The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! 😁 [30/30]

We here at Fusion Fighters would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone wanting to join us and–what do you mean I don’t have to do this for the time being? What are you on about? :thinking:
2020-04-04 Alliance banner
What the?! We’re full?
But… but… where am I going to waffle about stuff now?

Should any vacancies pop up I shall keep you informed! :laughing:

So does that mean I get to waffle a bit again? Yes? Oooo…

A rare vacancy (cough) at Fusion Fighters has opened up. :astonished:
So what do you need to know? :thinking:
2020-04-21 Banner 2020-04-21 Status

Trophy requirements: 1600
Still not over 9000…

Just pop in. :slightly_smiling_face:

Tagline: Casually competitive
Suits daily players.
Communication is key. :wink:

Titan policy: Whack the titan! :crossed_swords::axe::fire:
Currently battling 10/11* titans.
Our recent increased collective strength means we comfortably take down 10* titans.
Currently assessing our strength against 11* titans.

War policy: optional
Use all flags if opted in.
Coordinated tanks.
Variation of the wave strategy.

War motto: Win if we can, lose if we must, but always kick 'em in the shin!
Shin kicking boots, mop and bucket recommended. :laughing:

Other things
If you have any questions just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:
If you managed to get through my waffling on our recruitment thread, then you’ll be fine here! :laughing:

It does occur to me that we never seem to use the alliance’s Line chat. :thinking:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for… reasons. :laughing:

2020-04-23 War A
It was an early war which means I miss the bulk of the attack overnight. And it was close this morning with the final attacks, but we managed to just squeeze out a victory. :slightly_smiling_face:
I take way too long in gathering data… :disappointed:

Our third win in a row. I’m hoping we can equal our best run of four consecutive wins. Plus there were a few personal bests for us in a war of this size.

And we got to have cake after our victory. Mmm… cake… :drooling_face:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for various whacking things shenanigans. :grinning:

:eyes: You think anyone’s noticed I’m still here?

So with weekend war close to starting I’m still hoping on equaling our best consecutive win streak. One day we might even surpass the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania win streak!
What the?! :confused:

Currently settling down to 10* titans.

Join us at Fusion Fighters to bolster our forces so we can hit things more! :laughing:

2020-04-26 War A
That was close. :relieved:
Personally, I had an absolutely shocking war. But we used all our flags which made the difference in the end. Win if we can, lose if we must; but always kick 'em in the shin!

And with this victory we have our fourth consecutive win. Can we manage a fifth?
Why not join us at Fusion Fighters and be part of it? :grinning:

So… time for another update! :grinning:

Who are we?
2020-04-28 banner
And we are currently…
2020-04-28 leaderboard
Yep, freshly grabbed piccies so this is up to date. I’m not using old pictures here! :laughing:

As you can see we’re casually competitive. We’ve got a good team atmosphere here.
Everyone in the alliance has to put up with me for a start. What? I’m talking out loud again? Er… (Cough)

Join us at Fusion Fighters to participate in wars!
Win, lose or draw it’ll be a new war chest after this war.
Hit titans!
Currently hitting 10* titans.
And other whacking things shenanigans!
Probably ducks…

Now… where are me pom-poms? :thinking:

Curses. We lost our midweek war. There goes my dreams of a fifth consecutive war win for us. :sob:
Guess that means we’ll have to start again starting this weekend! :persevere:

Join us at Fusion Fighters to chase the dream! :grinning:

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoy reading the updates in here. Been only playing for 1.5 months and hovering around 1300 cups but maybe in the future I’ll apply. Although I quite like my alliance, but losing wars by <50 points with unused flags blows (twice in a row).

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’re currently full at the moment, but as soon as a space is available I’ll be spamming, I mean updating the forum here again.

We have a space again!
So… back to the forum for recruitment? :thinking:
2020-05-06 Alliance
Titans: Currently at 10* titans. :slightly_smiling_face:
War: Still chasing that five consecutive wins dream! :persevere: Back to the drawing board…

Join us at Fusion Fighters for additional whacking things shenanigans if you aren’t in an alliance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for whacking things shenanigans with a different group of people if you’re already in an alliance! :laughing:

War tactics musings
Let’s further expand the thought about confidence or reckless abandon (post #68).
“Wisdom is wasted on the old, and youth is wasted on the young” and “if I were to start from scratch again…” frames the following thoughts.

Colour stacking: The usual way to enable punching above your weight, especially in raids and helpful in map progression.

Synergy: How well the characters and their specials complement each other. Eg. enemy defence down and ally attack boost together is a nice simple combination.

Character selection: Choosing the right characters for the job. Overlaps with synergy and colour stacking.

If I were a lower TP player joining Fusion Fighters now it means regularly facing opponents over TP4000.
Q: There aren’t many enemies on the field at my level, so can I still contribute to war?
A: Yes.

The ‘yes’ is two-fold. As an alliance we value effort and contribution. Scoring a zero happens; we’ve all been there before. Time to dust yourself off, and try again with the next attack.

