The future of my Titan Team vs Yellow Titans

My attacks against Yellow Titans are woefully inadequate compared to all the other colors. The problem is not some big mystery - rather, it is that my purple heroes, while having good Attack stats, don’t have much in the way of direct, single-target damage specials.

Here’s what I use:
4-70 Wu Kong
4-70+18 Proteus
3-60 Proteus
4-72 Kunchen
4-35 Tiburtus

Now, the question is, who is the best of my available future options to work on this problem? I’m pushing Kunchen to 4-80 right now, but when he is done, I have these to work on:

2x Quintus (1-50, 1-1)
Obakan (1-1)

I have 5 Tabards… and of those choices, my thought was to level up Quintus next. He has a very high Attack stat, and his special hits hard - if I did the math right, it even hits single targets harder than Obakan.

But with Obakan also having a very high Attack stat, and a Fast special, along with a chance for a little more damage due to Counterattack… should he be my focus instead of Quintus? I raid a LOT, and wars are important to me, too… so I figure Quintus should go before Obakan.

Should Quintus #2 go to 3-70 before Obakan, too?

With Kunchen in my lineup, I’m thinking despite both being slow, combining him with Quintus for raids could be ridiculous! And just imagine 2x Quintus + Kunchen! Yikes! I don’t think Obakan measures up.

Am I overlooking something obvious? Or am I on the right track? :slight_smile:

For titans Obakan is easily better than Quintus. It takes 4 less non-ghosted tiles to charge Obakan before mana troops are considered, so Obakan is firing more regularly than Quintus. Riposte counter-attack damage is also good against titans since they naturally hit hard.

I can see the Kunchen -> Quintus combo working well on raids, but because they’re also both slow it may be difficult to get them charged reliably. Kunchen is bulky enough to survive some hard hits, but the same can’t be said about Quintus. It would depend on your other available teammates here.

Since your topic is about titans, then I would go with Obakan.


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