The future of the game: opinions/ideas/wishlist

This post is about YOU! I want to know things you wish the game had, ideas for devs and just opinions about making E&P an enjoyable place.
First of all this is not a complaint thread, so please be constructive.

This is an approach to brainstorm anything to make the game better as a whole.

The whole point those ideas and opinions came to my mind is because the mayority of the players wait for and sometimes complain about pulls and heroes.
This is to strong, this is to weak (S1 heroes are only good with costumes). When will I finally pull Gravemaker, when will Telluria come back to the portals, what next Hotm do I want.

Why do people want to trade heroes?
Why is everyone desperatly waiting for Alchemie Lab?
Why do people want all those champions?

The game is not about collecting all the heroes available or having the newest, strongest, most versatile hero for me. More about being good at the game with what I have.
The thing that first came to my mind when I saw it on the PlayStore was the name “Empire and Puzzle”. It echoed as follows: Empire, War, Units, Formation, Attack, Defend.
Puzzle, Problem, Strategy/Tactic, Solution, Win. Almost like playing chess with dices, which interesed me so much I had to download it.

These are some ideas (which are not very polished) to shift the game back to playing.

Ideas I think of, is a puzzle ONLY section like a problem solving puzzle.
Not a new quest where you solve three to six puzzle stages but a new game mode:
Useable for example in raid def. So the attacker has defeated your raid def. You login and get the information. Now you have 24h to “solve the puzzle” to either defend or the raid is successful.

  • Get rid of all blue/red/green/… tiles,
  • Melt all frozen tiles,
  • Match and explode 3 Dragon tiles,
  • Match and use one diamond,
    … in 1/2/3 minutes.
    Difficulty increases for every hero that the enemy had left in his raid.

The fact that you can not see anyones profile, empire or progress in the game is a factor which I don’t like. The communication of players would be so much better if you could access another persons empire and speed up the process (even only by 5 minutes) for example. I thought about adding a 6th hero to the raid defence. The defence itself stays at 5 heroes of the player but he/she gets other benefits.
Example: Red = Attack buff for team, blue = def buff, green = mana buff and so on. 5* higher buff than 4*, 4* higher than 3* and so on.
This hero can not be used for war, raid, or anything before it gets withdrawn.
Then pair raids with the war. I don’t need to address that raid has not much impact so the idea is that the different levels diamond/platin/… gives buffs for the attacker in war.
Therefore you can search for the enemy team and try to damage them in other ways. Not the best example but the general idea to have multiple choices of “winning” is hard stuck in my mind.
A great idea was that alliances can set specific informations in a banner but I can’t understand why there are no direct messages this far in developement.

My idea for alliances is that we have a place where we can go to to donate food or iron for the alliance. Storywise the titan can attack the alliance place and you get some disadvantages if you not defeat him. Again, I like strategic advantages AND disadvantages. Alliance upgrades may or not be a good idea but what I think of is dungeons.
Titans are a great team effort and I’d like to have more of that.
A few waves of very hard enemys and everyone can send each hero once to defeat them for example. You have to buy for entrance tickets with food and iron to enter a dungeon. For lower level heroes there is a buff like:

  • Going in with a team of 3* will give a shield that blocks every incoming damage every three turns (to think about attacking a monster to fire its special exactly at that round)
  • Going in with a team of 4* will give an option to shuffle the board for free every 3 turns which stacks if not used.

Talking about Raids. What about formations in raids, so you can better exploit weaknesses in every single raid.
Different Raid setups:
O = Hero
O+++O | ++O++ | O+++O | +++++
+O+O+ | +O+O+ | ++O++ | +O+O+
++O++ | O+++O | +O+O+ | O+O+O

A huge factor I think is missing is the replay function though. I would LOVE to analyse how my team did in auto defence. We see in alliance war when the opponent has damaged a team.
This would be completly fine by me as a replay. To see the progression and state of my team after each turn of the opponent.

I also thought about a completely different mode like Monster Hunt:
You can set up a team, a formation and you fight monsters or opponents live on a battlefield but on auto fight mode(Best with replay function obviously). You can revieve if you die, you have 20 minutes to achieve
as much points as you can. (Yes I have played Little Empire and yes I know that I discribe the game mode skeleton strike. I have a youtube channel here and for everyone who is interested what the game
mode looks like this is a video.) This is why I end this train of thought here.

I didn’t make too much of an effort to think about all the different balance chances to all of my ideas. It’s arguably that some things can be overpowered or simply can not work how I imagine it to be but the point I want to give is that the (tactical) puzzle part of the game is falling a part imho. It’s more about which hero is stronger, newer etc. For example: I mainly go in on a Telluria with Azlar, Scarlett, Scarlett (fix) and two heroes that are strong against the flank hero which scares me most. My winrate is pretty high with this setup (low Diamond) because of the insane damage the glass canons put out on Tellu. When they are loaded the Scarletts can Attack down both sides.
I’m perfectly fine to not have unique new heros because I can find strategys to beat them and I want to translate this idea to the game instead of another “Legendary Tavern Portal” after Costumes and Valhalla Portal. This is all fine by me but I would like to actually play the game. I know this is not Clash of Clans or Little Empire but it could be so much more.

About me:
I’m playing almost 3 years now (started July 2017), starting in a small unknown alliance which I left to join Seven Days Hunting back in the day where they were just starting. I played more than a year there until the gap between having a (or almost all) Hotm(s) became to big. I have never had any five star event hero or Hotm until today. My best heros are: Vivica, Joon, Joon, Richard, Magni, Isarnia, Sartana, Obakan, Domitia, Marjana, Marjana, Azlar, Horghall, Kadilen, Lianna. I managed to get a few four star costumes like Melendor and Richard which I’m very happy to have. I’m doing well in Raids, War, Tournament and Titans (despite I don’t have any elememt def down hero). Like with all my games I play free. I spend once (Feb 2019 I think) because my alliance chose to buy the Valentines gifts and I got many gems off it that I decided to gift some back. I rarely complain about pulling odds, bad boards and so on and just have fun playing the actual game.

I know this is a lot of stuff to keep up with and I don’t want the game to be played 24/7 but atm I’m roughly online for an hour a day to hit a titan, auto farm some stages and do my tournament and war hits. I feel like I just wait for a Atlantis/Valhalla/Event-Portal to arrive instead of playing.


Theres and ideas section on the forum. What you should do is take each idea and make it an individual post in the ideas/feature request section so that people can vote on them.


Hi @N.o.X, as @JLB_ep said, you’re covering an awful lot of different topics there and people may struggle with a coherent discussion.

A lot of what you’ve mentioned have live threads already so please consider contributing to those such as trading, dealing with Telluria, raid strategy etc.

You do have some fresh idea, so please think about putting those in specific Ideas threads, again as @JLB_ep suggested.


Thank you guys for making the suggestion of putting it into ideas section. I considered that but it is not about the ideas itself but for the health of the game I want to discuss all of this.
If anyone wants to copy some of my ideas and put it into the idea section, feel free to do it.

Maybe I didn’t make my point clear enough.

I want to discuss why people are playing the game in the first place and what they want to see in the future. It’s about summarizing some ideas (like the ones I mentioned) to make a “game mode” everyone likes. I wanted this discussion to be a brainstorm instance before posting an “idea & feature”. You can think of it this way: Someone makes an idea, everyone discusses this idea and makes fixes and tweaks to improve it. Then, after a few weeks, it’s polished and someone puts it into ideas and features. Then it gets 1000 upvotes because everyone knows exactly what is meant and it will be considered.
Something to make a group effort to make the game better as a whole.

I have another example:
What happens if you enter the game from a psychological perspective?
You get an offer which you most likely don’t want to buy (yet), then another offer and another one. After that you see that you have been raided and lost 150 trophys. So you are 5 seconds in the game and have a bad mood already.
There is a reason why games have login bonuses. If you see that you get an epic or legendary ascension material or four star trainer (some valuable stuff) at the end of the month just by logging in and play the game you feel much better just entering.
This is just an idea that came to my mind to “better” the game, not even worth (for me) to put it in ideas and features.

I think it’s not only me who wants to know why people are playing the game and if they enjoy especially the tournament or the war or whatever but it’s in the devs interest aswell.
If you ask yourself “why am I playing?” and the answer is, yeah I want to have this Hotm or that event hero it’s not much of a game. I really really want Alberich or Mother North, just to have someone who can revieve but that is not my reason to play.
There’re tons of games out there why would I play this one? Because the game is great, the community awesome and the devs know what they’re doing. Did anyone notice this game has almost no bugs at all?

I don’t know what the future brings and what the devs come up with but maybe we can discuss some things that make it through.

So I end this post with some questions:

  • What do you like about the game as a whole?
  • What do you want to see in the future?
  • Do you like some of my ideas?
  • Do you like to play more with the heroes or the board?
  • Would you like to see a completly different game mode?
  • Would you like to see a Puzzle Mode without heroes?

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