The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I do this too. In fact, I failed stage 3 … THREE times because I insisted on using my maxed 2-stars and trainer heroes. Eventually I gave up and used a 3-star hero.

I always think I won’t have a strong enough team for the end. So I save the 5-stars … and forget to use them for the late stages.

I enjoy using the 3-stars and unleveled heroes too. I mean, why not? :grin:

Also, it’s fun to win when all the odds are against you. What, my team is 600 points underpowered? Bring it.

Because really, are we doing this for the challenge coins? I’m not. I don’t need another Nashgar, thank you.

Well your chances are really low. Some players posted videos finishing legendary with 4* only but you really need a good team selection and some key heroes like Wilbur, Little John or Proteus.

You have a chance at finishing epic probably.

Can’t remember properly but it took me like 9 or 10 months to complete legendary for the first time…that was still the old mode with 10 stages each…but it became even harder now.

Can’t remember when I was able to finish epic first time…probably you have a shot on that.


Thank you.
I found out about farming 8-7 pretty early in the game, but also preferred other farming places as the game progressed. Recently I finished the entire season 1 so now I use loot tickets on 23-11 whenever I can spare them. But if I have to farm manually I prefer farming 17-1, because it’s most iron, or 20-4 for most experience (although I have to waste some items on the latter). I only farm 8-7 when I have the 100 monster quest or need recruits.

I run my own alliance since I found out pretty soon that other alliances tend to be unreliable - both in wars and in killing titans. I have made 20 side logins and leveled them to 10 so that I could get free VIP + gems, so I enlisted those into the alliance, leveled them a bit, used their gems&christmas present to get some 3* or above and developed them pretty nicely (all of them can harvest 8-7 on auto) so I can currently beat 4* titans solo, and those drop an average of 1.5 unfarmable 3* mat per titan. Since I can control all of the logins’ damage I always stay on top (A+) with my regular login, but more often side logins with A or even B scores get the 3* unfarmables sadly. Tried my first rare blue 5* titan yesterday, failed, obviously logins not strong enough to beat it without items. Will have to develop them further. Also alliance wars 1-1 are pretty fun.

I have Gunnar from a regular pull pretty early in the game. He has been useful on occasions, but I doubt he will be in this particular challenge event because blue is weak vs green.

I don’t really know how to make a screenshot from my phone on my hero roster, otherwise I’d be glad to post it here. Also got a Brienne this morning from a regular 2*vip pull, but again, she’s not suited for the upcoming challenge event, being green and all.

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Gunnar isn’t there for damage. If you’re relying on his damage you’re in trouble to start. He is there to keep your team alive with Spirit Link and D up.


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Yeah I got that, however in the tougher fights of the challenge events I will have to rely on damage so any mediocre party member will most probably drag me down rather than actually help. BTW I used Gunnar when I had to color stack in multiple raids vs red tanks and despite his small damage, he was able to add to the total punch (severely lacking in blue playables). But if there is also the problem with the Hatter stealing buffs in the upcoming challenge event, then Spirit Link is a no-no. I’d rather use blue debuffers like Valen rather than buffs like Gunnar. However from the info gathered so far my team is pretty much set up already: costumed Boldtusk for max healing, Ei-Dunn for mana control, cChao for further mana control, and Sudri for more damage. Fifth party member is unclear, I have the choice of Melendor for secondary heal (despite being green, I think there will be enough targets he could hit, not everyone reflects said color in these events), Sonya for enemy debuff + snipe or Valen (carrying costume in his backpack just for the % bonuses, I’d rather him debuff enemy defense than buff his own attack). I doubt I will get another powerful hero up to that point or the mats to ascend anyone else, so that’s that.

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I am surprised you still have maxed 2*’s! :+1:

I used Glenda on stage 6. She is like 62/70 or there abouts. Put her between Skittles with costume bonus and Fura +20. The damage increase was noticeable. Once she is up and running at max (I think I need 1 more scope) she can bring some pain even if off color.

On stage 5 the all-stat was Danzaburo +1! All swords and bottles the whole battle until the very end when there was 1 boss that was nearly dead and it didn’t matter. That was his 1 and only snowflake.

Honorable mentions:

c-Boril for full team reflect. I get it is weaker by percentage, but covering the whole team has it’s perks.

Ameonna had some amazing boards. I left he charged and had a purple diamond with lots of purples on the board to start the boss fight. That was a huge opening salvo with her special and the diamond not even counting the other heroes yet. She got another diamond on the board while she was charged too so I got to do it twice.

I used to use her a lot earlier and had her at +18 at one point, so I know how unreliable she is when the board isn’t there. It was still fun to break her out and see her do something cool though.

