The game is disrespectful to us

So humiliating waiting for a dart at valor path when every day we wast a ton of time to defeat 14 stars titans, opening mystic vision all day, kingdom war, alliance war and a lot more, no one miserable dart or any other accession item for five stars heroes, but always the game “bless” all of us with a “good” offer, I think this game is running to be a game just for rich people
If the game continues like that, the next year only Elon Musk will can play it

Disappointed a little bit more every day!!!


Sounds like you need to review your reasons for playing the game. I play for the enjoyment, which I get without paying and without getting caught up in the crazy hero chasing roundabout. I do agree the time required is getting out-of-hand, but I just don’t bother with the less interesting content (to me) like towers etc.

Currently I have a surplus of ascension items since I have finally maxed all the S1 5* (some twice).


i agree that the 4 star materials doesnt come as they used to do…expecting from us to buy them is not good.easy solution,dont buy and they will definatelly do sometihng about it.


This game was a sport for me like football, baseball but at this time I’m losing my interest due that and others reasons

then just leave. it’s okay. If you don’t have fun anymore you shouldn’t play it. It’s simple as that… But don’t delete your roster. Maybe you will come back after a few months and enjoy the gameplay again. Then it would be good to have your roster :slight_smile:


I have bought some mats over the years but that was impatience on my part.

Not bought any this year and when I get to the amount of mats needed I then ascend something.

They come around fairly regularly in honesty but I do have to work for them.

But as above, if it’s getting you down, walk away and be much happier for it.


While in understand the OP disappointment sentiments, I disagree with the point that the game is only / mainly designed for the Richie - Rich !

“There is enough written, said on this very forum about this money subject, so I will leave this point here…” = No point starting an argument of personal views … that will achieve nothing !

It is well known, that, MANY players enjoy and play the game in good mood, without the high money spends !
That includes me… It’s been over a year…of drastically reduced spends and while I didn’t get many latest heroes when they were in vogue…some of them dropped thru the time …and I enjoyed playing.

  • Francine (via free EHT) & Diaochan are the two recent ones to join the roster… after a long time in the game… & I am slowly levelling up.

Finally, if such extreme emotions flow and hurt the self so regularly, a pause will help to protect the self & help inquire… to decide whether it is worth playing this game…

Cheers !

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I dont think the aberave mat drops are bad. This is after 6 weeks on a new ftp account

My view is if your mats are imbalanced to your heroes to level… you need to tone down spending til they balance, why pay for heroes you cannot even level if you get them?

I’m currently short on tonics for a hero, mostly my fault cause first 2 SE I got chameleon and LoTL, but other than that I can ascend anything when I get the hero. Still doesn’t make me rush to summon cause with the odds most likely won’t get anything for the money :).

I just got darts and a D-blade from my latest titan. It does happen…

It’s luck. It has nothing to do with respect. If you enjoy having good luck, you also have to accept times when you have bad luck. Meditate on that.

Since I an ftp I have enough mats to at least level 2 5*s in every color should the need arise! :rofl:

I read a lot of complains about worsening drop rates for 4* ascension mats.
In April of this year I started to record all my 4* mats. Per average I got 5 mats every month from 14* titans and another four from other rng sources, MV, chests and from combining Alkashards in AL. Add at least four from rare quests and one from free PoV every month, and dont forget the seasonal events, additional six 4* mats every year.
To prove it, I checked in my roster which heroes were ascended this year:


Sif is waiting for three more darts.

Green :


Thorn us work in progress.



And this are my remaining mats:

So I got enough mats to ascend 16 5* heroes this year, in 2021 I ascended 13 5* heroes. In 33 months in this game I ascended 39 heroes. For me, in the ladt months the drop rates increased, and we now get 12 4^ mats for free from pov, formerly it was only six.
If you summon a lot then the free 4* mats might not be enough, but there are a lot of gems offers with 4* mats bundled. That may be the best offers for bigger spenders.

Happy gaming

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For me just one yellow this year, now waiting the path of valor to do my second, I don’t gain darts from any source

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Empire egy foss lett​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: