The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Ten months ago a group of non-crack induced mobile game players were given a sneak peek of an upcoming F2P-friendly game feature they didn’t see. These players promptly escaped from the drumming of a series of hero chasing and paywall driven features back to their every day lives. Today, still wanted by the game company, they survive as soldiers of free play. If you have a complaint about paywall, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can join the Vanilla Milkshake Rebels.


Just a thought there @Shohoku79, but i totally love the way you put it in the A-Team style of taking at the end of the movie. :slight_smile:


Edited for conformity and nod to leader @Elpis and officer @FrenziedEye


C2P but wanting to join up.

Been playing since near the very beginning (with the first HOTM and the first monthly event rollout) and I have managed to stay very competitive with C2P.

I THINK costumes and Valor are likely to change that. Alchemy Lab is worthless for F2P/C2P - the gems are too precious to waste, er, use there.

I am waiting to see how Valor and costumes actually work out, but that may be the end of my playing this game in competitive/top 100 ish alliance, and maybe quitting altogether.


record scratching
F**k the Paywall … coming straight from the internet …

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Costumes - to me - seems more than Valor to be at risk of arriving DoA

They seem to have consolidated everything that’s an issue and tried to make it work under a single banner — producing a complex mishmash that papers over the base issue

Valor — meh — depends what the difference in loot is - more and faster is fine, it’s exclusive that is the issue.

The balance needs to remain you can buy time - not power

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He is schizophrenic a bit anyway…so I 'll be the crazy personality and you are the brilliant pilot?


“The only way to beat heat seekers chaps, is we go cold” mission accepted. :slight_smile:


quick question dear bard, is this your idea for the card? if so, i’ll add it to the poll

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Hmmm, no, just responding to the direction of the conversation :upside_down_face:


ok, so the previous poll, was to rule out pictures, and to get ppl’s interest peeked. i am taking all of the pictures provided by other ppl, and the others, and stick it in 1 poll. so we’ll get a better reading of what to put. bear with me please. :slight_smile:

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.jkljiler
Exhibit C.
Exhibit D. PNG
Exhibit E.
Exhibit F.expendables2
Exhibit G.
Exhibit H. 1fdd87a9e136ba7ab77ba135ca3ceef00b813079

  • Exhibit A.
  • Exhibit B.
  • Exhibit C.
  • Exhibit D.
  • Exhibit E.
  • Exhibit F.
  • Exhibit G.
  • Exhibit H.

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This poll will close in 1 week. :slight_smile:

@Witch, @Elpis, @JonahTheBard, @Sorsha, @Joyful818, @NPNKY, @Stugots, @Gryphonknight, @Shohoku79

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@nevarmaor, @King_Kyree77, @Wolf9, @Ian487, @princess1, @Noble_Weasel, @Richter, @Oriontron

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My votes have been cast!

yes, i remember. A, C, and E?

Wherever a woman is included, plus teletubbies of course :grin:

only 2 votes are aloud in the poll. :smile:

Where is the poll?

Edit: found it and I voted.

20 useless characters…

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I am allowed 2 votes? I voted for 1 & it won’t let me vote again…

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Click hide results, and you can tick one more box and vote again.

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As I’ve mentioned previously, I never read instructions :grin:

Guess I’d better re-vote!

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