The game was thoroughly stingy

the game is thoroughly cimred. No more material and hero from anywhere. this is so bad … the taste of the game is running away. Let’s enjoy that the game should do nice things sometimes. I’m thinking of quitting the game because of this stinginess.

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what do you mean with nice things?
i’m as a new player (a month i think), i have many todo/plan (this make me enjoy) to leveling up rosters, finishing SH to 20, etc… now is at SH15…
while waiting some material, leveling other heroes, and later we can choose which is enjoyable to pick hero to ascend, etc…


I’m spending 10 2600 diamonds. It’s just 1 4 * so funny and depressing

You must the new here… :rofl:


That’s really bad luck if you’re spending 10x 2600 gems…or perhaps I’m misreading and you’ve only spent 1x 2600 gems for 10 pull

or 102,600 diamonds.

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I did three 30 pulls during the last Atlantis to get Hel- nothing but 3* except Poseidon and frida. Not even one 4* and those two 5* were on the last pull. Just saying that because I know some F2P will save gems to do one big pull like that and get nothing. It’s disappointing, but the odds are posted and it happens. On the flip side, I’ve done a single pull and got Guinevere and 10+ pull with three to five 5*. It’s always a gamble. Just don’t take risks that you aren’t comfortable with. As far as loot goes, you have to do the grind of collecting:)

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I can guarantee you that the game is not stingy to everyone. My girlfriend always gets better loot than me, on everything - and I’ve been playing longer, spent more money, done more summons, get better scores on titans and wars, yet somehow she gets royal tabards when I get string, she gets 5* HOTM when I get Bane, she gets epic hero tokens when I get commons, and we’re both doing the exact same things. It’s RNG. On the one hand, it frustrates me, because I feel like I should be getting better loot; on the other hand, I’m happy for her and I’m also happy that the game doesn’t just give good stuff to big spenders. As much as I might feel “entitled” to getting good pulls after spending a certain amount of money, I’m actually glad that it doesn’t work that way. Yes, the money is what keeps the game going, I don’t expect SG employees to work for free - however, the only thing worse than RNG gacha “loot boxes” is pure unadulterated P2W, which is what it would become if they completely removed the RNG aspect. Not to mention that even the big spenders would become bored if they could just buy everything outright and reach #1 in a couple of weeks. Spending more helps you advance quicker, but you still have to put in time and deal with RNG, no matter how much you spend.


Using the term always and RNG together is foolish.

Got to sell your soul to get Hel…
…and if yo do, you’ll get 2 hel(l).

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Fourteen pulls during the last Atlantis. My first ten-pull: Hel was the first pull, Sartana the fourth and Frida went as a bonus. RNGod loves me.

And I have Guinevere as well, with a few pulls.

Selecting the prbability/gem of getting goodieshas to balance two effects:

  • low odds discourage spending because people see too little chance of getting the goods
  • high odds discourage spending because people quickly get what they want

I am certain the SGG business analysts study these countervailing effects very closely and tweak the effective cost of gems accordingly (using special offers).

Some advice from someone who has spent too much on this game:

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There. I fixed it for you.

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On my C2P account I’ve only bought a few 3* mats (and no 4* mats). I’ve bought a few gloves, which have been that account’s chokepoint.

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I agree. Especially Compass, Gloves, Blades and Tomes. Lucky mine have evened out except double number of trap tools, but quality purple 4* heroes in Cleric, Wizard, Ranger, Sorcerer ( and Second Sorcerer ) Classes solved that problem real quick.

I also like the Challenge event gem packs when chasing Falcon, Hansel, Jackal, Gretel and Merlin. And the Atlantis coin pack when chasing Proteus ( I have only 1 ) and Wilbur ( holding on to 2 extra for trading).