The game is messing with the players

Good afternoon
I would like to know from some game developer
182 summons
and I didn’t get any legendary
only Tarlak due to the option to choose due to the 100 summons
not counting the items
4* on tasks only
ether 5*
They say it’s random, I agree.
but in my account this is rarity, I think it’s unfair
is there anyone who can explain to me
the scarcity of heroes and items.
I put an average of 800 to 1,000 reais every month


this is gate with worst summon rate and even heroes is not top top, sorry for your results

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that ?
I call on all
only in the fifth season were
43 summons
an average of 50 per event
I did it in Atlântica due to the tokens that I can only use in this portal
I didn’t even get a bonus last month
and not even in this yet lol
the game only cares about money
and the players who get screwed
that’s the truth

You need to learn more about how probabilities work.

For example, at 1.0% chance to pull a legendary event hero in most even portals, the chance of not pulling an event hero in 182 pulls is 16.0%.

At 1.3% chance to pull a hero of the month, the chance of doing 182 pulls without getting one is 9.24%

In the Atlantis portal, it is 0.3% chance to pull non featured and 1.3% chance to pull a featured. But only two of the four featured are S2 heroes, so there is a 0.65% chance to pull a featured S2 hero. Therefore, with a 0.95% chance to pull an S2 hero, featured or not, it means you can do 182 pulls and not get an S2 about 17.6% of the time.

Seems like the odds of having a dry spell like you report are fairly high: compare those percentages to some of the other probabilities in the portal and consider how often those things occur.

This is not a defense of SG. They are banking upon the fact that humans generally have a poor understanding or intuition about how probabilities work. They use it as a way to extract reams of money from their marked prey.


Yep SG is definitely predatory.


I even understand about probability and percentage
but it’s a shame the SG
titan 12*
5 titanium chest
war chest
items , ether
only on tasks.
oh how a player will compete
with an outdated hero cadre
with the new heroes that every month arrive in the game?
says the game should be balanced lol
biggest lie
Sometimes the easiest thing is to uninstall the game.
and find another pass time
to feel robbed the way it is being


Your point is valid
And shows charming innocence
Lacking real knowledge

Gacha mechanic
The purpose is to profit
As many games are

Still, I do marvel:
The structure you build for us
Poetic justice!


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Looking over your several threads with complaints about how unfair the game is to you (summons, alliance wars, titans, raids-- you seem to feel very personally targeted), it seems as if you should consider approaching the game differently.

You’ve been playing the game for years, more than I, but do not appear to be comfortable with the mechanics of RNG or the profit-driven nature of the game.

I’m amazed you are still playing, despite the same type of complaints on this forum since at least 2019.

Maybe switch to being FTP or spend less, and lower your expectations. That way you are not as frustrated, and maybe enjoy the small/few moments of luck/victory more.

Good luck!

Quit counting. Doesn’t help.

I wanted Wilbur costume so spend some money.

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Pelo amor de deus, um salario minimo nesse jogo? Cara, serio. Pare com isso. Nao tem futuro nisso. É muito dinheiro. Lamento muito.

The rate is super low :slightly_smiling_face:
And you were unlucky.
I understand how you felt because this also happened to me a lot.
Spend more to buy more chances or stop spending. It’s up to you.

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Google bell curve and probability

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This season doesn’t deserve the waste of pulls

Definition of compete?

just criticize not but it got better with the fall of the titan today :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

That is for the non featured heroes. If you add the 1.2% for the featured heroes, you are at 1.5 %. If you are looking for S2 5* only, because two of the featured heroes in Atlantis are older HotMs, its 0.3 + (1.2/2) = 0.9%.
Slightly less than the 1% you get in events, but youbhave an additional chance of 0.6% for older HotMs.
All innall ghe chance for a nonnS1 5* is improved in this portal.
Happy gaming

Mission accomplished, and a nice add on :smile:

Happy gaming

that’s why I say stay
time without catching anything
oh I need to come to the community to expose such dirty things they do to me and several players
then items begin to come

tomo de tatica no tita?
thank you
Mysterious Tonic in Monster Chest
thank you
once again