The Future of the Tank Position

With Malosi on the horizon, should there be a discussion about preemptively switching the tanks role/purpose on the team? As I see it, it’s better to be proactive rather than reactive, so figuring out what type of tank to use against a vFast hero that shuts down most secondary effects seems appropriate. What heroes out there can you see being promoted in usefulness because of Malosi?

My list includes:

Thoth-Amun +18

And that’s pretty much it.

Who do y’all have?


I personally don’t think that Malosi changes anything much in terms of the tank role…

So I don’t think that Malosi will affect any of that statement I made months ago now…

If you’re referring to the “very fast” aspect being what will neutralise everything not the Buff Silencing, it still relies on you getting the tiles you need & be able to match them together (rather than being randomly distributed everywhere).

In terms of him killing tanks cause he’s very fast, his sniping damage is actually quite tiny… comparatively:

So in summary

  • Tanks will still be tanks.
  • Malosi damage is tiny so not effective at killing off tanks
  • Silence only affects Status Effects (debuffs & buffs), doesn’t diminish damage dealt etc…
  • All still relies on you:
    • getting Malosi
    • levelling Malosi
    • getting the tiles you need ON the board
    • being able to match the tiles

With all that in mind, I wouldn’t say that Malosi is game-changing or will change the Tank role at all… He’s a different hero yes. A useful one yes. But not a game altering & paradigm shattering one…


I’ll stick with guin for the win. Opponent is more than welcome to bring yellow


Yep, and while blocking her heal and buff, the real killer is the mana cut, which Mr Power Punch cannot prevent

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I actually bring this team against Guin all the time and it wins 9/10.

If Malosi were to replace Inari in this line-up, I doubt I’d lose except for in the very rare cases.

In raids that works

In wars you can only bring that once

Also if you dont have the stats or data to back up the numbers, then it’s not worth mentioning those numbers to backup a theory since the numbers hold no weight


I think the days of the passive time-buying raid tank are over. Too many counters, too many resistors, too many dispellers, too many options for the attacker. If the attacker has time to charge their specials, they are at a massive advantage. It’s like playing rock-paper-scissors but you get to know what your opponent is going to throw beforehand.

You can’t really consider tanks in general now, there’s raid tanks and war tanks. Guin, Aegir, Kunchen are still great in wars, but they suffer at the high levels in raid D because they give the attacker time to recover from bad boards.

For raids you want a tank like Ursena that has a chance to cripple opponents early.

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For raids you just want a defense team that holds diamond

Mine has for 2 yrs now even before i had guin :man_shrugging: which is why i really don’t put much weight into raid defense

I don’t disagree. Some might want to spend more time near the top 100 for ‘glory’ reasons or whatever.

Malosi got slowed down unless they speeded him up again.

Nope, he’s still very fast.

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