The game will become disproportionate

The game will become disproportionate. Hill of super heroes vs. slow heroes. Not everyone is lucky enough to pull. I see that some days soon will not have fun in competing with super fast players. SG does not collaborate in helping players in the pulls, the rates are very low. I kept 7 gold chips for months so I only got 7 heroes 3 * nor did Vlad appear.

10x pull - 1 Wukong + 09 - 3*

SG forces you to spend. Sad.

I think it’s time to stop deluding yourself with the game.

it’s pay to play. ascension items are rare to get but hey! you can buy them during special events. Others will spend the money on something that should be more available in the game. The advantage is so skewed to those wallet warriors it’s very frustrating


The game is heavily geared toward pay to play. You can play for free, but it’s a ridiculously long grind - and if you accept that and just play for the enjoyment of the game you’ll enjoy it. If you’re playing to be the best, you won’t be. You’ll lose raids, be unable to beat events for a long time, suck at titans etc - at least for the first few months. Luck is a factor too, you can summon once and get a 5 star hero + HOTM, or do a 10 pulls and get 10 3 stars an no HOTM. There’s people spending 1k+ per month on this game, you’ll never be on par with them.


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