The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! 😁 [29/30]

So today the second Soul Exchange opened up. Has to be said that there were a lot of tempting heroes to trade in with my dupes. But… I had something even better than anything available in Soul Exchange putting everyone else to shame. Even you who’s reading this!

Indeed. I leveled up Horghall to 4/80 today.

See how jealous you are? The hero so powerful that SG thought was brilliantly balanced and shall never need a buff! Bow before their might! Even Aife shall tremble in her boots!

Careful now…

Down with this sort of thing? :thinking:

Come join us at Fusion Fighters to share your experiences! :grin:

:thinking: The algorithm for war matchmaking can be a bit annoying at times. There are quite a few mentions on the forum here about getting the alliance full to avoid algorithmic issues. I think there’s some truth to this, but it isn’t what seems to be implied: that war matchmaking issues arise because the alliance isn’t full.

I think the key is really participant stability. A full 30 should rarely be subject to the, theoretical, overlap between ‘participant leagues’ and the lower war score alliances of higher participant numbers and higher war score alliances of lower participant numbers.

So… with our recent retirements from the game it meant our war participation numbers have fluctuated. And blimey, it has meant we’ve been bouncing about a fair bit. I think we’re still trying to settle down to a rhythm as a result. Fingers crossed for stability soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, well… time to whack a titan. :laughing:

Consider joining us at… Fusion Fighters. :grin:


Our idiot of a leader is running out of topics to engage the recruitment forum for attention. Let’s see what he comes up with…

After much deliberation, and out of perceived necessity, I have started to track titan hits. :thinking: :laughing:

Er… join us at Fusion Fighters. :grin:

Right. I’ve been umming and ahhing about this for a while now. It might be time to bring someone in from out of the cold, so to speak.

We’re full.

No problem. I’ll just boot someone out to make space an–




I’m leader!


I get to do what I want!


But I–


You don’t let me do anything! :sob:

Leave him to it. We’re full at the moment, but check back every now and then to see if we have a spot.

After that rather sad display of a post–

It was blooming awful.

Oi… (Ahem) Anyways… so looking back it’s been over a year after Erazer accidentally overpromoted me. Been interesting, I guess. :laughing:

I’ve previously mentioned that had I known I would have done a runner. That remains true. But as I’ve been placed in this position the best way to handle it was keep calm and carry on, and not make any drastic changes.

I don’t think there’s much point in changing an established alliance with members who have been together for years. There’s an established culture and not all are conducive to drastic changes. Now, this doesn’t mean we (as an alliance) aren’t open to new ideas - it just means it would have to be something which the majority would accept as a natural thing to do. Evolution rather than revolution, as it were. :slightly_smiling_face:

People come and go. A few come back. Finding an alliance which fits isn’t always easy, and admittedly I’ve been lucky.

He’s going to forget we’ve got a free spot, isn’t he?

So… I’ve been sneaking about reading the occasional other thread on the Alliance Recruitment forums lately. There are mentions of alliances without spreadsheets. I feel slighted! :laughing:

Now, it’s no secret I do a bit of tracking via spreadsheets - I’ve even shared some of the data here on the forums to dispel certain misconceptions. After all, one can make a claim but how many back it up with evidence?

I do track war, and just recently started tracking titans. Initially I started to track war data in order to provide myself with data to work with to improve my performance (offensively and defensively). Then I ended up tracking the alliance’s because… why not? :laughing:

The war data is there for anyone to see, but how it is used… Ah… there’s the potential issue, right? While the data could be analysed in certain ways, the main one for improvement, it depends on how one wants to play. For someone who wants the information, then it could help perhaps even been welcomed. Some might not care. Then there are those who may find it demotivating.

I personally don’t like to use the data I gather in a ‘negative’ way. If it’s to shame anyone it’ll be me! :laughing:
The only ‘negative’ way in which it is used, depending on perspective, is to account for unused war flags. While we are fairly relaxed as an alliance, we aren’t completely without consequences. It’s how I know when to start a probation, demote or even kick someone.

What I do like to use and share with the alliance is personal high scores for wars, the team which conceded the fewest points per enemy attack, the Eurovisions handed out. I feel it’s more celebratory. There are other ways to analyse the data, but these are my personal favourite ones to track (and the spreadsheet handles the calculations).

