The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I consider costumed heroes superior to non- costumed. (Mana bonus, stat boost worth +8 emblems, 2 different classes and 2 different set of specials) Leo is nice but I would probably go Justice here.

I would say Bertila as she is a hotm…minions and pseudo-cleanse ability. Will be in the same boat as you… Lianna 3.70, Kadilen 3.70 and got Bertila myself.

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@amrath Finley wasn’t nerfed… they planned to test a COSTUME for him in beta. so i guess a nerf in a way, because he was going to be made even better with the costume x_x

Thanks @sleepyhead. Was a tad worried as I just got Finley. Worried that they ruined him.


It may come a bit too late, sorry, but if I may ask, please give a newbie F2P some info - is it possible to beat the epic and legendary challenge event(s) - this and the following one next month - with only a bunch of random 4* heroes? Since I’ve been playing for only 3 months, I barely have a team of four assembled and fully ascended to 70, namely Cyprian, Melendor, cChao and cBoldtusk. Is it possible to win it with these?

Edit: cChao not yet fully leveled, but I have all the mats, will be definitely ready for the next month’s challenge.

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Well, we just had Pirates, so next month is Wonderland, right? That’s a reflect green event, so Melendor and other greens would be off the table. You have C-Chao for mana control, which is usually the key to beating the harder bosses. I haven’t got my Chao costume leveled yet, so I can’t say how good he is. If these are the only four-stars you’ve got, I don’t think you’re going to be able to do it.

This is an especially bad event for you, because Hatter can steal Boldtusk’s attack up and Cyprian’s riposte, which will really make the bosses tough. I learned that last time around when I was going with BT/Wilbur/Elena, and Hatter stole all the buffs and wiped me out quickly. You might find a way to carpet bomb through epic, but legendary is probably going to be out of reach with that crew. Anyone else you can level between now and then?


Thanx for the advice.

I have Kelile, Sumimoto and Azlar, but no mats to ascend either of them - spent all of my Hidden Blades on cBoldtusk.

I will be able to ascend Sonya, but that’s all.

Will try to at least win Epic this time around.


Kelile - a fast red who uses status ailments instead of buffs - would have been helpful for Wonderland, but I remember starting out and not being able to find hidden blades to save my life. Kelile was my first-ever four-star. The Mt. Umber rare quest should be rolling around in a week and a half or so; you can get a guaranteed blade there if you can beat stage 4.

Good luck with epic. Get your forges churning now so you have enough items. I assume you can craft dragon attacks. If not, get at least one forge there pronto. Dragon attacks make a big difference everywhere until you get a stronger lineup.

Welcome to the crew. Lots of great players with great advice here, so if you need something, just ask!


Thanks for the advice.

I did my first Mt Umber quite a white ago and got a Hidden Blade from it, however I failed miserably to get the rings. That was in the start of december far as I remember. However ascending BT’s costume requires a blade, so it was a total of 5 with BT + costume ascension. Also I don’t see myself getting 4 blades so soon. Both she and Azlar are at 2/60 with maxed up specials, but I guess that won’t be enough.

Dragon attacks are essential for carpet bombing epic I would imagine. No, cannot produce them yet, not even with 2 builders (created 20 extra accounts for that VIP) am I able to develop that fast. Forge currently at level 13, but will definitely get there.


I would add that because mats are so scarce, especially at the beginning, that working on 5’s can actually be more detrimental than helpful. Leave Azlar where he is and get BT and Kelile up to snuff. Them maxed is better than Azlar at 2:60 or 3:70.

When I first started I basically had healers and Cyprian for 4’s, so I could get forever and not die (sounds fun, right? :laughing:) .

It is possible on epic, depending on the event and color reflect, but tough without a deep bench. It truly didn’t get easy until I got reliable mana control in the form of Gretel. Do you have Little John or Li Xiu? Posting pics of your roster may help.

If it strains everything to beat epic I would advise not to push unless it is for personal glory. Keep building and these events will come to you/your roster. With the roster you mentioned maybe a team like Melendor, Boldtusk for the double heal, Cyprian for riposte, c-Chao for mana control, then maybe Kelile to snipe. She is stronger than Sumitomo and I think it’s too early to work on Azlar much.

Good luck! If you get more details I am more than happy to reassess and look again!



If I were you, I’d focus on finishing all the stages of every rare quest before I worried about completing the challenge events. Four-star materials - those you get from finishing rare quests - are less common than the three-star materials you get from finishing challenge event tiers, even if you get more of the three-star materials in challenge events. You get emblems from finishing challenge events, too, but those will come in time, and now, you get almost as many from finishing class quests, and those are twice a week. Rare quests are also more common (every 7-10 days) vs. challenge events (monthly). Morlovia is the rare quest that is hardest to finish, but the rest aren’t too bad, especially if you can bring double healers and carpet bomb.

100% agree. An alliance mate and I started the game within a couple of weeks of each other. Early on, he drew Kadilen and Sartana, while I didn’t get my first five-star (Onatel) until about four months in. He spent time leveling Kadilen and Sartana to the mat wall. I focused on having a deep bench of three- and four-stars. Now, he struggles to field three war teams, while I have six that are above 4000 TP. Azlar is not even a top-flight hero among S1 heroes, but he does look cool and is a lot of fun to play with.


Thanks for the info.

I had little choice on the matter of leveling Azlar to 2/60 - it was either him or 2-star red heroes for me (Never got a 3* or 4* red early). In fact I got Kelile quite much later, at the time of my first Atlantis rises - from the Atlantis portal.

@Muchacho - my roster literally contains only seven 4* and one 5* total, and I already listed all of them - from those only three at 70 - namely cBoldtusk, Melendor and Cyprian, no emblems, one soon-to-be 70 - cChao (all mats present), three 2-60 (Sonya, Kelile and Azlar) and one 1-1 (Sumimoto). I don’t imagine 3* being helpful in the Epic or Legendary challenge events, correct me if I’m wrong, although I think that cIsshtak could be good if only the event didn’t reflect green. Have cValen as well - probably he could be of some use? Also is 2-60 Kelile even worth considering? Won’t she die too fast?

@Noble_Weasel - I found out about unfarmable ascension mats when I hit 2/60 with Azlar - up to that point I thought I could assemble everything needed for hero ascension from regular map battles. The moment I found out about unfarmable mats, I focused on rare quests and events which could give unfarmable ascension mats - such as the challenge event. I’ve been completing rare quests up to the last battle since the start of December (Mount Umber more precisely was my first rare quest and I got the blade but not the rings, as I said), but the reason why I wanted to complete challenge events was simply more unfarmable 3* mats upon completion on each of the stages. I’m not competing for top score or anything - that would be ridiculous for me and my poor hero roster to even consider :slight_smile:

Also, being stuck with Azlar at 2/60 for a pretty long time, I may say with the right tactic he won me quite a lot of fights - raids and regular. Also he was the tankiest of all my heroes for quite some time since I was stuck with a team of 2/60 Melendor, 2/60 Azlar, Bane, Renfield and Valen for nearly 2 months of play.

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Depends what 3* heroes you have. But if they are vanilla S1 heroes, they may not be. However, if we’re talking about Kvasir, or Grevle, they’ll be useful.

So, you’ve only been playing for 3 months. That’s not that long and I wouldn’t expect to complete the Legendary challenge event, but there is an outside chance of completing the epic, with the help of some items. I remember when I first started, I didn’t even bother trying, I just played the first level so that I could collect a silver token. I forget how long it was before I was able to complete the legendary without burning a lot of dragons, but I suspect it was when I first got Proteus, which was quite a ways away. I only got my first 5* 5 or 6 months into the game.

All that being said, it is possible to get a decent ways up the ladder with what you have. It also depends on your forge and if you can craft time stops/dragons/bombs as well.


Sadly most of my 3* heroes are vanilla. I do have a couple of valhalla ones, but those are Sudri and Ei-Dunn. cIsshtak works like a better Grimm, that’s why I mentioned him. But since green will be reflected, he won’t work in this particular event. I will try to carpetbomb my way through Epic, thanks for all of the nice info and advices.

Edit: Ugh, I almost forgot, I have Reuben 1/1 as well. Is he worth getting up to 2/60 for the event and will he be helpful at all? Looking at him, he looks like not a very good hero at all so I kinda neglected him at all.

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She may help slightly because of her -24% mana generation, that with Chao’s mana cut can delay the boss’s special.

