The game doesn’t register a completed stage when internet fails!

SG should improve the game app storing info of atleast one / last completed play (map, quest, Titan, r aid, war, etc) in case Internet fails during play….

I m sure that many players have experienced completing a play & getting points, loot, but all that isn’t registered becoz, Internet connection failed-during that play. I too have faced this & thought of putting it in the forum….

Many times, this waste becomes painful :sweat: & technology can save the moment !

What say?


Yeah or like

Give the war flag back ???
Since the issue can’t be fixed ?

At minimum you should get the score you had for war at time of internet failing.

I don’t like the idea of giving flags back because it can be manipulated too easily

If a disconnection occurs it should be treated like a flee.


Disable internet if you’ll lose?

They can tell when it’s a connection issue or the game crashed on their end.

As they told me in my email.

If it’s their fault it can’t be manipulated
(Unless you open the s4 map then it crashes 65% of the time)

But they know the difference and they know there is a issue.

Just asking for fairness here. Took 5 scrolls into a mythic hit and the game crashes had 300k in I get 0 and lose of scrolls. …

They said in my message” we can tell this wasn’t a connection issue. “

So many reporting crashing lately. Maybe just asking for a compromise.

If you can’t stop the crashing.

Seems like a good request to me. :crazy_face::heart:

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