The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! 😁 [29/30]

2020-05-10 War A
We are the champions, my friends ~

Back to winning ways with a new points record! :smile:
But still rotten personal form. :sob:

Join us at Fusion Fighters to help us win more wars so I don’t feel so inadequate! :laughing:
That sounds a bit selfish…

2020-05-12 Titan
Every time I see a Crystalline Colossus I can’t help but think it’s shaking an angry fist at us and shouting at us to get off its lawn. :laughing:

Strength in numbers helps to take down higher * titans. :wink:

Join us at Fusion Fighters. :slightly_smiling_face:

2020-05-16 Alliance banner
Right, back to my main presence here on the forums. Recruitment! :laughing:

What would a player need to know about us? :thinking:

Trophy requirements: 1600
Still not over 9000!

Tagline: Casually competitive
I think it’s fair to say we’re a group of committed players.
Life happens, of course. And in those situations communication is key. :wink:

Titans: Hit them!
Currently battling 10/11* titans.
We are capable of taking down an 11* rare with flasks.

War policy: optional
Use all flags if opted in.
Coordinated tanks.
Variation of the wave strategy.
We get cake after victory now. :grin:

War motto: Win if we can, lose if we must; but always kick 'em in the shin!
Wonder if anyone has noticed I only use this when we don’t use all flags and lost the war? :thinking:

Other things
Beware of the crazy Brit.
Liberal usage of pom-poms.
BYOPN = Bore Your Pants Off News
Bovril = Boril
Eurovision = 0 points

And finally… if you’ve managed to get through much of this recruitment thread you’ll know what sort of atmosphere to expect. :laughing:
Truthfully it’s a two-way process. Do we fit your needs? And do you fit our team and strategies?

Any questions just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey everyone. I’m looking around for a new alliance where the entire group is pretty much on the same page about strategy and participation. And where there’s cake. I’ve got 2600 trophies, 4000 TS, and am a daily player who likes to win but am not over the top competitive. Does it seem like I might be a good fit?

Bit slow to reply here! :laughing:

2020-05-23 War A
This was the most nerve wracking war in recent memory. :worried:

I spend as much time looking over the battlefield hoping my team mates get a good board to take down their opponent, which of our team is under attack and hoping their defence will hold the line, and number crunching to see where we are by comparison.

Since our expansion this is our highest points total. Yes, we set ourselves another new record. :slightly_smiling_face:
The difference in the end despite spending most of this war behind? Team work! :grinning:

So happy was I, I broke out the cake to celebrate. :laughing:
Thanks to our opponents for a memorable war. Well played.

Currently full at the moment, but check us out every now and then to see if a spot comes up. At the very least you’ll see me here boring the pants of people reading this thread in my attempts to recruit…

2020-05-29 banner
2020-05-29 leaderboard
So one of our own has flown the nest to brave the big wide world out there. :cry:
Good luck out there! :slightly_smiling_face:

So… back to recruitment! :laughing:

Things haven’t changed much here:

Hit the titan!
Still typically 10* with the occasional 11*.

Use all war flags if opted in.
Main difficulty for war is whether our strategy fits your time with the game.

Surprisingly we’re sneaking into the top 2000… :shushing_face:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for whacky alliance shenanigans. :grin:

2020-05-31 War A
:relieved: This was a close one. According to my records it’s our narrowest victory yet.

Respect to our opponents. Both sides fought to the end without a flag left unused.

As for recruitment… with that victory we’ve starting on a new war chest. :grin:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for (potential) cake and plenty of waving pom-poms! :laughing:

2020-06-01 Alliance banner
Tagline: Casually competitive
We know life happens. :slightly_smiling_face:
Let us know before or after the fact. :grin:
Seriously, with how things are in the world it helps to ease our concerns for your safety.
(And yes, that’s how my mind works…)

Titans: Hit them!
Mainly battling 10* titans.

War policy: optional
Use all flags if opted in.
Coordinated tanks.
Variation of the wave strategy. Time sensitive, so might not be for everyone.
We get cake after victory now. :grinning:

War motto: Win if we can, lose if we must; but always kick 'em in the shin!
Also many a pom-pom shake to encourage extra hard kicks to the shin! :laughing:

Any questions just ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

2020-06-03 Titan
Get the marshmallows, this titan’s nearly done! :grin:

Oddly we dropped down to a 9* titan for some reason. The titan level does seem a bit random at times.

For marshmallowy goodness (emoji pending) come join us at Fusion Fighters! :laughing:

2020-06-04 War A
We were so close to that fifth consecutive win. :sob:
Current alliance record is four consecutive wins, and I want to break that. :persevere:
I feel I could retire then. :laughing:

From my time in reading as much as I can here on the forums, I believe we hit a wall in the matchmaking algorithm once we get four consecutive wins. Plus the odd unlucky board puts individuals at a disadvantage and all those little things which factor into wins and losses.

Getting over 5000 points is still a good achievement. Something to aim for in terms of consistency.

Join us at Fusion Fighters for warring shenanigans! :grin:

I tried to make sure to hit the titan really hard afterwards…

2020-06-05 Titan
Is it fair to hit man shouts at cloud? :grin:

Oh, er… join us at Fusion Fighters for various titan whacking shenanigans.

2020-06-10 MV
Gee, golly gosh. What a game changing reward! :laughing:

Come join us at Fusion Fighters and share your Mystic Vision grumbles! :grin:
I’m still annoyed there’s a lack of feathers recently…

So in my continuing pursuit of a full 30 on 30 alliance war and the goal of five - count them - five consecutive wins, I’m back to recruiting! :laughing:
2020-06-12 Alliance banner
Anything particularly new to know? :thinking:

Well, I’m more aware of the ‘crash’ after a string of victories as the war matchmaking algorithm is effectively geared towards a 50/50 win rate. Even so, my records this year show we have been above a 50% win rate which isn’t too bad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also wary of how effective we are against titans due to changing membership. Currently battling a 10* so we’ll see how we’ll do. :thinking:

Join us at Fusion Fighters. Cake after war victories! :grin:


Have I mentioned that Line is so optional with us that even our leader, Erazer, doesn’t have it? :laughing:

Within 15 minutes of war starting I’ll have formed an opinion on our chances for victory after scouting our opponents.
With this war I had written off our chances of winning. Two particular factors:

  1. The health points of the teams.
  2. The Team Power rating of their teams.

Didn’t look good. :worried:

2020-06-14 War A
Then this happened.

I need to be wrong in these predictions more often. :laughing:

Come join us at Fusion Fighters to help us defy expectations. :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay, maybe it’s just my expectations which need to be defied. :laughing:

2020-06-18 Titan down
Woo! Time for a barbecue! :laughing:

Yep. Seems like we’re back to hitting 10* titans. :smile:
Join us at Fusion Fighters for titan whacking shenanigans. :grin:

Curses! My pursuit of the fabled five consecutive alliance war victories remains on hold. :angry:
Ah, well… win some, lose some. :laughing:

We describe ourselves as ‘casually competitive’. But what does this mean? Maybe I should check with Erazer at some point. :laughing:

I think the words ‘commitment’ and ‘effort’ summarises our position quite neatly. :slightly_smiling_face:
Sure, we lost our recent war. But we all gave it our best and used all our attacks/flags. We tried. Winning or losing is a by-product of this effort.

Woohoo! We won our mid-week war. The pursuit of that elusive five consecutive victories continues. With this first victory! :laughing:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for more hitting things shenanigans. :grin: