The game does not install

Since the new update came out, I was not able to update … I tried everything and it didn’t work, I uninstalled the game and now I can’t install the error “Empires & puzzles cannot be downloaded” … please, they could solve this as soon as possible today is a day of war and I don’t want to let my companions down … I thank you for your understanding !!!

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Apologies if this is obvious … It’s a pretty big program - does your device have enough storage?

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I’m sorry for wrong place for this question. I don’t understand tournament because yelow hero is suspended but in the table more and more yelow cubes. Why?
P.S. I’m new at this forum

Hi Vesko, welcome back.

The element heroes are not removed, but not the tile colour.

If it feels like you’re getting more yellow this time, it’s probably because you have no yellow heroes and so they aren’t used and build up.

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