The good, the bad, and the ugly all 3/70 heroes

Many of players lack 4* materials to ascend their 5* heroes and when they get them they chose what favours them in that moment and after a while they regret their decision, lets start a thread to see who works just good at 3/70 and who is useless at that level

We are only talking about attacking as in defense you wont stay far ahead with 3/70

I will just post a few of what i tried and glad i didnt ascend them fully
The Hatter

The one i regret keeping at 3/70 so far is zeline, i have leveled MN and lianna and i had zeline much earlier than both of them


Agree with the above list for decent enough at 3/70. I would also add eve and Frida to that list. Both great heroes at 3/70.


It really depends on what’s level you’re at - all heroes at 3/70 are adequate if you’re in a low enough tier.

I am in high diamond (was 2nd overall today for a while) so I’m going to judge based on that who is good at offence at 3/70 (no one makes the cut at defence at this level)

Joon is at 3/70 and still a beast when paired with Jackal. I have to hide him in the corner when attacking and he’s squishy, but even in the top 10 he handles himself fine.

Same was true of Sartana til I leveled her recently and Victor as well, though he was extra squishy and really benefited from the extra defence - but his very fast speed on attack and decent DOT even at 3/70 was fine.

Frida was just okay - her avg speed holding her back from being good.

Richard at 3/70 is just strong enough to take a hit from most enemies (not the elite snipers) and his debuff works well making him usable.

Azlar, on the other hand at 3/70 dies too fast before his slow power-reduced DOT fires so he’s a weak 3/70 for me.

Anzogh and Atomos at 3/70 aren’t really practical in use - but then, they’re not stellar at 4/80

Which leads to Evelyn, who is very good at 3/70 - I have one fully maxed and one at 3/70 and use them both every war. She’s possibly the best of the bunch.

FWIW to the previous poster - North is more valuable than Zeline imo.


For me i like to play single color in raids and i have fun i got to 3003 trophies and was second for a while as well with all blue heroes
Ariel 80, frida 80, alasie 80, richard 70, misandra 70
Am thinking of switching richard with triton once he is fully leveled (currently at level 51 so not far away)
And i like as well to try different colors every once in a while
Joon on 70 is great and pairijg him with jackal as you said is amazing, for me i have at least 2 five stars heroes full from each color except yellow am confused who to max as i do great damage on both war and titans with my yellow team (120k on 8* titan)
Delilah 80
Joon, onatel, vivca all 70
And i got justice and leo still on fresh
For the 4* i got maxed jackal+14, wu+7, and gretel
I have the materials to ascend any other yellow am just waiting for a better one as i think the ones i have are not worth the metrials or the feeders, was hoping for guin last week but didnt get her

For red marjana is good at 70
Elena and azlar not so much but still i use them in wars
Purple thoth obakan and khoina are good as well on my purple team the RNG god almost gave me every 5* purple heron in the game
Boss wolf is not so great as 70 with his very solo mana could easily be replaced with any other hero as he is more of defence than attacker

Khiona was very effective at 3/70 until I finished her. Mother North is still at 3/70 waiting for tonics, and I use her every war. Morgan le Fay is also at 3/70, and I use her in wars where we aren’t facing red tanks.

I found Lianna much more effective at 3/70 than Gregorion. At 3/70 she hits almost as hard as most maxed 4/80 heroes.

Mind you at 4/80 she is a one-shot wunderkind.

Combine maxed liana with eve you see fireworks :rofl:

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I have a pile of 3/70 heroes right now.

Joon (x2) - Effective
Sartana - Effective
Elena - Decently effective if she fires off
Marjana - Decent but not as good as Joon or Sartana
Isarnia - similar to Elena
Justice - probably least effective of my 3/70’s

I had Aeron / Vivica / Gregorion and Lianna at 3/70 before ascending them:
Aeron - decent
Vivica - effective
Greg - decently effective
Lianna - very effective (why I ascended Greg first)

In order (IMHO) at 3/70

Justice (my first 3/70 hero too)

You’ll notice the preponderance of TC20 heroes in my lineup.

Not yet at 3/70 (maybe never):
Quintus 2/60
Khagan 2/60
Horghall 2/30
Domitia 1/1
Ariel 1/1
Elkanan 1/1
Obakan 1/1

I can’t judge them at 3/70. Quintus at 2/60 is no better than some maxed 3* though.

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How is greg on 80? Is he worthy to ascend? Lately i got morgan from the event didnt start on her yet
I have materials for one green hero to ascend right now and am in confusion should it be zeline or morgan, but wanted to ask about greg to rule him out completely

Zeline is the answer and it’s not real close.

