The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

When I was approximately where you are, I faced a team of 5 Thornes. The tank was fully ascended - this was before emblems - and the other four were at 1^1. This was before I knew about stacking, and I got walloped. It happens.

I would love to have Mist. I do have a Brynhild +19, and she is great!

Can confirm. Brynhild is still my everyday raid tank, and she keeps me in diamond overnight about 75% of the time.

I wouldn’t. I’ve gotten an unusually high number of ETT drops since the last time I did troop pulls (late December), but I have 18 in inventory right now. Anything that common (relatively speaking) isn’t worth spending the gems on. You may get the mana troops, but it still takes forever to level them.

100% agree. Last time I did troop pulls was December Ninja Tower. I think I only had 12 or so ETTs, but I landed yellow ninja troops. That’s the only place you can get them, and there is no advantage to pulling at any other time.

Yep. Playing since September 2018 - still no yellow mana troop. I’ve got crit in yellow and at least one crit and mana in every other color.

Morning, folks. I’ve been thinking about the upcoming Villains event. After my third straight time of saving challenge coins for the Guardians event and finally pulling Falcon (but not Jackal), I had resolved to hold them for Grimforest instead to make a run at Hansel and Gretel, or at least Pixie. Goodness knows I don’t need another Guardian Bat! But now the Villains event is in the rotation, and there was some kind of clown-themed something in the 2021 preview that I’m assuming is another new challenge event. So now I’m wondering a) will the heroes in these events be better to pull for? and b) when will Grimforest even come around again? (Rhetorical questions, obviously, as SGG hasn’t given us much insight.)

Not sure what to do with my challenge coins now. I could give a flying flip about the new heroes’ bonuses within the events; I’m never hitting a high prize tier anyway. I want everyday useful heroes. Do the Villains look good enough to you to justify pulling for them later this week, or are you going to be content to hold your coins for a while until we see how this is all going to shake out? For those who have them, are Hansel, Gretel, and Pixie still on a comparable level of usefulness as what was seen from the villains in beta?

I beat monocolor defenses with power 500-800 higher than my team by colorstacking. Even weaklings like Graymane helped achieve many such victories. Even if I can’t do it on the first match, I usually do it on the rematch - and it’s nowhere near everytime a diamond of the color I stacked. This defense, however, was something different entirely. Probably if I had a team of stacked 4* yellows it would be a different story. Or Rigard.

I personally found out about the benefits color stacking from the Path of Valor 6 quests.

I don’t have the feeders nor the barrack levels to level a mana troop beyond lvl 2 currently. I only today hit lvl 20 Stronghold, after less than 4 months of play. I was hoping to rely on emblem mana bonus + costume bonus + mana troop bonus to make an average hero faster. Like cIsshtak for example. But thanks for the advice, I will also hoard ETTs from now on, although it seems to me that the chance of getting a mana troop in particular doesn’t improve during the ninja event sadly. But I guess that the overall % of a 4* troop is increased, which would allow me to have more 4* troops for future Hero Academy lvl 9 retraining…

Beta is one thing, official release is another. And then there’s the issue of immediate nerfs if those heroes tend to be OP. Another question is how many of them are 5*. Because as you know it’s pretty easy to pull a 4* challenge event hero via coins, but a 5* is a totally different story. I personally am hoarding these challenge coins for the Guardians event in hopes of getting a Falcon or Jackal - both very nice 4* heroes.

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Oh, definitely. I almost exclusively make my decisions based on the available three- and four-stars. The fives are almost always desirable, regardless of event.

Yes, I chased them for three straight Guardians events before finally landing Falcon this last time. It isn’t worth it to continue to chase Jackal with such high odds of getting duplicates, so I’m looking to move on to another challenge event with my coins. Until you have one or both, though, that’s a great place for F2P to use coins.

Well, it depends on your roster and competitiveness for challenge events. I looked at the 4* and 3* Villans heroes. The 4* look potentially useful for raid tournaments, but not game changers imo.

I only have Hansel, and due to lack of non-S1 5* green, he is a staple on my blue titan team. Having written that, once I got Proteus, Proteus became my go-to for mana control.