Edit: Not really familiar with Reuben, but if you’re looking for depth, he couldn’t hurt. May not help much for the even though.

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Actually cChao steals mana, was kinda into that rather than cutting it. Frankly don’t know which would be better.

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So, depends… I’m thinking if you bring in Ei-Dunn, she’ll reduce mana generation and using regular Chao will just cut it, so there is a reduced chance of firing. The mana steal is kind of gradual and if you are already reducing the mana generation, Chao isn’t going to get as much out of it.


Both. Mana control is absolute king. It’s not so important that Chao gets the mana. It’s important that the bosses don’t get it. So if Ei-Dunn stops them from gaining 24% off the top, and then Chao steals 25/50/75/100% of what’s left, that’s a win. If you can then cut the mana the bosses did manage to gain with someone like Li Xiu, Azar, or non-costume Chao, then it’s even better. At some point, survivability of your heroes will be the issue, but mixing and matching mana control skills can still be effective.

The only time it doesn’t really work is a steal paired with a complete mana block. For example, I wouldn’t fire Proteus and then Onatel, although some folks like to fire Onatel on turn 2 of Proteus’ block so he blocks on turns 1 and 2 of Onatel’s special (25/50% steal), then ends the block for turns 3 and 4 (75/100%) of the steal. That makes some sense, I’ll admit.

Well, it is a reflect green event, which means a significant number of moblings and bosses will be green, so stacking red has some merit. On the other hand, I wouldn’t start Reuben until you have no more three- or four-star projects in red. Since you don’t have the materials to ascend him past the second chevron, you’re probably better off investing in your bench depth and bringing him up later. He does look a bit underwhelming to me, but the classic red legendaries aren’t much to write home about, so he kinda looks better just by comparison. I tried (and failed) to get him in December for just that reason.


Yes, he is right @Saros. The vanilla mana controllers require stacking to be most effective. Combining Li Xiu and Little John for example. Ei-Dunn is great, especially for a 3*. Prior to her that ability was only found in 4’s. Her combined with Chao is your best bet. Slow down their mana and have Chao stack onto the most dangerous target left. As you get Azar from r Gan Ju then add them into the mix.

Also be on the lookout for Gunnar or Kailani. When I lacked healers Spirit Link allowed me to keep advancing as if I had another.

Don’t be discouraged, especially as a FTP. It was easily over a year before I could beat any legendary challenge without it being stressful as heck. Keep asking questions and applying advice to your heroes and how you play and you’ll be fine. Obviously pack your patience too :laughing:.

Reuben gets a lot of hate on the forum. Admittedly if someone has a deep 5* or heavily emblemed 4* bench he can lack purpose. I could find use for him and actually did 15 summons trying to get him, albeit unsuccessfully. I think he can add value to your roster for a lot of reasons, but I stand by my remarks to Azlar in waiting. He can add value, but not yet. Build your 3’s and 4’s. Doing that let’s you stock pile mats for your eventual 5’s. A maxed 4 is better than a 3:70 5*.

Good luck out there!



This is so true. I ran Li Xiu + LJ on Stage 8 for Tavern of Legends. The synergy is incredible. No bosses fired.

In fact, I ran mostly 4-stars on this event. For the final stage, I almost left Elena out:

Recommended team power was 4600. This team was only 3900. But then, Wilbur + BT + Falcon is total magic.

Welcome @Saros! You’ve received some great advice. Feel free to post screen shots of your roster. I think you do have a shot at Epic, if you can make it through the mob waves without using items. Then when you get to the bosses, bomb them into oblivion.

Practice with your team farming Province 8-7. Have fun with the heroes you do have. If you haven’t already, find a good alliance. You’ll get more chances at ascension materials.


I have only completed 1-4 but have done so with either 3* or completely unleveled heroes. I am going to do stage 5 with 3’s and then switch to 4’s and 5’s.

For whatever reason I always play too conservative. If I play like I outline above, I would need 25 maxed 4’s and 5’s. I have enough maxed 4’s and 5’s to do pretty much this whole event so I even have some 5’s that never see action. Couldn’t tell you why I am :peanuts: and do this to myself :man_facepalming: :laughing:

Maybe I need the excuse to use 3’s :man_shrugging:

Good luck taverning!



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