As for 3/70s, I honestly prefer to not use them at all so most of them ride the bench in war unless I have a very specific need, I rarely if ever bring a 3/70 into a raid as I’d generally prefer to use a 4 star over them. I understand people are all at different spots in the game, but building up a 3/70 squad is something I generally try to talk alliance members out of as their mats are better used elsewhere. If I am suggesting a 3/70 it’s usually a hero that you want in for it’s effect rather then damage and I prefer that hero to have decent defense ie: Aegir, Kunchen, Onatel types.


I agree with you and i tell my members as well to have a fully maxed 4 star is much better than 3/70 hero
For me i have full teams of maxed 4 stars and working on a new 4 star team right now
Same goes for 5 stars
But as i mentioned in titans and wars sometimes i have to use some 3/70 and i like to raid in stacking color

Folks that run mono can usually get away with 3/70s just fine, it’s when you try to run something like a 2/2/1 or potentially even a 3/2 that you start to notice their lack of staying power a bit more, but as I mentioned, we’re all at different spots, so just got to do what you can and work with what you got, I’ve had plenty of members mono 3/70 and have fantastic results.

I was writing a book about why you shouldn’t raise a 5* to 3-70 with no intention of eventually maxing them but then kept saying “except if…” and it became clear there are reasons to do so even if it isn’t the best overall strategy.

A team of 4-70 4* is usually better than a team of 3-70 5* heroes. Some special skills make the 5* at 3-70 irreplaceable and for 2nd or even 3rd copies, 3-70 may be enough to give the option in wars when faced with an complicated opponent.

For a 5* to be acceptable at 3-70 at the very top it probably should have a fast special to be sure to cast it or be insanely durable.

Before Emblems and Talents and maxed 4* tended to be slightly better than a 3-70 5*. Now with talents, a maxed 4* that has been fed emblems has a CLEAR advantage.

5* that I find (found) useful at 3-70 (incomplete list), assuming Diamond tier, lower levels almost all can be useful.

Mine is 4/80. I use him on Titans and as a part of green mono or 3/2 teams during war.

Here’s my experience with him - he’s quite good on Blue Titans (given that I don’t have Tarlak). His Elemental Link buff and Critical bonus plays important role there, and he survives better at 4/80 than 3/70.

In raid/war, I usually pair him with Evelyn and Lianna (both 4/80). He can often kill a damaged 5* talented hero under Evelyn’s debuff. So I usually go Eve to debuff 3 enemies, use Lianna to kill the most dangerous one and use Greg to finish off the second one. This tactics clears the half of the board quite easily and makes finishing off the other half much easier.

No other green heroes can do that (except a second Lianna).

If you have Tarlak or a second Lianna, you don’t need Greg, that’s for sure. I wish Greg was Fast instead of Average, that would give him an edge over Lianna.

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No tarlak for me yet but got a second lianna ciuplr of months ago but still at level 1
Seems i will max zeline 3/70 currently the morgan then a second lianna if no other great green came along

I had Mother North at 3.70 for a while since I had plenty of other heroes clamoring for feeders; she worked very well there, as she was already fairly sturdy, and I was relying on her primarily for her special.

As my heroes and opponents started getting stronger the time came when I felt I needed to ascend her to keep her in the game more often. I don’t yet have her maxed - I took her again to a point where I felt she was sufficiently durable (I think ~4.60 now). When the rest of my roster catches up I imagine I’ll hit a similar point again where the marginal survivability from maxing is compelling.

Similarly, I had Onatel at 3.70 for a while and felt she was more than serviceable there. I still have Santa Claus there and I’m not sure when he’ll move up. I think the common element between these heroes is that I’m more interested in the function of their special than their damage (tile or special). It’d be folly to keep a Grimm at 3.60 if he’s a key hitter (I suppose the same is true for a Magni-type at 3.70, but I don’t have one, so I’m drawing a parallel-ish example that I understand).

I tend to use him mostly paired with Lianna when raiding. He is currently on my defense team just because my options are limited. Firing him and Lianna together can take out most heroes in one go. His crit buff is nice for the next round of specials if timing is right.

He’s not the best hero (certainly no GM or Kage) but when you have limited options playing F2P he is a very nice addition to your team. For power I would say he hits about 80-85% what Lianna hits.

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I like pairing Greg with Tarlak and Eve - With the Green defense down, Tarlak’s attack buff and Greg’s critical hit, green tiles become as powerful as a special.

But, I’m going to disagree about Viv at 3/70 being usuable, she’s slow and needs all the def/hp she can get to live long enough to heal. I’d much rather use one of the 4* healers at 4/70 than Viv at 3/70 (I tried at one point, so speaking from experience).

Push come to shove, if you lack enough healers, Anzogh might be an okay secondary to BT.

I agree with you that viv is slow and if am gonna use a slow healer at 70 i believe kunchen is better

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