The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Your own alliance? :rofl:

Yep, and it’s reliable too. It’s nice to always have the top loot in Alliance wars or from Titans, no matter if they’re smaller than the average titan. Heck, I even get 3* unfarmable mats when I lose an Alliance war because I’m the top performing attacker from my alliance :rofl:

The advantage of the solo alliance lies in the solo wars. The disadvantage is obvious - you have to spend several hours if you want to kill a titan unless you want to kill 2* with no profit. So far my estimates are: 2 hours per 4*, 3 hours per 5*. Working on that to decrease that time. It really turns into a job already.

Update yellow titan team: Joon replaced Leo…getting better scores…poor Leo


Big day going at Casa del Weasel. Thought I’d share. First, I finally got Krampus to 3^70, where some tasty scopes were waiting for him. My tank of the future is on the home stretch. How’s yours coming, @akionna ? Mine just delivered a couple of 80K hits on a red titan, so I’m already loving him.

Then, a top 1% in this weeks alliance war netted me my sixth set of darts (at 2% odds!) Justice and her costume are now ready to ascend. Given that my Chao costume is at 3^50-something, I guess I should finish him first, but knowing that I don’t have to wait another month for Shiloh now is making me pretty happy. Hu Tao is sad to know that it will be forever before I level his costume now, though. I told him to perk up; think about how long Kailani and Dawa have to wait now!

Also, my nephew seems to have come out of E&P retirement, so we’ve killed 3 out of our last 4 3-star titans. I hope he’s back for good; my alliance was getting kind of lonely.

Hope you dudes and dudettes are having an excellent morning (or evening, as the case may be where you are) as well. Just wanted to share my joy!


What is this you speak of!!’

Truthfully Cyprian and his costume are probably more usable unless you already has a specific use in mind. This is coming from someone who has Fura at +20. Aside from healer heavy teams you undoubtedly have better options already on a roster like yours.

I enjoy his costume. It gets dumped on for the lower %, but the full coverage is great. Am I saying it is outright better than base, no. I am saying it is plenty viable and usable in spite of what forum threads say. Charging faster with full coverage means it’s almost always ups.

Given he becomes a paladin he survives even better so you don’t need to waste emblems in him either IMO for him to do his purpose. I know he will reflect less damage, but his job is to make everyone else reflect not just take hits himself.

I like my Leo and have high hopes. When Ranvir is done (currently 55/70 ish) Wu Kong gets reset. My +18 Joon will go to +20 and the balance I will stack on Leo. I wasn’t expecting much when I leveled him but he has been a surprise. Turned me into a fan.

Especially for vanilla mana control standards, 40% is a big, actually meaningful, cut. :+1:

That’s great! I love my Justice, but I do not have the costume. Depending on your play style she will be very helpful.

Mine is maxed +1 and I am testing him out in S3 normal. I have been doing side by side comparisons of him and Gretel. More data needed but I will put something up soon with screen shots when it is done. If you like Gretel though and only have 4* vanilla mana control it is a huge improvement.

I would be in an alliance with you. IIRC you fight smaller titans. I would be very curious to see what I can do to a 3* purple or something.



Hu? My goal is to max at least one copy of every 4* and 3* hero I get. So even I don’t have a special plan for Fura I kinda like her. This is how I like to play the game.

You really don’t know this channel? The player calls himself Jeckyl&Hide and is also available at the forum.

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Fair enough, I do the same thing. Eventually one of every unique hero I get will be maxed.

I was just referring to how she plays. A little disappointing, but I think my expectations were too high. Everyone was saying how great S3 is. Then I pull as my first non-3* S3 hero. She is probably below average of the S3 4* bunch beyond a few unique situations.

Good luck with her though! I tried to get dialogue on her going in her hero thread. Not much luck/interest. I think other people got the better 4’d so Fura went to the back burner and everyone talked about how great Mist, Brynhild, Guillinbursti, etc. are.

Aesthetically she looks great.



Done, here:



Fwiw, Fura came in handy for the 4* only challenge for Trials. :sweat_smile:

Other than that… I had some trouble against her in a 4* raid tournament, so she may have a niche there? I’m blessed with dark 5* so I don’t use 4* dark often, besides C-Rigard. :shushing_face:


I in no means meant to say she is useless. When you get her hoping for Guillinbursti caliber or something you’ll be disappointed. I would call her on par with an above average S1 or maybe average to above average S2. Plenty viable and excels in a small niche.

I brought her on a raid where someone had 3 healers in their D. She worked great … that’s also an uncommon set up. Her A value is through the roof on titans (840-something I think at +20 full attack).



