The Ghost Tournament 👻 Matchmaking

This last raid tournament i was treated like Ameonna. No one attacked me! They must have thought i was a ghost!
So i stayed with a C for all days, finally the last hour i had one attack to change things up! I won and got an A for my defense.

Some alliance folks had 25-30 attacks against them. And i had zero for 5 days.

If there are a million players, why not make a simple math and have 500k attack the other 500k, and everyone gets attacked and there are no issues going forward. Strong vs strong and weak vs weak, but everyone gets attacked.

@Petri the tourney is still clearly broken.
Matchmaking should not be decided on the strength of your team, but whether you have been attacked or not.
I hope you guys can get this wheel spinning soon.
There still needs better logic for the matchmaking, it is still very poor.
I dont know any math algorithm for this, but the logic is there, 500k shoots the other 500k and we’re in business!

Say we have 10 players
1 attacks 10
2 attacks 9
3 attacks 8
4 attacks 7
5 attacks 6
6 attacks 5
7 - 4
8 - 3
9 - 2
10 - 1

This way everyone attacks and gets attacked in return. Say player 1 and 10 are the strongest and 5, 6 are the weakest. Strong vs strong and weak vs weak (based on defense team).
Also you have a chance to “revenge” your tourney attack.
Just a thought, hope you guys can get this tourney right some time this year!

We need a more fair tournament, attacks have not been balanced well.
I prefer to face the same old faces and have the tournament balanced out then to allow RNG make it “fair” for everyone, it clearly isn’t working.


Could be a deviation from the standard game… It’s like a lightning striking 2 times in the same place!!!


My defence too was quite ignored this time around.
2 attacks on the entire tournament, and i’ve been in game until the end.

Seems something is still wrong sometimes.

I don’t complaint, it was actually better for me.
I keep an A defence from day 1 even if my defence wasn’t strong enough to sustain that.

Honestly, it was kind of unfair for the others.


It’s because the opponents become harder each day. The vast majority of players probably has several fully upgraded 3* heroes but none or few of them emblemed while a small number of players has Melia, Balthazar, Namahage etc. at 3/50+20.

Thus people with emblemed 3* will get a lot of attacks in the later phases of the tourney there will be only few attacks on people with ‘only’ fully leveled but not ascended heroes. These few attacks will be distributed among the vast amount of such players. Therefore, they might be attacked zero times while those with very strong 3* teams receive 80 or more attacks.

From day 3 on, most of my opponents had five heroes at 3/50+18 or better (=2800 or more TP), while I hardly have any 3* heroes above 3/50+10.

Possible solutions:

  • Don’t base the matchmaking only on absolute TP. If 80 % of the players have 2.4k TP and 10 % have 2.7k or more, it’s clear that the latter will get tons of attacks from the former in the later stages while the former get a few attacks from those few 2.2k TP people who have survived until day 4. In the case of 3* tournaments, also the 2.4k TS people should occasionally get a 2.4k opponent also in later stages

  • Start with slightly easier opponents on day 1, opponents that have a similar TP on day 2 and gradually add harder opponents throughout the later stages to have a better distribution


It’s not though. My defense also absorbed 6 attacks total across 5 days, including just one in the first two days. This has happened to @zephyr1 and @Halifax multiple times. It happens to a LOT of people.

Something is not working well here.


My defense was almost exclusively attacked by people who were allowed to beat me. Is this also a bug?

More on topic - the distribution was also very patchy. One attack in the 36 hours, then a rush


Anecdotal reports in the main Tournament threads also make it clear that similar TP teams aren’t attacked similar numbers of times either.


As long as you’re matched to me, it’s working as intended :smile:


My main was attacked 3 times, all on the first or second day (won all thee somehow - some of the attackers had a lot of emblems on their defense teams).

My alt was attacked 4 times, 3 on the second day and 1 on the last. Won the first three, lost the last.

Both had fully leveled but unemblemed 3 star teams.

Alt was kicked out on the last day, main made it all the way through.

The last attack on my alt would have to be an outlier if its true that the opponents TP increases every day. The rest would support that. Makes you wonder why they don’t add some points to a defense teams TP for use in matching with each win and take away a few points with each loss. That way team synergy can be taken into account. I knew my main team would be more effective than my alts, even thought roughly the same TP.


This last war I was attacked 3 times total, lost all three. 2 times in the first hour of war, once in rest of tournament. Loss of points from the E rating took me out of top 1%. smh


This last tournament I was attacked 30+ times and ended up with a 57% win rat. I ended up in 12,000 place. Last tournament I was attacked 7 times. Idk.

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I have read many suggestions on how this can be fixed. I have no computer programming experience, but it “seems” like they would be easy to implement when I read them.

So is it that they already punted on the raid tournaments since they are working on other projects or is this defense-attack issue harder to fix than people are stating?

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It’s non-trivial, actually. They have a bunch of problems that have to be taken into consideration, like what to do if someone sits on a match instead of attacking, and how to fairly distribute matches as people start losing out or just deciding not to fight any longer.


I was also attacked ZERO times this last tournament.

Not. Once.

How the heck does that work?

My defense team was five, base game 3-50s w/out emblems, so I woulda thought they could find me a match or two.

I’m not using emblems on threes.

That said, nearly every match I faced emblem-enhanced 3-50s. I’m assuming they only wanted us facing the tougher defense teams to try and get continue gems?

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Screenshot in case there’s any skepticism.

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Were you not here for the 10 tournaments where they kept switching up matchmaking each time, trying to figure out something that worked reasonably OK? I don’t think they could successfully craft a nefarious design into matchmaking if they wanted to.

As long as you keep winning, you’re going to get matched upward from co-level. So my first 2 days I saw few emblems on defenses, and my last 3 days I saw escalating numbers. When I lost a fight, the next fight had far fewer emblems. And then it ramped up again.

My guess would be that they don’t properly handle cases where the person matched to you just chooses not to fight.


It’s kinda hard to take tourney results as any real indication when the defence part of it is so broken.

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It seems maxed rare teams with no emblems had the problem for this tournament.

Your team, my team, OP team all has in common maxed teams with no emblems.

Could be a good starting point to try to fix it.


Matchmaking cannot be random, it has not been working and is clearly unfair.
If random was the same to all, but random means +30 attacks for someone and +0 for others so it is not fair.
If random would even things out we wouldn’t be here making suggestions.

On tournaments, be it any game or sport the logic is for everyone plays against everyone. So implement this math instead of a random generator and EVERYONE will get attacked daily!
Tournaments should not be random.

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Imagine wars with this algorithm, we’d spend weeks without being attacked :joy::joy::joy:

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