Fwiw, I finally got my one and only Jackal on my fourth consecutive Guardians event (fourth focued set of tries). I’ve never tried for a second Hansel, but I tried for a second Jackal last time. Why? For challenge events and titans.

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Yes…3* and 5* are good…the 4* blue healer is meh…I guess.

Always same order / rotation of events. But don’t know either.

I will spend. I saved for guardians 2x in 2020…with some gems it were almost 30 pulls…no Jackal no Falcon.

Have only Pixie & Merlin. I only bring them out for rush tourneys in their according star level. There they shine. Otherwise I don’t barely use them. Hansel is best as he’s only fast mana…this means he is staple in bloody battle,too. Nice class…as cleric he might resist his own effect. This is why he’s excellent on defense in 4* Bloody.

The beta-players in my alliance state it a ‘yes’…but still some of them only stick to free pulls.

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I am pretty sure this is why SG put them up.

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It’s really sad that this challenge event doesn’t have a World Energy 1 cost stage…

Yes, but with the addition of new events (Villains and possibly others) I’m wondering if the rotation will hold up. Also, Villains is being added right after Pirates (iirc), meaning two reflect purple events in a row. So I’m not sure what to expect next month or going forward.

Agree about the class. With Viv at +18, I’ve started to emblem out Hawkmoon after drawing her costume. Not sure what to do with cleric emblems after that, so Hansel would be a great add.

Yes that is really a good goal but I would think it is too early. Better to have a big roster first…then finetune it. Currently you would really benefit more from maxing a second hero of the same color than upgrading the first a bit. Levelelling troops is the most ham-consuming project in the game.

By the way…with Costume bonus + Emblem bonus you only need mana troop lvl 1 to make an average hero go down to 9 tiles. Does not work for fast or slow.

Idk if you have his costume, but 100% C-Rigard if you do!!

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Oh, no question. My Rigard has been +20 for ages, even before netting his costume.

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Give it to me…pulled Grimble, Ariel and Reuben…all within 40 days. :rofl:

Reuben 2.50



Elkanen will be in trouble…might loose his emblems :face_vomiting:

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Well, depending on your playstyle, a second emblemed C-Rigard is nice.

I may emblem C-Rigard #5! I have 6 C-Rigards for war, one for every war team.

You can read in the Beta Beat thread V35. …I think it was as usual 2x 3*, 2x 4* and 4 or 5x 5*.

NIIIIIIICE! Especially Ariel. Congrats.

Elk continues to elude me as the last S1 legendary I don’t have.

I was planning this at one time. I have a second Rigard at 3^60, and I recently fed away a third one that was at 3^16. I needed the roster space, and I do have other purple options for leveling at the moment (Oberon with costume, Fura, Stonecleave, Obakan, and Quintus if I give him tabards). I value variety, so all of these are ahead of a duplicate Rigard, even if they probably aren’t as useful.

I have the same attitude as you…but Rigard is really outstanding. I don’t know the level of war opponents you are facing…but leveling that second Rigard to have one more cleanser (only had 2× SonyaC, 1x Rigard before) was really neccessary for wars now with him and Ariel I have at least 5.
You probably should consider him.


Nooo! I’d have bought more roster slots, or eaten a maxed 3* instead of a partially levelled Rigard. :sweat_smile:

Nice that you have some 5* dark options for levelling there. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Did it for Rush wars and since I had 1000+ emblems…got him to +14 recently…well Ametrine +18 hits equally hard…sad to say but he sux…if I had the costume it would be ok.

It’s true that cleansing is huge in a variety of contexts. I currently have C. Rigard +20, C. Sonya +20, C. Sonya 4^70, Vivica +18, and Raff 3^70 for cleansing. It’s usually, but not always, enough. Still holding out for a C. Caedmon. Fast cleanse is awesome.

If it had been my second, I would have spared him, but for a third, it didn’t make sense for me right now.

Not great ones, but options, nonetheless. I was excited about leveling and embleming Quintus, but since Christmas, sorcerer emblems have been property of Krampus until further notice. I could actually do Obakan next, as I’m down to just Azlar in the barbarian class. The last legendary purple I maxed was Zulag, and she’s mostly been a disappointment so far.

:frowning_face: I guess I can feel better knowing that, since I put him on hold for Zulag, he might not have been any better.

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