The game keeps crashing on me

There’s nothing I can do. It crashes as soon as I log in, I can’t even warn my teammates or send in a ticket. If I log in correctly it crashes upon the first or second action (when I try to access a map, or a level in said map, or the chat… or anything). It’s been crashing repeatedly since I installled v.37, butvtoday is just a festival. I haven’t been able to do a thing for hours, except post a « GG » for a level up in my team. Please fix it.

Edit: up-to-date iOS here.

IMO I did did not see the crash til 4-5 months ago. It has cost my alliance to loose two wars. SG keeps trying to blame local situations but is it due to increasing number of player and NOT ENOUGH serve space? with all they are make how much does more serve space cost?

I thought people in droves are leaving the game? A lot of players said that in this forum.


Try opening your account using a different mobile device, or from a computer via blue stack or other emulator. See if it still crashes. If it does, then there may be a problem on your account. If it doesn’t, the problem may lie on your iPhone or iPad or iPod.

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It’s worked fine cor a few hours. We’ll see tomorrow…

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