The geese. When shot down should be food credits

A lot of players don’t know that you can shoot the geese out of the sky. It’s like s unfinished mini game. Turn the shot down geese into food credits. Say once in awhile the flying Dragon was sporting a jewel.

I didn’t know that, how do you shoot the geese?

You click them, they die. You can kill the dragon too which is hard since you have to click it a bunch in a short time before it leaves the screen

I tried it, neat little trick… thanks.

No problem. Good luck with the dragon. It doesn’t appear as often as the geese, can be hard to see, and takes i think 27 taps or somethin like that to die

Just be glad the game warden does not come and give a citation for killing them lol

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And the roaming around dragon that will give u 3 gems when u take it down… just hoping it will give u 3-5 gems. Whats the fun of taking the geese and the drsgon down when u cant benefit any from them?

@Rigs u have to give 100 shots for the dragon. :grin::blush::wink:

I lost count lol. Just knew it was a lot. Thanks!

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