So there’s her niche. Fura can be used on titans, if you can spare emblems, for tile damage. :+1:

I might give her some emblems for Mythic Titan. :rofl:

Yeah … I literally have no wizards to emblem @SamMe Once I do though she is reset in a heart beat, hate to say it.

Found a solution to my issue on province 23 in S3 with mobs hurting me when they die. This team crushed it:

Double healer. One boosts D and the other overheals. Two mana controllers and a damage reducer. I hope it works on hard …



i’m sure that will work on hard! winning combo right there.

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I already joined FTP since 1 week. Cheers


Welcome @masoodjann .


I recently was crushed in raid defense by a team of five ascended Furas 3 times in a row. I thought it would be a breeze with four yellow heroes, but it wasn’t. Probably my yellows weren’t strong enough, being primarily Banes.

I accidentally have Mist and Brynhild on side accounts (christmas gifts special), and although I cannot ascend them beyond 3/60 currently, I find them underwhelming for map stages/quest stages and especially they’re bad vs titans. Frankly I’m better of with Bane and Brienne rather than these two valkyries. I get it that on higher raids they seem to be very useful, especially Mist.

Edit: Guys, what do you think about a 10* pull from the Epic Troop Summon? Seems like I really would need those mana troops for costumed heroes. Do you think it’s worth it?

welcome! :slight_smile: 20 welcomes

They are really good…once you have them maxed. They are much better against other heroes than monsters (raids, wars, Ninja tower, challenge events, class trials)…as their effects influence mana and work against skills of other heroes. Mists direct damage is quite low…but she is a great support hero. Both are A rated. Brynhild (fully emblemed) can even surprise as a tank in 5* heroes wars.

Not sure if I would advise this or not. I have never done a 10-troop pull myself. You are about to expect 1 4* troop in each 10 pull…however there is still a 35% chance to get none.

I think at your stage heroes matter a bit more. I would say max 2-3 4* heroes per color. At the point you reach 12-15 maxed 4* heroes with say at least 2 different healers your possibilities will really really grow…like finishing challenge events epic.

If you are asking to do a 10 pull in troops I would still say no.

Some advise concerning troops:

Don’t level 3* troops beyond lvl 10. 3* level 11 equals 4* troop lvl 1 in terms of strength bonus. I keep 5x 3* troops per color for tourneys…even unleveled.

If you are still missing mana troops later in the game don’t level your crit troops too high (10~12 shall be enough). Better save your feeders then for future mana troops.

Can’t remember when I got my first 4* troop. Had red, purple and blue earlier. After 14 months of playing I got a first green 4* troop (critical). At this point I was still missing 2 types (mana green, mana yellow). It took me another 5 months (19 months total) to get them both. (April 2020). So be patient.

There is a f2p player in my alliance who is (sadly) still missing a purple mana troop even after 27 months of daily play. You simply can’t force it.

Right now I have at least 3x mana troops and 2x crit troops in each color (already fed some blues, reds and purples away)…except yellow. I only have 1x yellow mana troop (6x crit troop though). That is why I will start researching HA 9 (troop retraining chance 1/9 = 11.1%) in 2 days from now to get 2 more yellow mana troops. Once I got them I will be fully covered for the rest of the game.

Now you may ask where do I get so many troop tokens? Biggest source: tourneys. At around October 2019 I started to pay 75 gems every week for rebuy. Going up from top 5% to top 1% really increased the chances to get a troop token. So consider this as doing a troop pull for only 75 gems instead of 200.

75 gems per week can be perfectly accumulated for free. I started doing this after around a year of play with like 20x 4* heroes and 30~40x 3* heroes maxed…and just finishing my first rainbow 5* set…so I really had enough choice in roster for reaching top 1% (or top 5%) every week…at least in 3* or 4* tourneys.

Where to spend your troop tokens? Easy

Ninja troop summons chance on 4*: 15%
Otherwise chance on 4*: 10%

So I will never ever do a troop pull outside ninja troop summons again.
(Within 2 months I can collect 17~25 ETT’s).

Oops…wall of text.


Thanks for the advice. I will definitely save my future ETT then for the Ninja tower event.

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That is an interesting D choice. Especially if there is no D dropper or A booster. She doesn’t pack a huge punch, but if stacked her health reduction is a problem x5. She also isn’t particularly durable.

Maybe next time try a neutral color. Yellow is strong against her but she’s also strong to you. That plays to their advantage to enhance their lower damage. Just a thought, depends on your roster.

I am going on 3 years. I finally have a 4* in every color but am still missing a mana troop in red. Some colors I have 5 mana troops. RNG and all :man_shrugging:


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