The second part of the ‘yes’ is to maximise your attack. From what I could find and from experience it is more valuable to utilise colour stacking, synergy and attack stats of your available characters to attempt a tank bust of the higher TP teams with the trickiest characters.

“But… that’s suicide!”
And we return to the ‘confidence or reckless abandon’ thought. This is where the team work aspect in alliance wars becomes invaluable.

  1. A lower TP enemy team is likely within a team mate’s one-shot capability. Why waste two flags on one opponent when one flag can do the job?
  2. Your strongest team mate may struggle with the strongest enemy defence team. So what if that team was softened up?

Granted, I’d be very tempted to attack a low TP team with my own low TP team. It feels safer. But overall it is more useful, with respect to points, to attack the higher TP teams.

I believe when it comes to those suicide tank bust attempts with 3* characters that the attack stat can be more important than the special they have. Why? For tile damage. In these situations it’s tile damage that is likely to take out the tank and not specials. A 3*'s attacking special doesn’t cause much damage to a 5*. A good opening board will take out the tank in the first move; any more damage is a bonus.

This isn’t alliance policy, but at the very least, that’s part of my thought process for attacks during alliance wars at Fusion Fighters! :laughing:

You forget to mention we’re recruiting!
Er… join us at Fusion Fighters. :slightly_smiling_face:

2020-05-09 War prep A
Coming up to that time of the week.

Another attempt to put behind my personal atrocious form these last two wars and get out there to kick some shin! :boot: :leg:
Someone might mistake that for a piracy comment… :thinking:

Hopefully we can also get back on track to start a new run of consecutive wins! :grinning: :persevere:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for shin kicking duties in war! :grin:

2020-05-10 War A
We are the champions, my friends ~

Back to winning ways with a new points record! :smile:
But still rotten personal form. :sob:

Join us at Fusion Fighters to help us win more wars so I don’t feel so inadequate! :laughing:
That sounds a bit selfish…

2020-05-12 Titan
Every time I see a Crystalline Colossus I can’t help but think it’s shaking an angry fist at us and shouting at us to get off its lawn. :laughing:

Strength in numbers helps to take down higher * titans. :wink:

Join us at Fusion Fighters. :slightly_smiling_face:

2020-05-16 Alliance banner
Right, back to my main presence here on the forums. Recruitment! :laughing:

What would a player need to know about us? :thinking:

Trophy requirements: 1600
Still not over 9000!

Tagline: Casually competitive
I think it’s fair to say we’re a group of committed players.
Life happens, of course. And in those situations communication is key. :wink:

Titans: Hit them!
Currently battling 10/11* titans.
We are capable of taking down an 11* rare with flasks.

War policy: optional
Use all flags if opted in.
Coordinated tanks.
Variation of the wave strategy.
We get cake after victory now. :grin:

War motto: Win if we can, lose if we must; but always kick 'em in the shin!
Wonder if anyone has noticed I only use this when we don’t use all flags and lost the war? :thinking:

Other things
Beware of the crazy Brit.
Liberal usage of pom-poms.
BYOPN = Bore Your Pants Off News
Bovril = Boril
Eurovision = 0 points

And finally… if you’ve managed to get through much of this recruitment thread you’ll know what sort of atmosphere to expect. :laughing:
Truthfully it’s a two-way process. Do we fit your needs? And do you fit our team and strategies?

Any questions just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey everyone. I’m looking around for a new alliance where the entire group is pretty much on the same page about strategy and participation. And where there’s cake. I’ve got 2600 trophies, 4000 TS, and am a daily player who likes to win but am not over the top competitive. Does it seem like I might be a good fit?

Bit slow to reply here! :laughing:

2020-05-23 War A
This was the most nerve wracking war in recent memory. :worried:

I spend as much time looking over the battlefield hoping my team mates get a good board to take down their opponent, which of our team is under attack and hoping their defence will hold the line, and number crunching to see where we are by comparison.

Since our expansion this is our highest points total. Yes, we set ourselves another new record. :slightly_smiling_face:
The difference in the end despite spending most of this war behind? Team work! :grinning:

So happy was I, I broke out the cake to celebrate. :laughing:
Thanks to our opponents for a memorable war. Well played.

Currently full at the moment, but check us out every now and then to see if a spot comes up. At the very least you’ll see me here boring the pants of people reading this thread in my attempts to recruit…

2020-05-29 banner
2020-05-29 leaderboard
So one of our own has flown the nest to brave the big wide world out there. :cry:
Good luck out there! :slightly_smiling_face:

So… back to recruitment! :laughing:

Things haven’t changed much here:

Hit the titan!
Still typically 10* with the occasional 11*.

Use all war flags if opted in.
Main difficulty for war is whether our strategy fits your time with the game.

Surprisingly we’re sneaking into the top 2000… :shushing_face:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for whacky alliance shenanigans. :grin:

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