The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! 😁 [30/30]

I can proudly claim that we are just about in the top 10! :grin:

That’s a big loophole…

I never mentioned anything about leaderboards! :laughing:

Check us out at Fusion Fighters.

In my position as the leader of this alliance I feel I should announce that we have an in-house Kale Research Institute available. This is where we research new ways of using kale against our war opponents! :grin:

Researching… kale?!

After kale itself we have so far concocted kale donuts and kale pizza to throw at them - kale doesn’t travel very far. And in this war a researcher at the Kale Research Institute came up with… kale quiche. I think it was a resounding success. Because we won our midweek war!

Come join Kale Research Institute at Fusion Fighters. :smile:

Fusion Fighters. Ignore the kale bit…

But… it worked… :sob:

Looks like you found 30 kale eaters. Your posts are cracking me up!

Can you kick out the least liked person so I can come in? Just kidding… but seriously, let me know. :joy:

Are you an ExFor fan, by any chance?

Will keep the thread here updated. We may have a spot or two opening up in a week or so. :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately not, because that reference went flying over my head. :laughing:

I kept it vague on purpose :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Expeditionary Force Series, by Craig Alanson.

So I recently discovered that in certain threads there’s a limit to how many consecutive posts one can make. (Twas five for anyone wondering.) Now… imagine if this thread had a limit for consecutive posts. I’d never be able to do anything for recruitment purposes! :laughing:

Come join us at–

We’re full at the moment.

I’ll just go and sit over there. Twiddling my thumbs…

I thought the limit was for all threads… Hmm you learn something everyday.

Too bad you guys are full. I’m looking to switch. Can’t you kick the idiot out? :grin:

We’re one win away from completing the biggest item of my E&P bucket list. It’s now four consecutive war victories! :grin:
One step closer to E&P retirement! :laughing:

With the hard work of the Kale Research Institute here at Fusion Fighters, our deployment of kale-based weaponry has been a success thus far. “Rubbish!” I hear you cry? I believe we are a very science based endeavour:
We just have to make sure we don’t use carrots in any of our arsenal…