The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! [30/30]

Surprisingly the alliance is currently full. :astonished:
But it doesn’t diminish my need to waffle! :grin:
So here’s another…

War tactics musings

Despite my current XP level I still consider myself rather amateurish. My poor titan and war performances will testify to that. :persevere:

Today I’m returning to some thoughts on low TP teams in war with perhaps a bit more depth. Note that ‘low’ is a relative measure, and the scenario I’m considering is more to do with the player with very few, if any, 4* characters in an alliance regularly facing a full 5* defence team. This might even apply to those still using 2*s.

These are the following factors I think help:

  • Tile damage
  • Colour stacking
  • Fast mana
  • Support specials

Tile damage: because in many cases, you’re not going to survive long enough to fire off your specials. And those offensive specials won’t be doing much damage to those 5* tanks.

Colour stacking: this is to be combined with tile damage. A good starting board will enable a low TP team to take out a 5* tank with relative ease. If board RNG is in your favour, you may end up doing more damage to your opponent.

Fast mana: while you might not survive long enough to fire off specials, fast specials can give you a minor advantage to survive longer. If you do get a good board, then even slow mana will charge quickly.

Support specials: preferred over attack, mainly because attack damage is low. Examples of what I think are useful:

  • Healers (gives you more time and opportunities)
  • Defence down (makes attacks more effective)
  • Attack boost (makes attacks more effective)
  • Mana control (to delay them using their special)
  • Blind (only to improve your survival chances)

The low health and defence of 2/3* characters really does affect how long you survive to attack. Which is why I prefer to colour stack, hope for a good board and do as much damage as possible to the tank.

Now, the reliance on tile damage is what makes the clean up process for a low TP team difficult.
Take (what I consider to be) the worst case scenario: healer in the corner with field aid.

How is a low TP team supposed to do enough damage per attack?

  • Ghost tiles to charge specials.
  • Manipulate board to get tiles in the right places.
  • Time attack after field aid and/or healer heals.

Ideally you do more damage than they can heal. Having healers gives you more opportunities to manipulate the board in your favour to attack. Having healers is, of course, subject to character pull RNG.

In general… good luck to you.

:thinking: Bit lengthy. Probably forgot something… :man_shrugging:
Think I’ve bored the pants off many a brave reader. :laughing:
Seriously, did anyone make it through this one?

Check in on us at Fusion Fighters to see if we have a spot for you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hm… it seems that the titan can be stunned with tiles of absent colours even if Ranvir has fired. :thinking:
How long has this been a thing? :astonished:

Join us at Fusion Fighters where there exists some knowledgeable players. :grin:

Public disclaimer: I am clearly not one of them. :rofl:

From the weekend war…

2020-07-25 War A
In the end this wasn’t as close as my initial prediction suggested. At the end of matchmaking the war scores were within 50 points of each other.

This was also my worst war this year so far. :sob:
Must… do… better… :persevere:

Plug the alliance!

Erm… Luckily for anyone interested in joining us at Fusion Fighters there’s no pressure on you to do well, just that you fully participate and give us a heads up when you can’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

Check in on us every now and then to see if there’s a space.

:sob: Yet another awful war.
Must… keep… going… :persevere:

And perseverance is a good way to sum up our war efforts.
Win if we can, lose if we must; but always kick 'em in the shin!

We are currently a top 10,000 alliance! :laughing:

2020-08-01 Alliance position

You think I can get its blade to stoke the barbeque? :thinking:
Hmm? Oh? :astonished:

Feels like it’s been a while since we took down an 11* titan. Some crazy big hits on this titan from the team. I’d be happy to get 100k with three flags! :laughing:

Check in on us at Fusion Fighters to see if we have a space. :slightly_smiling_face:

Come join us at Fusion Figh—

What do you mean the game’s down? Servers?
Guess I better sit in the corner and twiddle my thumbs for a bit…

Since the introduction of the duck hunting daily challenge in POV I’ve been using “here, ducky, ducky, ducky ~” to summon ducks to fly across the base with 100% success. Until it didn’t work! :scream:

Come share your duck summoning rituals with us here at Fusion Fighters! :grin:

What do you mean that was yesterday? It’s still handy to know how to get those ducks to come along…

So I decided to upgrade my barracks the other day, and today we get a level up your troops daily challenge in POV. Talk about bad timing. :scream:

Plug the alliance!

Er… we’re Fusion Fighters.

2020-08-27 Alliance banner

Tagline: Casually competitive
Life happens; we know that. Just let us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Titans: Hit them!
Online? Hit the titan! :laughing:
Unless designated a skip.
Currently we’re mainly hitting 10* titans.

War policy: optional
War strategy
Do use all flags if opted in.
Coordinated tanks.
Variation of the wave strategy. Time sensitive, so might not be for everyone.
Cake after victory! :grin:
Cursing opponents’ internet connection…

War motto: Win if we can, lose if we must; but always kick 'em in the shin!
Pom-pom shaking to boost morale is encouraged! :laughing:

Any questions just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

Woohoo! We won our weekend war. :grin:
Boy, was it another nerve wracking one. :worried:

And it seems like there’s a liking for donuts in the alliance, so henceforth we’ll whip up some donuts for war victories! :grinning:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for (potential) donuts!

Nb. The mentioning of donuts is not meant to be a bribe…

2020-09-05 Titan
Blimey. An 11* titan. :scream:

I’d say we’re more comfortable with 10*, and if we’re to take down 11* we need to be close to full strength to do so. It’s all a matter of timing, I think. :thinking:
Mind you, last judgement I made on a titan I was proven spectacularly wrong! :laughing:

We’re Fusion Fighters. Check us out to see if we’ve got a space from time to time. :grinning:
I need to keep our profile up…

Well, time to hit the recruitment trail again…

We are Fusion Fighters. And as far as I can tell the only ones who try to recruit via the forums. :laughing:
I did an alliance search and there have been more variants of the ‘Fusion Fighters’ name since I last checked! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
2020-09-07 Alliance banner
Trophy requirements: 2000 :scream:
But… Still not over 9000!

