The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I have used him a little. Certainly more testing needed, but he typically charges to fire before the effects from his first fire wears off. He is vanilla and when compared to other 4* vanilla mana controls is greatly better than any alternative.


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I’ve generally thought it’s best not to use gems on costume chamber. I normally get about five pills a month from all of the keys and with it having the smallest set of heroes available, I figure it’s easiest for me to eventually get all of the 3 and 4 star costumes for free.

That’s a very good example of why you should not go for the TC13 training option and opt for TC 20 instead. I get it that it’s a bit slower, but from my experiences so far it’s not that much slower with 2 builders and a bit of careful planning ahead. Plus there are enough starting free pulls from various portals so I have enough to train as it is - don’t need more S1 3* currently and that’s what I will be getting from a TC13. Of course, that may as well not be true for a player without the free VIP pass since quite a few of my 3* heroes came out of the 2*free daily VIP pulls from the regular portal.

As for the 10* pull from a portal, thank you all for the input, I decided to postpone it for now and work with the heroes I currently have. I’m only lacking on the purple bench currently so my purple feeders go to Chao. Today will probably amass enough Atlantis Coins for another free pull…those come pretty fast for me on this AR, so hopefully a nice purple hero will pop out this time. If not, well, no problem.

Sorry for the double post but I have another question :slight_smile: Sonya or Cyprian - who to emblem? Or wait and preserve those paladin emblems for someone more worthy?

Edit: Neither has a costume yet.

I did Sonya…but also got her costume very early. Think she is still worthy. Dispellers are good. Sonya was my first +20 4* hero.

I would emblem 1 or 2 4* heroes in each class (not neccessarily +20 just +12 or +15 might be enough) before embleming 5*. I meet many players “I only emblem my 5* heroes.” The emblem cost is drastically increased. For fully embleming one 5* you can do 3 4* instead. Though I have around 20x maxed 5* I need to rely on emblemed 4* heroes for war…getting them to +20 they basically become a 5*.

I leveled Cyprian very late…only for completion. I would never emblem him…though even he was the only new 4* costume I got last costume chamber (26 pulls) :rofl: RNG likes to mock us.

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So we don’t agree on that point. The mana and stat bonus you get out of the costume is so worthy. For costumed average heroes the mana troop needed to go down from 10 to 9 tiles is reduced from lvl 23 to lvl 5. This is huge. I am playing over 2 years daily. I still haven’t reached a mana troop lvl 23 yet but have several lvl 5+ (blue 3x, red 2x, green 2x, purple 2x, yellow 1x)

And doing a 10 pull might give better shots of beeing lucky and getting a 5* costume. (Though I got all my 5* costumes from single coin pulls…never from a 10 pull :rofl: )

Yes it’s possible…but will take a long time. Finished every costume chamber since the first in November 2019, did 2x additional 10 pulls, some single gem pulls so probably 60 or 70 pulls in total…and even before last costume chamber I had less than half of the 4* costumes. So it might take long…

From the first set I am still missing: Rigard, LiXiu, Boldtusk.

From the second set I am still missing: Tiburtus, Caedmon

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Well I don’t know your whole roster. Sonya and her fast dispel is useful no doubt (@Noble_Weasel has a crush on her :heart_eyes_cat:). That being said I got Cyprian very early and he spent over a year with me being emblemed … probably close to two.

Having Cyprian helps so much in provinces and quests and events when swinging above your belt and mixing in 3’s. For game advancement in that regard Cyprian is better and will help the whole team, but you will outgrow him. Sonya is useful but on a more individual or focused basis of dispel, which other heroes have too, but will stay useful longer into your game.

Maybe start Cyprian and then reset and move to Sonya, or whomever you summon later, when the time comes?



I agree with that. I emblemed my Cyprian only because our alliance had purple tanks. Now I don’t regret it. Cyprian and Boril help me so much with Atlantis stages on hard difficulty. I don’t have any legendary hero maxed, so double riposter team helps me to survive long enough and bosses in most stages attack all heroes and they kill themselves. Double riposter team also helped me many times to finish the last stage of rare quests (with 4* ascension materials) and events. :+1:

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Like @Vikingblood80, I got Cyprian late in the game. Sonya I use all the time. Cyprian? Maybe once.

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Not surprisingly, I’m going with Sonya. Like @Vikingblood80 , I got her costume early, so that’s part of it, but she’s also fast mana, a dispeller, and has very good defensive stats, so she can hang around for a while. Once upon a time, I also had Cyprian emblemed up to about +18… and I reset him… for Thorne. Now, I had a plan for Thorne, and I still use him a lot, but the fact that I found the most dumped-upon classic legendary to be more useful than Cyprian should tell you something. Admittedly, I got Cyprian late, but he and Boril basically never get off my bench these days, while Sonya has yet to miss a war - like, ever.

At least she has the decency to fully cover up in plate mail armor, not like that tramp Elena! :laughing:

Although I did get my one five-star costume (Justice) on a ten-pull, this is an important point. Even five-star classics aren’t really five-stars anymore without the costume bonus. I still hope to pull some more five-star costumes soon as a way to upgrade my roster.

Agree. I had been hoarding everything and did over 50 pulls last month. Still missing Li Xiu, Caedmon, LJ, Kelile, Scarlett, Boril, and Wu Kong. Several of those are ones I really want.

In this week raid tournament (fast tournament) Cyprian with protee and Rigard have been my favorite team to kill hu tao / lixiu tanks. Also cyprian is really useful in all levels of season 3 where you have strong yellow boss.

