The game becomes more unfair

Everyone says "we should NOT make it easier to get 5* heroes and materials, it would not be fair to the players that have their teams of 5*s.
But to that I say " I have seen MANY long time players say what they could get for $100 you would be lucky to get for $1000 now.
So then I say make it like it was then for everyone. We all KNOW this game has turned into a big money grab by SG. Before you say it I KNOW they are in this to make as much as they can. But they could still have it easier for us and just keep making new heroes that do new things and EVERYONE would still chase after those, so the money would continue to flow.
I do LOVE this game.


I agree. Puproses of new updates - money and only money. I’m not interested to hear “you are free to not waste”. I’m talking about something else. Developers forgot that the game should also bring pleasure. OUR game have boring and monotonous gameplay??? - let’s introduce PAID tickets for this. Second season is a cash pump. …game is getting worse.


This game is perfect

While I’m happy about hearing satisfied peoples I have to disagree…


Nothing has changed with regards to odds or “getting stuff” but what’s actually going to add to your team. When someone doesn’t have much in terms of hero roster, anything you get is good. IE When you have no 5s, a Joon or Azlar is amazing. But fast forward a year, for many players, getting one of those is both redundant and not anyone you would level.

Additionally if you have a bunch of event or HOTM, getting a Thorne or Horghall is meh, so only really more limited heroes makes your team stronger.


I write this as someone eho us rather p#$$@d. I have gotten some good stuff but just finished killing an 8* titan and filling a titan chest with 8* Titans. Spent a lot of resources and time, not to mention money and whatever do I get: Cr@P. I like this game but it is getting harder and harder to spend money and just get a kick in the teeth. Continue to scr%$ everyone and this game will become history as it eventually will lose players


Just so you know, you’re not ‘filling a titan chest with 8* titans’. The chest is the same no matter what titans you’re killing.


I understand that. I was talking about the effort compared to filling a chest with 5 *s


This game is flawed.

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This game is seriously flawed. No player should be going way out ($$$) for a “SPECIAL” event and not come out with at least ONE of the 5* promoted heroes. Come on now. To receive FIVE, 3* heroes (Gato) in one event? Who wouldn’t b…ch? I’m 2 month’s new to this game and entered the game spending money, only because I was expecting something back. Who in their right mind would give away their money for free, to complete strangers. Really?

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This happens every day, it’s called charity and is considered a noble act.

If you could just buy the heroes you want and pay to level them with money that makes this game pay 2 win. Sounds like you are paying to lose.


hahahaaaa! for real.


I have a little money on here since I started about 4 months ago, about 50$ a month I would say and found that I have gotten better heros from Summons through the gems I collected from playing than I did buying gems for 10x summon pulls, lesson learnt and won’t happen again so SG loses out there.

Looking at the featured packs on offer for x amount of gems they say something like “get any 2 items” well based on the knowledge of current reads these packs are a total waste of gems as I would be pretty sure that the chances of getting an ascension item from these would be extremely slim at best.

I am not complaining about having recieved nothing worthwhile after having spent money as I knew the %'s before doing so.

What I am complaining about (point will be made further down) as a paying player and this goes for all playing players no matter the amount which I have heard can lead into the thousands for some.
Also understanding this game had to be made fair for f2p players SG should also take these points into account.

  1. free to play is just that and this game is very fair and competitive for all free to play players, in fact I would go as far as saying that for such a diverse game it offers a great deal of challenges and opportunities for all f2p players to enjoy this game for many years to come and these players really have nothing to complain about when it comes how long it takes to get mats or heros. Well done there.

  2. this is for paying players. If SG wants to keep paying players interested and spending more then they must realise that no matter how you look at it there MUST be a small % difference/gain within the RNG system for mats, heros etc for all paying players otherwise what is the real point of spending money especially hundreds or thousands (and I feel these players are really fools knowing the odds are no different to free play) when your chances of better gaming are no different to free play.

NOTE; 2 points here.

If SG where to increase the RNG % by say 50% it’s current percentage value meaning where the current being 2 to 3% upping to 5% (example) for paying players it would greatly chance everyone’s view of the game.

This current scale of no difference between the is more like giving to a charity for no return benefits and even then you can claim charity donations back through taxes so even they have a better return than SG does on this game.

Free to play players would accept the difference.

I am sure that if every paying player stopped spending money until SG woke to the fact this type of small difference should me a MUST they would very very quickly change things or go broke in thier subbonness.

I enjoy playing this game and woukd go ad far as saying become addicted to playing it which I must say SG should in some way feel honoured as I am usually mot into online games let along spending money on them so SG trust me when I say you should feel privileged that I even spent a cent here. I guess you would have to know me personally to now what I mean.

But my point here to SG is that this game is relatively new and at a point where players are realising that all there efforts of spending money really has no benefits what so ever. It is not too late to implement these types of changes ad third round greatly increase your revenue a great deal from current paying players rather than diminish it relying on the lack of knowledge from beginners who don’t know better but who eventually will and then slow spending.

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9* Titan. Spent a lot of resources in killing it. A tier. Got absolute crap. The A+ player got a trainer. 2 players got trap tools.

Anyone time you need a lead life preserver, just ask. It’s the LEAST I can do for you.

Have you lowered the odds again? And I am not a ftp.

Your proposition would unfortunately not solve the problem.

Right now if you pay you will get the most out of it during the beginning to mid game.
Money gives you the chance to start with a stronger team , which will still take you some time to level, but gives you earlyer access to asencion mats.
VIP pass gives you faster construction -) faster access to TC13 and 20.
It gives you extra gems which you can use for GUARANTEED ascention mats. buy.

After spending a limited amount of money you get your fully maxed rainbow 4* team a lot earlyer than ftp players which is in itself a great but fleeting advantage.

After you have done all this there comes the time where you will get diminishing returns for your money spent.

You have to pay more for a new 5* hero ( because you already have some of them ), a LOT more if you are geting into the mindset I HAVE to get a certain hero.

You also have to spend a lot on ascencion mats because you have so many heroes you want to level.

So no, better drop rates do not make the game better, they make it boreing faster.

So in the end as a paying player you have a head start against ftp and if you are not very unlucky you will have a competitive edge because you have hotm and event heroes which ftp players usually dont have.

The game works fine like this and it doesent need better drop rates but content for the end game players which SG is working on.

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So basically your saying it’s a fine to get no return on money spent and that players should just accept the fact that there is no advantages to spending money other than the normal RNG drop rate.

Example, a player spends money on 100 pulls and only gets 5 new heros with the rest all duplicates. That’s around 500$ worth.

So the bottom line for players is just keep spend money and stop asking questions because the answer to everything is just keep spending more money and keep trying your luck a 2% average drop rate.

What your saying is this that hundreds of spenders that complain on here about mats and drop rates should just keep quite and keep spending money without questioning it.

Like I said lesson learnt

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You are spending that money now with full knowledge of how it works and what you are spending it on. Most other gaming companies would delete these threads and they would ban players who repeatedly post this crap. If you pay 50 bucks for a dog turd at the dog turd shop do you go home and complain the bag smells like crap?


Now this is a very free interpretgation of my writings. :smile:

First and most important:
It is YOUR decicion how much money you spend.

If you are spending money you know the odds and you know that after you spent a certain amount you will have diminishing returns for the money you spent.

You dont get nothing out of your money. After the point of diminishing returns you get the same you would get in a casino albeit with a different form of pay out.
Before this point you are allowed to take a short cut to a team of a certain power which gives you an early chance to get ascencion materials.

Now I am very gratefull for the people who support the game with their money but I have a hard time understanding that after some of them spent their money ( knowing the odds ), obviously not geting what they wanted, they are coming back here and want better odds.

Please understand it is not that easy. To keep the game interesting SG has to adhere to certain drop rates which might be up for discussion if we knew enough about the game, but we dont.

In any case I wish you the best of luck should you decide to do more summons but keep in mind the diminishing returns.


Then maybe you ban all those that post thier disgrace or disappointed on youtube. That becomes public knowledge, I didn’t make anything up.

Then there’s all those reviews everywhere on this topic. More than there are good ones.

At least I keep my comments to this local forum and don’t spread it out throughout the internet.


I can’t ban anyone and this is the only forum I post on regularly. You completely missed me here.

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