The game froze

The game froze in the middle of a raid.


seen a vid recently, a friend had it in war today and lost a flag on 0 points

Crashes and freezes have been occurring with MUCH greater frequency. I used to barely freeze or crash. Now it happens at least once a day. I’m tired of losing energy/flags/points.

Honest question - why do you think this happens only to a small quantity of people? If the issue was more widespread, you’d see more complaints. Alas, very few. Makes one question whether it’s the game server or the person’s own connection or hardware?

For the record, I’ve never been disconnected or frozen. Knock on wood…

Same situation here.

The game just froze for me during a raid too. It took a flag, but didn’t register the heros I killed. I’m on a Galaxy s20 with Android version 10 on Verizon.

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