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It’s all luck though. I’m the same as you, finished every costume chamber, and picked up keys here and there… so I’m not going to count the fact that I’m missing 5* costumes, but for the 3 and 4* costumes, before the last release I was missing:
4*: Skittleskull, Little John, Kasshrek, Kiril
3*: Balthazar, Friar Tuck

But had Domitia, and Horghall.

For some reason I can’t seem to get the green costumes.

In the last costume pull I pulled out 7 new costumes:
5*: Joon, Isarnia
4*: Chao, Gormek
3*: Valen, Nashgar, Ulmer

So for me personally, the chances of getting 3 and 4 star dups is relatively high (I had 14 pulls last costume event). Spending gems on the costume summons just meant that I would have reached saturation quicker. But the fact that a little over a year and I was able to get a good chunk of the 3 and 4 star costumes indicates that spending gems may not be the best course of action, if you are willing to wait and grind.

Edit: So I’m missing: 3*-7/23, 4*-8/22, 5*-16/20


Perhaps, but I don’t recall if I encountered many yellow tanks last raid tournament. Usually I just go with Proteus and Rigard. As for normal raiding, my purple team is usually Rigard, Domitia, and Clarissa. I usually go rainbow for maps, and use Proteus for that.

Fair points all. As I said Sonya has better long term use. If I were starting again though the riposters made getting ascensions mats easier earlier because Incould beat quests, get further in events, so things I shouldn’t have been able to I beat because of their passive damage.

In raids their abilities fade faster, but if I am trying S2, S3, etc without legendary heroes, or some 3*’s, the mobs are difficult to kill. The prolonged fights make it hard when your team doesn’t have the stamina. The counter attack in the enemy turn is huge because some times the mob slashes hit harder than your weaker heroes and you throw that back +. You need healers to keep them going but it is an effective, grinding, offense. Everyone plays different, but with the heroes I had this strategy worked amazing for a long time.

I did do a 10 pull gem summons in costume chamber in December. I wouldn’t recommend it normally, like I didn’t earlier, but there was a specific set of circumstances. I was missing key 4* costumes I wanted before the pool got more crowded, and I wanted another shot at Reuben because red is my worst color. I got a few 4’s I wanted out of it, although not my top targets, so it wasn’t a total loss. No Reuben. Barring those circumstances I don’t see myself burning 10 gems on costumes again.


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although I would also ascend Sonya over Cyprian, I do agree that riposte is really useful when grinding on the world map. Although, I have Elena for that, who does damage in addition to riposting. but everyone has different circumstances, and someone prioritizing the world map (which has more mobs than bosses) could very well find Cyprian more useful than Sonya (whereas someone prioritizing raids and wars, may find Sonya’s dispel more useful).

I definitely would not do a 10-pull in costumes summons to chase someone. Though, I am still stuck on whether to do my next 10-pull (or 30-pull, if I have the patience) in costumes or in Valhalla. Both have a very good chance of landing me “heroes”/costumes I do not yet have, after all.

I’m definitely not spending Gems on Atlantis anymore, as I have one of each 3*, and at least one of each 4* except Sumi, Wilbur and Ameonna… so the chances of me getting someone new are really low!


Quite a lot of useful opinions. I tend to agree here. I guess it’s all about if you get Cyprian early in the game or late in the game. He’s way more useful to me currently than Sonya because I’m more interested into progressing further on maps rather than winning raids on Platinum or Diamond arena. I guess for that (and tournaments) Sonya is better.

So I will emblem Cyprian ASAP because once again food and iron are overflowing. I can’t wait for the moment when I can start training in TC20 to solve at least the food oveflow issue. I guess the iron overflow will fix itself when I focus my two builders on more iron-heavy buildings such as storages.

I already have problems with Atlantis on Normal (trying to unlock Valhalla for the VF event, so trying to reach province 15) because for color stacking I am forced to use 3*, and those tend to already die way too fast. Cyprian is indeed a lifesaver, even if he’s not accompanied by Boril. Moreover he’s currently my tank in Alliance wars, which is another good reason to emblem him.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the concept of female armor in PC games. The more it reveals. the better it protects. The top armor in games is considered to be a very revealing set of shiny bikini + bra that barely covers half of each breast… :slight_smile:

BTW a bit of info of my own for anyone who’s interested, although probably you all know it already. I just killed my first rare 5* titan with the help of my active 17 side accounts, and was pleasantly surprised to find a batch of 10 or 20 emblems in each loot pile. So this seems like another way to obtain emblems, one I didn’t know existed until now.

Thanks again everyone.

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Oh, yeah. I’m aware. It’s part of why I stopped playing the Final Fantasy series. The rabbit gal who basically spends the whole game fighting in a thong was kind of the last straw. It’s also one thing that has kept me from trying another mobile game that gets advertised A LOT featuring armor of this type, even though it looks like an otherwise fun game. The comment about Elena was in jest, of course, but some of this stuff is just embarrassing. I’m trying to raise two little girls to dress appropriately. That kind of stuff won’t help. Maybe it’s a good thing I will probably never draw Natalya or Zeline.

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Anything like this?

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Working my way through S3 province 23 normal now. This whole take damage when they did thing is a PITA…


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I did use Boril in wars…but only after I got his costume. Loading in 9 tiles is important. I used him to let kill Finley or Ursena kill herself on riposte. Lately the user “Empires and Puzzles books” has published videos to use this tactic successfully against Frigg,too.

In wars I even use 2 Sonyas from time to time.

Think I’ll try Cyprian once his costume is finished (finishing Fura first). Boril fitted my blues better than Cyprian my purples.

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