Tagline: Casually competitive
We’d suit daily players. Participation is important.
Real life happens, we know. Just communicate with us to let us know. :slightly_smiling_face:

Titans: Hit them!
Online? Hit the titan! :laughing:
Unless a skip.
Currently battling 10* titans.

War policy: optional
Use all flags if opted in.
Coordinated tanks.
We use the wave strategy, so some time sensitivity.
Cake and donuts after victory! :grinning:

War motto: Win if we can, lose if we must; but always kick 'em in the shin!
Alternatively: win if we can, lose if we must; but always use your flags!
Dovetails with our attitude to (war) participation. We’re not bothered about losing, only that you put in the effort. You show this by using all your attacks. Hopefully with intelligence! :grin:

Other things
Beware of the crazy Brit.
Liberal usage of pom-poms for motivation purposes.
BYOPN = Bore Your Pants Off News
Eurovision = 0 points

And finally…
We are currently a solid top 10,000 alliance! :laughing:
2020-09-07 Alliance ranking

I think that covers most things. Any questions just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

It occurs to me that we have never been able to count up to 12 on titans. :thinking:
Er… (cough)
Check us out at Fusion Fighters! :grin:

Sometimes the boards can be harsh. Get enough of them and it can easily dissuade someone from playing the game. It’s happened to someone in the alliance before, and it’s always a shame to lose a valued team mate. But to put it into perspective this is a game. Take a break every now and then to reset from it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also unfortunate when it gets to the point where it’s felt someone has to be booted. Makes sense for morale of the alliance as a whole though.

That’s plugging the alliance!?
Erm… (cough)

2020-09-12 Alliance banner
Wasn’t too many posts ago I mentioned most of the other stuff, so I can probably skip it this time. :grin:

What’s the difference between ‘chat’ and ‘communicate’?
Chat is about stuff, the odd grumbling about bad boards, loot from drops, most of my mutterings… Game advice will be a class above the normal inconsequential chat - a bit more serious.

Communication is the more important stuff. Generally we think more about game participation here, i.e. possible absences. We do strive to have a group of daily players. And letting the team know allows for understanding.

Some people are just happy to play. We may even notice a pattern to it given time. And of course, older members will have fairly known patterns of behaviour. So if their behaviour deviates from what we usually know, and if they haven’t communicated any impending absence, then the first thought is something has gone wrong.

Absences are most keenly felt in war because every flag/attack counts. As such older members behaviours are typically known and established, while this might not be the case for new members.

Whereas for titans there’s the possibility someone else’s attacks could cover for absences. I still remember the embarrassing time I slept through an entire titan…

Basically, you don’t have to chat but do communicate! :laughing:

(Hmm… it comes to my attention that we’re currently full at the moment. :thinking:
But to keep our profile up I should probably post on our recruitment thread.)

We are Fusion Fighters. And we’re still a top 10,000 alliance! :grin:

2020-09-19 Alliance ranking

2020-10-01 War result A
Was a tough war. :sob:

2020-10-01 War flags
But I’m really proud of the team we have here. :smile:

And you know we’re in trouble if I end up being top attacker for us. :laughing:

Currently full, but check every now and then to see if we have a spot! :slightly_smiling_face:
We need to keep our profile up…

(Blimey, we sure hit a rough patch in war lately. Better find something more light hearted to talk about to keep our profile up. What should I talk about? :thinking: I know! :grin:)

As Fusion Fighters’ resident pom-pom shaker I have some standard routine cheers. Most of them follow the four beat pattern. This also somewhat dictates what I call team members so their name fits the cheering beat. :laughing:

What might be a bit more obscure is what’s in my head for certain cheers, which is basically substituting words in certain song lyrics.
“Go, go, Fusion Fighters” follows the “Go, go, Power Rangers” flow! :grin:
Then there’s “Go, [name], go, go ~”. Know this one? It follows the beat to Johnny B. Goode! Which of course also lends itself to “Go, [name], go, go, go ~”, and so on. :grin:

Yes, continuing Fusion Fighters nonsense shenanigans from the resident crazy Brit…

Having hit some bad form I’m hoping we’ve managed to turn a corner. Then we had the weekend war and the initial scouting was… mixed. There were a lot of recent joiners which led me to think this group might be war shufflers. However, the TP discrepancy didn’t look too bad so it could have been a close one if we were on our best form.

Funnily enough it didn’t really match my expectations…
2020-10-19 War result A
In the end we broke the 6000 points barrier for the first time I’ve been in the alliance.
There goes my prediction! :laughing:

And it’s not as if our opponents did poorly either - in most wars their score is a winning score. Our previous highest score was earlier in the year, but with fewer members. This was a 29 v 29 war, so scoring so highly is quite an achievement in my eyes.

Check in on us from time to time to see if we have a space. :slightly_smiling_face:

And that’s mid-week war done. (Phew)
So we recently had an alliance record of four consecutive losses, not exactly something to be proud of; and we’ve been trying to find our form back to winning ways. Our last war was a surprise, and this one…

2020-10-22 War result A

We broke our record again. :laughing:
Honestly, it was surprising. However, we have tweaked our strategy recently. It leads me to think our new strategic twist has enabled us to achieve breaking the 6000 points barrier. We’ll know in due time with data tracking, of course. :slightly_smiling_face:
Handing out three Eurovisions is a bonus. :grin:

2020-10-22 Alliance ranking

…we’re still a top 10,000 alliance! :laughing:

Fusion Fighters, a-go-go!

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