The game is great! At punishing every aspect of the game

To who’m it may concern, I have played this game over a year now and things are become even more clearer then ever since the period of joining and now. At first I liked the game a lot, but quite soon I already saw the axe swinging infront of me instead of the carrot on a stick. Quite a few things have been added since then, since I joined, but it was clear to me, if I wanted to join the big boys, i need a really BIG purse, and I do not have that, so I made sure I only threw a penny when good things came around, which are rare, and even then aren’t really good deals.

To the topic at hand, I also feel it has become painfully obvious to me the game punishes me on every single aspect of the game.

Drawing from payed heroes
Even throwing a lot of money into the game you are still only getting very rarely any 5*, lots of 3* though, and lots of the same one at that. How can I get better at something that doesn’t want to reward me, that does not want me to play at ‘‘endgame’’. While I am not saying paying money should make you godlike, it shouldn’t punish you either for spending money and say to your face;

HA HA this game is for whales to enjoy not you!

Drawing from coins
Drawing from coins is like, more of a chore to do then something I am excited about, that 1% chance of getting something else then a 1* 2* 3* is so rare, why is it even in the game? How can a new player be excited about it, if it is his only chance of getting something higher then 3* which even at that, rarely happens.

Loot Titan
Titan loot, we only get to manage 8 stars at best in my alliance ( reason why later ) and everytime it is a dissapointment, has actually been from the start, and if I read on the forums a bit, this doesn’t stop at 8* but a lot higher too! And the loot chest of 5/5 titans, it is the same!.. I play, but I don’t get rewarded, nothing meaning full anyway…

Loot PVP
Same for the titan chest, i am at Diamond higher then that is impossible for me, since i get to go against heroes only the whales get to get, no chance against those with my team(s), plus it always feels like i am already decided if I loose or win before the match started by puzzles NOT heroes.

Loot PVE
Loot chest from PVE is a joke untill RNG gets to give you a element chest, and sometimes, sometimes I get something nice out of it! (ascension material)

Loot War
The loot from war suffers from the loot from diamond chest also, rarely get anything useful and also feels a lot like it is already decided beforehand if we loose or not, doesn’t matter how hard we fight or try to communicate, its a flip of a coin beforehand, and it often shows in scores too, over 1000 points we often loose, doesnt feel fair, again feels like being punished for playing, for trying.

Building up your base
Here too, as a F2P how LONG will it take to even build up your base, how can a new playing even see the end of a tunnel if he doesn’t pay the monthly fee to get a extra build slot, 2 should be base when things can take over a week to finish and then you finshed, say a TC20 Camp, you know how that feels…

All of this, alliance cant grow, we have been stuck at the same point since I joined, and doesn’t seem to get any better due to every single thing the game does that does not seem to want to make you feel like you achieved something, to be happy you got something awesome, hell getting one free 5* per month guaranteed would make you stick around longer, would make you feel that you get at least a chance of something fun! FUN!? Yea! And the amount of 5* that are in the game, that wouldn’t even be so bad plus this RNG will still give you dubbles, for sure, which could be in your favour of course.

Bad rng or coded bad rng ( which you probably think, cant prove but feels like if you ‘‘loose’’ so much )

I really hope at some point the devs are rich enough to think hmm, let us make this game fun again! Because it CAN. Not a chore that has a someone with a whip behind you smacking you every time you do a aspect of the game with a ‘‘reward’’ at the end. FUN! Focus on Heroes, alliances, end bosses, tactics less emphasise on puzzles rng but heroes ( again).

My 2cents after a year+ of playing but… already saw signs of most of this in my first month, just the alliance like many other peeps, make you stay!

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