The game the worse than last one

Think a game it must be better than last one but this game goes worse than why? There is no usable puzzle no good heroes no chest bonus

Is this a complaint or is there a bug you’re trying to describe?

I can’t tell. You should try explaining it in a more clear manner.


Yeah I don’t get it either.

I suggest to explain if a bug or issue, otherwise move to the general or be closed.

@Rook @JonahTheBard @Kerridoc

Wow, I guess both of you are a NES as you can’t understand when a NNES is trying to use English.

We get more and more updates but the game play don’t improve, it is getting worse.
The boards we get to play are not playable/winnable as we don’t get the tiles we need.
When summoning heroes we just get s**** heroes.
We fill the mission chests and we get crappy rewards.

And Serkan, I understand your frustration, I have the exact same problem with this game. So, this will be my last post to this forum as I will find a game that works to play instead of this ■■■■!

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How do you make a post? All I see is reply’s…

You may need to do a few things to unlock your ability to fully use the Forum:

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There are existing complaint threads. Please use the search function and add your voice to theirs.

Duplicate threads are deleted or closed.

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