The game smoothness is worse since last update

I have smoothness problem since last update.

What device are you using? SG has mentioned performance issues for older devices?

I have not noticed any problems. If you have a video it could help

Since the last update, I’ve been having a lot of issues with the game crashing, especially in MV. I’m running Android 10.0 on Vastking SA10. I cannot even get MV to load in Bluestacks on my desktop without the game crashing.

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My device is mi 10t pro. The point is the frame rate is not constant. Previous version was ok. It looks like gsme switch occasionally to higher frequency, like 144hz, the frame rate tool shows 60hz ±1 hz

I have double checked the frame rate behaviour. It shows frame rate drops to 58-59 frames

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That’ll probably be an issue with the phone profile you are using on Bluerstacks. I use a generic Samsung galaxy 8 phone profile. I only assign it 2 GB but it runs fine in just 800MB at 60fps (the phones max?). I have tried different phone profiles with very mixed results but the Samsung profiles seem pretty solid. I could try newer profiles but Bluestacks really is an insane GPU hog on my machine while barely utilising one CPU core. .

Best of luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, I’ll try changing the phone profile. MV ran fine on my Bluestacks desktop until the recent change to 4hr refresh for MV.

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