The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! [27/30]


:sob: And thus endeth my dream of five consecutive war wins.
There’s always next time! :persevere:

Right, better take it out on that titan I saw. :eye: :eye:
Um… what’s a kraken doing in a mountain range? :thinking:
Surely it requires aid rather than being pummeled?

To ponder such philosophical questions consider us at Fusion Fighters! :grin:

I’m starting to wonder if that kraken fled to the mountains to escape from the incoming mythic titan…:thinking:

Come ponder with us at Fusion Fighters! :grin:

Don’t know who else but I have a habit of leveling up pretty much all unique heroes (eventually) even if they end up being benchwarmers most of the time.
So who on your bench did you give the job to move all that snow through the stronghold? :thinking: :laughing:

Ponder some more with us at… Fusion Fighters!

Fancy a change for the new year? (Yeah, I’ve got nowt left in ideas. :laughing:)
Join us at Fusion Fighters! :slightly_smiling_face:

Having spent over a year on the forum for recruitment purposes it occurs to me we’re starting off 2021 with more members than we did at the start of 2020. Success! :laughing:

Come check in on us at Fusion Fighters. :grin:

And crashed out of tourney having gone up one too many Sudri tanks! :laughing:

What are your tournament woes (or achievements)? Come share with us (or not) at Fusion Fighters! :grin:

Atlantis Rises!

Right, who else is leveling up during these? :laughing:

Join us at Fusion Fighters and we can level up together. Sometimes. :grin:

Wasn’t a great start for our war campaign this year. And we finally got our first win of 2021! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Quite a few of us managed to hit a rich vein of form too.:slightly_smiling_face:

I did think we were going to lose when I was informed I was top scorer. :laughing:
More seriously, joint top scorers is a rare thing. And my team mates hit good form in this one.
I was disappointed with the failed tank busts when they 1-shot their opponents. “You were only supposed to blow the [swearing censored] doors off!”

Join us at Fusion Fighters for warring shenanigans! :grinning:

By the way, we hit titans too. :grin:

Join us at Fusion Fighters for hitting titans shenanigans!

Huzzah! Another war under the belt making it two wins on the trot. :smiley:

Interesting alliance defence which I don’t recall coming across before: purple tank flanked by yellows. Essentially it’s flanking the tank with the tank’s strong colour. Wonder if it’s worth trying out ourselves. :thinking:

We’re still running green tanks, but have a review every now and then. Tank colour is chosen by alliance consensus. Coordinated tanks is an alliance tactic after all, so while some may not be as strong in the chosen colour it should work out in the long term. Wonder what colour the next review will be…

Join us at Fusion Fighters to ponder the colours of the rainbow. Or something… :laughing:

Time for one of those updates! Who are we?
And even with alliance members coming and going we’re still a top 10,000 alliance!
What do we do?

  • Hit titans on a daily basis, unless designated a skip.
  • Participate in war, if you want to.
    ** Coordinated war tanks.
    ** Time sensitive strategy.
  • Shake pom-poms.
  • Have Line. Which Erazer can’t use so it’s somewhat superfluous…

Come check us out. :slightly_smiling_face:

There goes one of my oldest team mates onto pastures new. :cry:
Always sad to see someone leave, but it also means there’s the possibility of someone new joining. And that could be you! Yes, you.

Check us out at Fusion Fighters.

(Hm… what can I write about? :thinking:
May as well stick with what I know…)

Stonking good war. All flags used by both alliances, and it was a very nervy affair towards the last two hours. As mentioned somewhere way above I war watch…

It’s times like this which pulls the alliance together as we try to pummel the titan or try and get those last few points needed to win a war. Good times. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sound like something which suits you? Check us out at… Fusion Fighters! :grin:

Masquerade is up, so time to try and get enough keys to make some costume pulls and hope for the best! :slightly_smiling_face:

Come share your (mis)fortune with us at… Fusion Fighters! :grin:

Have I mentioned that we’re charging at 10* titans recently? No? Er… we’re currently hitting 10* titans. :grin:

Hit 10* titans with us at… Fusion Fighters!

There goes our consecutive win streak for war. :sob:
Mind you, being the alliance top scorer did give me an inkling we would lose… :laughing:

Come join us for my continuing efforts to achieve the elusive five consecutive war wins record at… Fusion Fighters! :grin:

That just sounds a touch selfish…


(What can I waffle about to bump this thread up to the top of the board without it being too obvious as to what I’m doing? :thinking:
Aha! :grin:)

One thing which gets overlooked, certainly from me despite the occasional mention, is the leadership of the alliance. To make a sporting analogy I think a good leader is like a good referee; they let the game flow and you don’t notice them. :laughing:

I think this is a fair way to describe Erazer’s leadership of the alliance. :slightly_smiling_face:

Come join us at… Fusion Fighters!

Woohoo! Back to winning ways! :grinning:
That was a humdinger of a weekend war as it got really close towards the end.

It has been quite a while since I had to leg it like a coward to avoid a tank being possibly revived. :laughing:

Do you run like a coward to avoid Eurovisions?
Come join us at… Fusion Fighters! :grin:

I managed a new record today. :slightly_smiling_face:

I lost 364 trophies over dinner! :laughing:

Come share your raiding adventures with us at… Fusion Fighters. :grin:

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