The good, the bad, and the ugly all 3/70 heroes


BT at 4/70 is certainly a better option than Viv at 3/70. Sometimes you have limited options though. Viv at 3/70 certainly helped me out in platinum, although I doubt she’d do well in diamond.

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Any maxed 4* healer is much better than viv at 3/70


Even Melendor the Squishy?


Yup his defense at max is 586 while viv on 3/70 583 (ok not much a diffrence) and vic health is 117 higher
But melandor got better base attack which will help you kill faster and he is average mana speed which is huge advantage


I’ve not had the mats (or inclination with BT / Kiril / Rigard / Sabina) to get Melendor beyond 3/60, at that level he’s no match for a 3/70 Viv.


You will get there and hope you get the healer you wish for and all the mats to ascend him/her


LOL I have lots of healers, BT Kiril and Rigard are already 4/70, Viv and Aeron are 4/80, next I have Ariel to work on.

My issue is mats for all the hitters I have at 3/70 or 3/60.

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I have ariel at 80 she is really great in all aspects, her stats are high as well so you wont miss the blue damage from tiles if you are using rainbow
BT kiril and rigard i believe are essential to level up for challenge quests and now raid tournament i even use BT and kiril in titans as well
Aeron seems to hate me as i didnt get him in his month or in atlantis

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Melendor is squishy but he made up on high attack stat. Which is good for stacking.
Btw, Kunchen at 3 70 is another reliable slow hero.

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