Breaking out uncommonly used heroes is the fun of ToL for me. 4 more stages to tinker on with all my top flight heroes untouched if I lose one by getting too cute. :+1:



By the way, I thought on multiple occasions to sack my starting 2* maxed out heroes Layla and Needler and I’m very happy that didn’t. For all the newer players out there - don’t sack them until you have at least 30 3* or higher heroes leveled up! Not only because of the Tavern of Legends event, where they are useful in the 1st and even 2nd stage, but also because of alliance wars. Also 3* or higher trainer heroes help a lot in the same situations. I’ve won an alliance war because I used 3* and a 4* trainer hero group for the last couple points.


I always come to the forum to see the infographic, type out the bosses, and plan my team from stage 10 backward. Doesn’t keep me from wasting good heroes, but the good heroes I waste are more middle of the road heroes than my top-tier ones. Mostly, I do it so I have dispellers and cleansers against the right bosses. I did have to burn some items on stage 8 this time because I didn’t bring a strong enough team.

I usually do through at least stage 4 with three-stars, just to practice with them. Stage 1 is always my unleveled dupe legendaries. This is the closest thing SGG has given us to make use of dupe legendaries! :crazy_face: Mainly yesterday, I just wanted to see Bertila’s special fire so I could see the animation.

Now that they have added the chance for the current HotM, I’m mainly trying to save coins to have a few pulls at that. I should have 11-12 pulls by March, but Malicna looks terrible. Not sure how long I’ll save these things up.

8-7 is best for recruits, but I think 7-4 is actually slightly better for monsters.

Agree. I did a lot of this when I played Puzzle Combat.

Android or iPhone?



Of course. But when you want to balance out monsters/xp/iron/food/recruits per flag, 8/7 still comes out on top.


If you press the volume down and power buttons at the same time, it should take a screenshot. Might have to do multiples to get your entire roster.

Yep. That’s true, but I’m not usually in really bad shape on recruits, so I do 7-4 for WE efficiency.



You got it. Screenshotting is super helpful for forum posting. Looks like you’ve made pretty good decisions with your roster. Just be patient and keep grinding. What about your training camps? At this point, TC13 could for sure be your friend.

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TC13 sure is a consideration, but I ran for TC20 instead because of far better 4* percentage rate at the same time cost of 2 days. Currently upgrading stronghold to lvl 19. All three TCs are at level 11 and churning feeder heroes all the time. Despite that, I am unable to feed all my heroes. More of them constantly pop up before I could feed the previous ones. Between christmas presents, EHT’s given as rewards from various sources (sometimes even Mystic Visions), free summons with Valhalla and Atlantis coins and costume keys I have far more 3* and above that I can feed. Naturally several are crap like 2* Jahangir and 2* Carver, but as you can see, there are enough viables left to feed yet. Only today I got 2* Brienne from the regular portal - one in the morning, one just right now. Those silver coins sometimes produce marvels. So not really in need of more Season 1 3* at the moment unless, of course, I could pick exactly the ones I want - like Hawkmoon or Belith for example.

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So, just a thought, do you have a pile of backpacks somewhere? I’m usually running TC 2 when I am trying to feed heroes, and switch to TC 11 when I run out of backpacks. Sometimes I’ll run TC 1 (or TC 19) if I don’t have any backpacks, but don’t mind using extra food by using 1* feeders.

Pile of backpacks long gone. Farmed a second and third pile respectively from both my Atlantis Rising events, also long gone. Usually in the first couple days.

As of desperation, I started burning through my wooden swords recently. But not as fast, because I don’t wanna burn through all my recruits.

First challenge event couldn’t farm Rare-3 extensively due to lack of food and iron, but on this one I could (for the xp, after all it’s 975/flag) and farmed tons of 1* and 2* feeders, plus some backpacks. And it wasn’t enough as well.

Edit: I usually turn all of my three TC11 to slow mode night-time. During the day, only one or max two run on slow mode. Other get whatever backpacks or sword recs I can farm during the day.

Tavern just gave me Ranvir! That’s my second HotM from ToL!

What do you guys think? At first read he seems a step up from Wu Kong on titans. Then I strip Wu I can likely get Joon +20 with some to spare, maybe Leo? I have all the mats to max him.

Between the Chao costume and now Ranvir my tear of yellow heroes in 2020 continues! It was my birthday yesterday, so I may count this as my E&P present :+1:




Congratulations @Muchacho

So far I got 0 HoTMs from that portal…


Congrats on the extraordinary luck @Muchacho. I only get food in the Bar of Drunken Heroes. I think I might have better luck when HA10 swing into action, assuming they don’t nerf it by the time I get there.


Congratulations @Muchacho! How exciting that your yellow streak continues. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

This is hilarious @Shohoku79! I too collect food.


With my limited hero roster (see above) I am glad to have made it to stage 6 included.

However this is only 90 coins, not enough for a summon. Not that I crave a third Isshtak…

Next time.

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