon eviscerated her with his solar beam. The enemy began to retreat toward the river that passed through the woods near the stronghold.

As the brigade of holy heroes chased the monsters and dark heroes toward the shore of the river, they killed many. Obakan countered their shots but couldn’t withstand their hits for long, Thoth-Amun and his minions fell soon after. But suddenly, a creature came out of the river, causing lots of waves. The purple hair, the black tentacles – it was the dreaded Ursena. Before anyone could react, her powerful dark energy spread over the holy heroes and left all of them defeated. “Great work, Ma’am”, said a deep voice that made the remaining heroes’ blood freeze in their veins. The Dark Lord joined Ursena at the shore, and the remaining troops followed them and chased the heroes of Corellia back toward the walls of the stronghold.

The arrival of the strangers

Their worst enemies had returned, regained their strength after they had been defeated long ago. The heroes before and inside the stronghold realized this when they saw Ursena, hovering above the ground, come out of the forest next to the Dark Lord. Li Xiu was terrified. “That changes things”, she said with a shaky voice. “General!”, screamed Richard from behind the wall. “You’ve got to see this!” Richard led the General to the gate at the other side of the stronghold. Three people were waiting there. “Who are they?”, asked Li Xiu. “Warriors from far away”, said Richard.

One of the three called out to them when he saw them: “We need help! If you help us, we can turn this war around!” The guy wore a creepy mask and fur around his body. Richard wasn’t sure what to think. “What do you want?”, Elena asked. “Do you have any poison darts?”, asked the second of the three strangers. She looked like a fairy with her white hair, bright blue eyes and her staff that had something like an emerald at its upper end. “Because she could use them.” She pointed at the third stranger, who looked like a young future queen with long, blonde hair.

They searched the whole stronghold for darts while the battle raged on. Ursena and the Dark Lord were doing lots of damage to the defending heroes and advanced, getting closer to the wall every minute. Finally, Aife discovered a shiny yellow chest, hidden deep down in the basement. She opened it, and beneath a load of cheap silver coins, orichalcum and meteor fragments, she found a couple of red poison darts. She ran up the stairs to Richard as quickly as she could. Richard immediately brought the darts to the three strangers.

The turnaround

Ursena and the Dark Lord at first weren’t very concerned when the yellow light began to shine behind the wall. They were winning and nothing would be able to stop them now, they were sure about that. But when the queen of Avalon with her golden crown and magical staff looked them in the eye from up there in all her glory, they started to sense that they were in trouble.

Guinevere’s light became brighter and brighter and finally, a flash as bright as the sun washed over the battlefield. All enemies were stopped in their tracks as they suddenly lost magical energy and couldn’t use their spells. Meanwhile, the heroes around Guinevere constantly regained strength and had become strangely resistant to the attacks of the dark monsters and heroes. “We have a problem”, hissed Ursena. “Kill her right now!”

Just as the enemies started to advance again, the strange fairy, whose name was Zeline, appeared next to Guinevere and waved her staff. A green light lit up, and whole lines of enemies were hit and weakened, and the remaining heroes of Corellia could easily defeat them. Next, the masked stranger who had introduced himself as Gravemaker jumped over the wall and started to literally light up the battlefield with his unstoppable fiery magic. He burned countless enemies at a mesmerizing pace.

The battle didn’t last much longer after that. Ursena and the Dark Lord were unable to counter this sturdy, sophisticated and fierce defense and had to flee. “I told them we should reroll”, said one monster to another as they ran back into the forest.

The heroes of Corellia threw a big costume party with lots of ham for everyone to celebrate their victory. Richard, Elena and Vivica made a pact with Gravemaker, Zeline and Guinevere. They would always protect each other’s empires. Due to this pact, a long period of peace followed and everyone was happy blablaba.



Fantastic job, I shall add it to the Fan Fiction Library.

This is what will happen after the great Tournament riots of 2019 I hope!!


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