The Gem Hustlers are recruiting! 2200+ Trophies / 4000+ lineups preferred / friendly and relaxed but competitive °13 Spots available/Merger an option°

We are an English-speaking Alliance seeking strong and friendly players. P2P and F2P are welcomed.

Currently fighting 8⭐️ and 9⭐️ Titans

Our requirements:

2200+ Trophies

4000+ Power War lineup

All must join Discord server (

All Titans aggressively and cohesively attacked

All War flags used to the best of your ability

Team Player mindset and a willingness to what you know and learn what you don’t know.

The Gem Hustlers understand that Empires & Puzzles isn’t a living wage-paying full-time job but, we also want to win.

If this sounds like an environment you’d enjoy playing in, join up!

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