But titan tracking is new. I’ve delayed this because there was no necessity to do so previously. The one scenario in which I imagined I would have to do so is if someone joins but doesn’t participate in war. Why? Because war is what I use to promote new members to Elder status. So if they don’t participate in war I have no established mechanism for me to track for their promotion. And such a situation is now reality! :laughing:
It seemed unfair to me to leave a potentially long term member with no path of promotion.

Yes, promotion is arbitrary. I like to keep things consistent once I’ve established something. It creates a known certainty for the alliance, I like to think. Even then it takes a good four weeks here… Perhaps overly long for some players, but I personally don’t place too much stock on status.

And all this is spreadsheet reliant! I needs me spreadsheet to help me ‘run’ the alliance. :laughing:

Additionally, with POV now running for 28 days and back to back I’m using a spreadsheet to try and keep those going for the titan POV challenge on track. It helps knowing how many titans we need, how many days we have left and how many titans we would normally have to skip to help everyone complete it. Again, spreadsheet work!

So yeah. I use spreadsheets for the alliance. Hopefully in a positive and non-scary manner. :grin:

I can’t believe he waffled so much in a recruitment thread about spreadsheets… :man_facepalming:

Time for another waffle session!

You’ve work to do. No waffle.

But –


Aw… :slightly_frowning_face:
Well, we’re Fusion Fighters. That’s us. :point_down:
2022-07-13 Banner

And we’re still a top 10,000 alliance! :grin:
2022-07-13 Alliance pos

What would you need to know? :thinking:

Activity levels
Our main requirements are pretty standard: hit titan, war is optional (all flags if in).
We’re mostly daily players taking a real life first approach. :slightly_smiling_face:
No requirements for Alliance Quests (i.e. Clash of Knights and Mythic Titans), so participate if you feel like it.

A long term member is taking a break from the game, so we’re evaluating our current strength. I believe our comfort zone is 10*. Come prove me wrong! :laughing:
Currently titan tracking for POV and promotion purposes.

We coordinate tanks, currently purple, and follow a wave strategy.
I’m not super strict on the wave strategy, as real life circumstances may change the time one plays. Most importantly is not let the side down and use your flags intelligently. :slightly_smiling_face:

War behaviour policy in effect!

Player is placed on ‘probation’ when war flags are missed.
A one war probation period for missing flags of a winning war.
A two war probation period for missing flags of a losing war.
If flags are missed during probation, then demotion.
If probation is passed with no incident then all is well.
If two wars with no flags used, then automatic boot. (Unless exceptional circumstances.)

Other stuff
Pom-poms are motivational devices.
BYOPN = Bore Your Pants Off News
Eurovision = 0 points (named after the UK’s poor performances)

And finally…
Joining a new alliance is a two-way process for you and us. Hopefully we’ll complement each other. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m pondering joining, play every day level 73, do war but am in a timezone where it may make it difficult to co-ordinate (Australian) do I just request in app or do you need more info?
edit in-game name is chogobad

Can just join. :slightly_smiling_face:
Currently an open alliance; no need for ‘invite’.

Thanks I will finish the war I am in and join once my flags are used, assuming there is still a vacancy.

Cool. Hope to see you soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

2022-07-22 War result
Flags: All used.
Score: says it all. :scream::relieved:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for tight war shenanigans.
Hopefully won’t happen too often as I’m not sure how my heart will hold up! :laughing:

You know, it occurs to me at times that when we hit titans they are hit hard. Especially at 10*. And yes, still in the evaluation phase of our strength. :laughing:

It does worry me sometimes as it could get us into trouble with various organisations like People for the Ethical Treatment of Titans, the Royal Society for the Protection of Titans, and perhaps the Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Titans.

Help us scientifically research titans’ pain thresholds. We don’t thrash titans to within an inch of their life. We just–

Shush! :shushing_face: You want to get us in trouble?!

Er… we treat titans very humanely here. Nothing to see, move along. But, er… do consider joining us at Fusion Fighters for–

Titan research.

That’s it, titan research.

New idea for war defence. After having the fortune of pulling Dawa, I am putting forth that we should have all Dawa tanks!


But Dawa is so easily available, unlike someone like Xnolphod. I hear some alliances have the tentacle bearded one as a necessity.


I really do think it should be considered. It’ll certainly throw our opponents off!

Hm… no.



You don’t let me do anything! :sob:

Ignore our idiot of a leader. Join us at Fusion Fighters. No Dawa tanks.