The game turned into a "swamp" AKA Yet another complaint thread. Please ignore

I like your way of thinking ,and same time i disslike the way that moderators or regulars respond here ,everytime being negative against new suggestions and same time teying to discourage the free opinion ,always not focusing on the main idea but always findind some words there and posting 3 pages of explenation for that when its not neither needed


Please. Zeph is a hero as far as I’m concerned. An educator, representative, and advocate for players. Thanks for all your work and your opinions and thoughts as always @zephyr1! Much appreciated


While i question even the initial value in this thread, it definitely seems to have devolved into “attack moderators AND sgg” with no real useful content being added.

I feel like this could get shut down any time now with no value lost

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dissidia final fantasy opera omnia has the best system, tho it’s not for heroes but for weapons, so when do 10 pulls first you get 3 stars weapons (say 5) followed by 4 stars weapons (say 3) then 5 stars (2) then bonus 5 stars weapon…can you imagine if this system applied how e&p would look like???

You’re welcome not to read my posts, or to add me to your list of Ignored users.

Here are instructions if you’d like to not see posts from me anymore:


As has been mentioned before, live tournaments won’t work with RNG. However, @Dator @Uclapack @KLinMayhem (there are others as well) that do live war hits. Perhaps the top alliance’s could look at livestreaming when they face each other :woman_shrugging:

“The game turned into a swamp”: No it hasn’t. I’ve been playing for 2yrs and love the new additions to the game. There is now something to look forward to each week.

You’ve found yourself alone in an alliance? Why not look at joining another alliance? One that is casual like yourself?

Trading: its been asked for to death; it won’t happen as it would generate hacking &/or mulitple triplicate accounts thereby increasing an uneven balance - and of course it would decrease spending in-game products.

The only other alternative is for you to find a game, other than this one, that suits your needs/likes more and uninstall this one.


What has to do selling accounts with the main idea that this guy is saying ? Hes saying saying thats bored and dont see light in the end of the tunnel keepcplaying this game ,why u focus on selling accounts if i may ask ?

Because it’s against Forum Rules to discuss it.

I was simply pointing out that part of the post isn’t allowed, and stated that the rest was fine to discuss.


Why don’t you go and play the game where people win millions? Most likely, this info is not verifiable and ifrom a dubious source. Either way, I am happy with Empires as it is and wish all the ‘greedy developers’ posts that turn up so frequently in different guises, but always with the same basic story (everything is unfair, the developers are greedy, SG doesn’t care about us poor players) etc . would play a different game. Btw, developers are employees and have created a great game that you trash, but still play. I wonder why.


And thank u i had no idea about that option thats really helpfoul .


sivret, it would ruin the game. this game is build on slow progress.

Yes, everybody would have every f… hero. The game would become boring and monotonous.

Thanks for the instructions! I have made an addition to my list as of now.


Me too, it took me a while to find you but I realized I was misspelling your name.




It’s against forum rules also to discuss flags and actions taken by the mods…

You can never know which idiots flagged your post
It’s possible people in the forum village didn’t take kindly to you making critiques of beloved Forum player mod for trying to clearly inform his player peers of all the risks & heartbreak to come with the rough summoning odds…

Now let’s put on our big boy pants and continue the discussion on why Empires & Puzzles is not worth the bang for the bucks you put in and is in “swamp” mode now.


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@Nol_Nas I don’t get why you’re so bent out of shape over @zephyr1 doing what he is supposed to be doing here – moderating the forums and making sure the rules are followed.


Wow, are you seriously downing one of the hardest working mods I have ever seen on ANY forum? I mean the fact that @zephyr1 IS paid in potatoes, approximately 4.3 potatoes a year as of 2019, does sort of seem suspicious? But nonetheless I believe he has earned each and every potato!

Maybe try living your actual life while trying to be everywhere in a forum of this size moderating stuff before hurling ridiculous disparaging remarks? You may be surprised at how difficult some posters can be!! I’ve been the poster child for difficult posters, on occasion, but have always been treated fairly.

I’d also like to disagree with the statement about long posts, I’ve learned quite a bit from the mods here including zephyr, who I swear has 3 twin brothers named 1/2/3, maybe not in that order but you get the idea…anyway I look forward to these long posts as they contain a lot of helpful information that is quite helpful, but you’d need to read them to know that. Anyway good luck friend. I wish you the best in the future!!


Give a man a potato and he eats for a day. Teach a man to plant a potato and he can live on Mars!


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