The Fusion Fighters recruitment thread! 😁 [26/30]

Just popping in to say that you have a great recruiting thread here @ThePhilosopher ! If I weren’t happily homed already I would probably come for a visit. It sounds like you have a fun group and you run at about the right speed for me.


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One of our own has left for pastures new. :cry:
Good luck out there. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guess it’s time for one of those posts again.

Uh-oh. Prepare dinner, people. This could be a long one.

This be us! :point_down:
2023-11-26 Alliance banner
And we are still in the top 10,000! :grin:
2023-11-26 Ranking

Tagline: Casually competitive
Life first approach, but not without consequence for war.
Life is complicated, no-one really needs a game to add more pressure.
Play smart, play well, play together.

Titans: New approach in operation.
11*: Kill.
12*: Evaluate at 11 hour mark.
13*: Skip.
Rares: Kill.

War participation: optional
All flags if in. Miss flags and it’s Kale Korner! :laughing:
Coordinated tanks voted for by the team. Currently green.
Non-stringent wave strategy - this allows team mates to hit earlier if need be. But do so intelligently.

Kale Korner
Player with missed war flag is observed.
Miss war flag in next participated war means demotion. So for goodness sake, earn Elder status to avoid a booting.

Alliance Quests, Mythic Titans, Monster Island participation: optional
Do it for the loot! :grin:
And me wanty Monster Island! :sob:

Other stuff
Pom-poms are to motivate. :pom-pom: :pompom: :pompomshake:
BYOPN = Bore Your Pants Off News
Eurovision = 0 points (we prefer to hand out Eurovisions rather than receive them)

And finally

About blooming time.

Oii ~
If that sounds like your thing, come check us out at Fusion Fighters. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m two alliance war wins away from retirement. :smiley:

Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard this story before. You feel you can retire when you get five consecutive war wins. :roll_eyes:


And the same thing’ll happen again. You win four. Then get walloped in the fifth which sends you back to the start. :rofl:

That is true… :slightly_frowning_face:
So join us at Fusion Fighters to aid my retirement efforts! :grin:

I gaze upon the battlefield. And it seems our idiot leader is the weakest on our side.

My retirement dream! :sob:

Wonder if it’s possible to get a better model for our leader. :thinking:

:astonished: But… but… that’ll be… mutiny! :scream:

He’s starting to learn. Join us at Fusion Fighters. :grin:

Nooooo! :fearful:
Well, do join us. Just don’t mutiny…
Please… :pleading_face: