The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! 😁 [30/30]

I demand coffee and suitably funny graphics whilst I peruse your thread. :grin:


So much for the “I don’t have to do any leadery things…” :sob:

Come join us at Fusion Fighters where you get this particular idiot having to do leadery things! :rofl:

That’s not exactly a very enticing recruitment pitch…


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So after that escaped titan which kicked off some kerfuffles, we have become a bit more clear on hitting titans. Given long enough time within a culture (so to speak) this should become an ingrained part of activity.

Funnily enough, the titan which escaped was a 10*. We’ve just taken down our second 11*. :thinking: :laughing:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for titan whacking shenanigans. :grin:

And we’ve just had to face our (my) first ever 13* titan. :scream:
Crikey, that escalated quickly. :laughing:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for titan wha—

We’re full.
2021-11-11 Alliance banner

But… I’d just got back into the groove of bumping, I mean, waffling on the forums again. :slightly_frowning_face:

Looking over the forums at times, I can’t help but notice the grumbles with the game.
Funnily enough, I’ve got back to enjoying more of it by tackling Ninja tower for the first time in… however many of them I previously skipped! :laughing:

I put it down to getting rid of FOMO regarding World Energy.

And you too can get rid of FOMO by joining us at Fu–

We’re still full.


Woohoo! We took down our (my) first 12 * titan. :grinning:

Come join us at Fu–

We’re still full.

B-but, we need to keep our profile up… :slightly_frowning_face:

Come to think of it… I think we’re still finding our footing with these new titans at the moment. Previously we’ve never been able to count beyond 11! :laughing:
As such, we’re still finding our equilibrium point as it were. Been a while we’ve had to do that really.

Keep us in mind if you’re looking for a new alliance. We’re full at the moment, but check every now and then.

Isn’t that my job? :thinking:

One thing came up in chat recently which apparently is dubbed the Thanos challenge, or something along those lines. Basically trying to create a diamond of each colour on the board. A tricky task to say the least, but one of ours managed to do it which is why it came up.

And I finally got to participate during Ninja Tower! :laughing:

Share your achievements with us at Fu–

Still full.

–sion… (Sigh)

[Deflated pom-pom shake]

We. Are. Fu–

No fires, please.

Spoilsport. :unamused:
Regardless… We’re still a top 10,000 alliance! :laughing:

2021-11-16 Alliance ranking

Amidst the grumblings on the forums there are occasionally interesting thoughts being expressed. One of the recent ones tends to be thoughts of Homaclese on roster selection and play style.

Simply put, there are two extremes of character selection: mono and rainbow. Homaclese is (at time of writing) an advocate for (close to) rainbow for win consistency. Reading their various posts across inter-related topics is interesting to see how it actually works.

I gave rainbow a try with my bench and… it didn’t quite work out for me! :laughing:
Amongst Homaclese’s thoughts was something which probably explains the main difference of playstyles at the two extremes (and trying to find a balance between the two). With their (approaching) rainbow selection and playstyle there is a reliance on character synergy and specials.

A player can only choose from the bench they have though. I’ve been of the mind our playstyles are dictated by what we have available. And when starting out, the game would seem to push us towards mono due to the lower stat characters going up against tougher enemies even on the maps. Arguably, at this early stage of the game one rarely has the bench depth to build synergy. But over time? Luck dependent, I would think (between RNG and potentially money spent).

From a mono playstyle, I would think it is more tile damage dependent with specials being a bonus. (I favour 4-1.) When the tiles favour your stack, the opponent falls very quickly even without using specials.

So the spectrum seems to be from tile damage to specials synergy. At least from a simplistic interpretation.
I favour tile damage because I don’t have the bench depth for rainbow synergy teams.

That’s my thought anyway! :laughing:

In the end it doesn’t matter which style you favour when you join us at Fusion Figh–

Still full.

–ters… (Sigh)

Check in on us every now and then. We still exist…

It occurs to me that I’m really good in tourneys. Whenever I participate I consistently finish in the top 100–

per cent…

:shushing_face: (You trying to ruin my image or something?)

Share your successes with us a Fu–

Still full.

.–sio… (Sigh) Do check every now and then to see if we’ve got a spot. :persevere:

Join us at Fu–

Still full. You know this.


Anyways… it seems we’re settling down on titans lately as the team has essentially stabilised for the time being. As it is we’re taking down 11* titans with relative ease at the moment. :slightly_smiling_face:
If memory serves it means the possibility of more mediocre loot! :laughing:

I’m guessing we should be able to take down a favourable 12* or two before it overtakes our hitting strength. Having good boards help. Which is something which seems oddly absent lately…

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