The Game Is Fair

The game is fair
or so they say,
that’s what they tell me
every day.

“But our opponents
are higher levels!”
Just minor details,
they are not devils.

That is what
the posters say.
“It’s mostly fair,
long as you play!”

And so I played,
and lost again,
and here I sit,
wondering when…

We might ever
get a war that’s fair;
but of course,
SG don’t care.

Nor does for that
matter, anyone
as long as their own
wars were won.

3 wars lost, not
for lack of trying;
we try our best
yet still keep dying?

How much longer
must we endure
this matching system
made of manure?

Or are my level 30s
s’posed to keep up
with level 50s
who like dropping cups?

:rage: :rage: :rage:

Is that how it’s
meant to work?
Low players bullied
by higher jerks?

If that’s the case,
what can I do?
I’m not the rulemaker,
that’s you.

As for the matching,
I suppose it’s fine…
for shoving up where
the sun don’t shine!!!


20 well done, Sir

@JonahTheBard nominated for an award :wink:


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