The graphics of the specials are slow for some heroes

should adjust the time each legendary hero takes with the graphics of their specials. some take a long time and dont work for tournaments or titans because of their loss of time and we dont know if they will fail with the monkey. the epic heroes are faster and serve better in tournaments.

Have you never thought it’s a balancing factor?

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Yes, and i say is unbalanced. Cambiar a español

with all that it costs to get epic heroes and promote them and become useless in tournaments. That balance is wrong. and that’s what I say. it can not be that heroes that I achieve and ascend much more easily are much better than the legendary ones.

I agree, both master lepus and Thoth are a bit annoying on that front. Would be nice if it was a little faster

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I wish they would upgrade some of the season 1 heroes animations. Like Richard for example. Give him a cool hammer animation like Arthur’s Excalibur or something. That magic circle just bores me now.

Get rid of all animations, they just get in the way and slow things down

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