The Gem promotion

How is this offer fair! Two days In a row I feel like SG are ripping me off. First you decide to destroy the only decent hero I have, day two you release a gem offer that I have to pay more for than my fellow alliance members. £99.99 is not the same as $99.99. Why should I pay an extra £20 because I’m in the UK? Since joining the game I’ve wondered how the Americans in my alliance can spend so much. Now I know! For every 5 offers they buy, they get an extra 11,000 gems for nothing against what I have to pay.!!! This is ridiculous.

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Do you get paid in USD?

No i get paid in British sterling obviously.

So for every hundred, you get paid extra £20 than someone who lives in the U.S.?

Not at all. Do you understand how currency exchange rates work?

Well, you factored in the currency exchange rate for the game promotion. So I factored in the currency exchange rate for your salary.


This is due to different taxes that SG doesn’t compensate.

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What you’re saying makes no sense. The whole point of an exchange rate is to make a product similar value globally. Transport costs and import taxes can make costs vary but for an online app, there are no import taxes. For example, players in India, are they charged 9,300 Rupees for the same offer or do they get it for .99.99 rupees? If so, that is the equivalent of 11,000 gems for £1.07.

Thanks Bukefal. At least that’s an official response. The additional costs they mention are not accurate at all but at least there is a response. With the money I have already out in to the game in just the past 2 months, the extra I’ve paid due to inaccurate exchange costs equates to over £100. That’s what I’m finding frustrating.

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Mine costs 109,99€ in germany xD

Did they remove a hero from your inventory??

No they have announced they are nerfing Telluria with the next update. She’s the only 5* hero I’ve been able to level up and now she’s not going to worth the effort put in to her. I should have stuck to focusing on my 4* heroes.

See against GBP that’s about right. £99.99 would be around €109. But USD in that case should be around $123 ish. But the American players only have to pay $99.99.

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No, they have not. They did say there is going to be an adjustment. You have absolutely no clue what that is so pump the brakes on the drama. In the past, these have been minor changes either up or down depending on the hero.

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I’m a new player so I haven’t experienced it before. I’m merely commenting on the statement they made that they are reducing her strength. Any reduction is going to be difficult but hopefully it will be as minor as possible. Thanks for letting me know that it’s happened before and it’s usually minor.

It is, don’t get sucked up into the hype. They could very well just adjust Vela. I can say I would suspect they will err on the side of not doing enough vs doing too much.

In the end, it is a game and you should be enjoying it right?

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Thanks bud. I am enjoying it. Completely addicted. In the two months I’ve been playing, it’s completely taken over my life!

All in app transaction you need to pay certain percentage (mostly 30%) to google playstore for distribution and support. Countries share or have their own playstore and they charge differently some less than 30% or more than 30% depending on traffic . US has higher traffic compared to UK so SG would get more amount from Google when compared to UK. The amount set in UK is to balance out the margin.

Almost all games follow such options to gain profit after local tax and playstore charges . Also the US in app purchase doesn’t reflect the sales tax , it’s only reflected after the purchase is made which many outside folks aren’t aware. Hope this helps.


Ignoring all the other things, the UK price includes taxes, while the US price doesn’t. Because whether or not a US resident pays taxes on digital purchases is dependent on their state (and even county) — information that the game doesn’t have.

A fair percentage of US residents are paying more than the price listed.

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What?? I guess because so many players have her including myself. I was so excited to get her and now after just leveling her all the way up she’s not going to be as effective???
How ate they going to change her?

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