The game has grown

I’ve recently made it to diamond and consistently attacking strong teams. I didn’t realize how many players had maxed teams of only HOTM with maxed troops. Is this a more recent phenomenon or has it been this way for awhile? Curious how this impacts the future of the game as well, as more and more players have these maxed teams - the primary goal for most players.


Yup, the higher you go - the more you will begin to see Guin, Alby, and Gravemaker in every stinking team. Zero originality up here. They may be effective, but grow very boring to fight after awhile. BTW, diamond rewards are NOT worth the hassle. It’s only value is the pip on your avatar.


Sacre bleu! You forgot Hel :grin::joy::nerd_face:

Alby doesn’t make the cut often anymore. I quite often put up different defenses and so do many others. Yeah, you’ll see a lot of Guin, but there is a lot of mix and match for the rest of them. Probably the most prevalent team near the top is Alasie, Zeline, Guin, GM, Sartana/Victor

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Yea and seeing less f2p heros but no upgrades to training camps and devs don’t see a problem…:thinking:


Classes can shake up things, at least for raid defences and war.

The core for titan teams it’s still the same no matter what.


True but have a feeling it’ll be geared towards p2w as well

Can you explain more about the classes? Is that a new feature coming or are you referring to the synergies between the season 2 heroes?

Yes, please elaborate on classes!

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New feature

Google empires and puzzles beta

Russian site comes up and gives you a ton of details. Google translate it.

Good way to keep tabs on upcoming heros as well if you dont see anything floating around the line rooms

It is a new feature coming up next year.
Every hero fall inside a class job. For now the jobs are 10 (wizard, barbarian, cleric, monk, sourcerer, rogue, paladin, ranger, fighter, druid) and every hero has a predermined job (for example Isarnia is a wizard, Quintus a sourcerer, Joon a monk and so on…)

Every hero can be upgraded in classes only AFTER reaching max level and max special.
The class special upgrade as a talent tree.
You need talent coins to unlock various stats (+20 def, +20 att or +40hp for example) or the talent skill.
Every job have a different skill same for every hero of that job.

This is how it works NOW.
Things can definetely change.


Wow ok. That sounds really interesting. It’s nice to know that they’re going to add additional options for FTP players. There have been so many new heroes added to the game recently but all of them basically require us to pay for them.

Thanks for the input. I wonder how will one get those talent coins… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Thats a good question that we still are yet to be totally answered.

Still, we know that some jobs are better then others for now, and some jobs are more suited for defence for now.

So probably having a good hero with a not so good defence class can fill the gap with a worse hero with a better class.
Same things we can say for the sinergy of the team.

And thats why it can shake up things on defence raiding.

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