The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

congrats @Quinn3 ! Gormek and Chao are both really solid . Wish I got Chao, I really need more oomph in my Yellow team :slight_smile:

Yay! Congrats, he will be a great upgrade to Guardian Falcon, if I remember her special correctly. I hope when Isarnia is featured again (who knows when), I will do my 10x pull then and hope to get her.

Me too, until he showed up the second time after I did my two key pulls for the month. Ok, honestly RNGesus, of all the other other 3* I don’t have you have to give me a dupe? I would have been ok with a Dawa (costume). Now, since my theory of keys can’t drop during costumes event was debunked (actually got some out of MV last month during the event), if I can get one more key, I will draw again. Would Renfeld show up a third time just to troll me? I have a feeling he might.

I am not sure why, I really dig the Gordon Freeman look Jahangir got.

Would have liked to get Vodnik, because like @Muchacho, I don’t have any Pirate heroes either. Speaking of Pirate heroes, when I started this game, my first event was Corellia, and I really dreaded seeing Peters (back then it was Cabin Boy Peters, and First Mate Boomer, for that matter), because he is fast and I didn’t have too many heroes I could use, and if he silenced by healer (noticed the singular), I am generally toast. So I’d have liked to have a Peters, but I don’t know, my gems aren’t being saved to do Pirates pull, so maybe I might get lucky in HA10.

My alliance mates told me about this, (I think Jabberwock was in the list too), it does not make me feel great either. It’s like my journey when I started the game, build up to TC20, check, get Isarnia out of TC20, check, max Isarnia, check, get Isarnia to +20 (horribly long that took, but check), it’s like the game kept pushing the goal post back, I just want to be finished with one hero I like and I am really hoping it would be me drawing Isarnia costume… Are they going to make second and third costumes too?

Out of the heroes listed (and you are right about devs seemed mostly oblivious to the OP discussions), I had the luck of getting a Killhare out of a single EHT pull, and was told that she’s pretty rare, but pretty dangerous in raid defenses, and I was like, great, finally one hero I secretly own that might raise some eyebrows as opposed to my mostly vanilla roster where whales go “ha ha” (Insert Nelson Munts face) when they see it. I am close to being done with her, and now they want to move the goal post back on her so I have to get her costume too? I am getting pretty tired of this crud.

$GG is driving home the idea that $eason 4 heroes are going to make mince meat out of existing heroes, so don’t the lot of you want to just $pend $pend $pend to make sure your existing pecial heroe can put up a fight against eason 4 dude and dudette$, oh and $pend to draw these awe$ome $eason 4 heroes too so you won’t be left in the dust.


thank you :slight_smile: may RNG bless you on your third pull

yeah, Jahangir’s costume has a nice look

i also like Valen’s alpine-y look

and Chao’s dodo is just hilarious

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So I had a really bad day yesterday IRL, and I’m just now getting back to post. If I had ever been inclined to spend big on summons, today would have disabused me of the notion. Spent all my costume keys and got:

Already had:

  • Carver x2
  • Belith
  • Prisca
  • Berden
  • Boldtusk
  • Azar
  • Gunnar
  • Tyrum


  • Ulmer x2
  • Jahangir x2
  • Graymane
  • Karil x2
  • Oberon x2
  • Valen x2
  • Balthazar x3
  • Chao
  • Colen
  • Sabina
  • Grimm
  • Justice
  • Bertila

Now, I should have stopped there. I got a legendary, albeit the one I wanted least, and I got Bertila. But I wanted a better legendary, so I did three ten-pulls and two regular pulls with gems, and those really went in the toilet:

Already had:

  • Ulmer x4
  • Prisca
  • Tyrum x2
  • Isshtak
  • Karil
  • Friar Tuck
  • Azar
  • Bane
  • Gunnar
  • Graymane
  • Brienne
  • Sonya x2
  • Skittleskull
  • Boldtusk x2
  • Sabina
  • Kiril
  • Chao
  • Bertila


  • Nashgar x2
  • Dawa x2
  • Kailani
  • Hu Tao x3

Four new heroes in 32 pulls, and three out of the four were three-stars! Argh! By now, I was really pissed, and in a fit of picque, I burnt what little Google Play credit I had from taking surveys to get two of the Wardrobe Wonders deals, giving me five more pulls, and those actually went OK:

Already had:

  • Friar Tuck
  • Brienne


  • Hawkmoon
  • Gormek
  • Cyprian

In retrospect, I got a few of my targets - Sabina, Gormek, Grimm, Hawkmoon, and Bertila - but holy cow were they expensive. And overall, I’m sure these pulls followed the odds - I was too upset to do the math. But seeing dupe after dupe pour out of the portal was extremely disheartening. And now imagine - it appears that all the non-S1 heroes will get costumes as well. If chasing Marjana was this bad, how hard will it be for me to get costumes for Poseidon and Onatel, the gems of my roster?

So now I have a big decision to make. Should my next set of darts (and I have 5 of 6) go to Leonidas, who I think has more usability, or Justice, the only five-star for whom I have a costume? Also, should my next green project be Kadilen or Bertila and why? Your advice is appreciated.


So I did my 4 pulls (I did use gems for a 4th) and got 2 dupes and 2 new ones.

Melendor (I keep getting his costume for some reason, I have like 4 or 5)


I wanted Peters during pirates because I want to up my mana control game, so I guess Chao is an okay consolation. It improves him IMO from his base. The fast mana is nice as Gretel is average. They are both yellow, so Peters would have good for color variety. As soon as Glenda is to 70 (where she becomes mat. stuck) I will do Chao next.

I will get back you @Noble_Weasel, short on time. Sorry to hear about your day though :-1:



Hind sight creeping up, eh, my friend? If you were saving up gems and keys to go all out on this particular costumes event, then no regrets there. The results may not be what you were looking for, but reading your write-up, that gambler’s fallacy sure kicked in in high gear didn’t it? Also didn’t help that your RL day didn’t go so well, needing something to off the steam probably played into having you do more pulls than you would have wanted when things didn’t go your way. Also, perhaps you were feeling some feelings of deject by where the game is going (costumes for Non vanilla heroes) and you start thinking to yourself, why am I saving gems any way, or why am I still playing this game? (Believe me, I asked myself that a lot recently).

In this game where I had already determined my luck is going to be cruddy regardless of what I do, I try not to fall into the rage-pull mentality by trying to do my pulls when I can think clearly, that way, if my goal is not to go all out on a certain event, I won’t. I mean, it took me a 30x pull to get Proteus / Atomos last October after 9 months of hoarding gems, and along the way there are plenty of new heroes waving at me, for sure, should tell you something. The payout is rarely good in this game, Proteus I would have liked to have (when Atlantis was still in full swing, and this 4* could have easily turned into a Sumitomo for all I know), Atomos was a nice bonus (but would he have been a good one if they didn’t make him average mana? Probably still the laughing stock of Season 2).

But you have gotten a plethora of new project to work on, this should keep you busy for a while.

As far as costumes, like I said a few posts above, the next time I 10x pull will likely be when Isarnia is featured again, I’d say next month might feature newer costumed heroes like Leonidas or Thorne, so that may be a while, but that’s the goal I set for myself, and I hardly break my goals on a whim.


Well, I was prepared to hold the gems if the key pulls had gone well enough. Almost any other legendary costume besides Justice (and maybe Obakan) and I think I’d have had the self-control to stop. But I just knew I was going to get at least one legendary costume to get excited about, and instead, the one I got created a dilemma with my next set of darts that I thought I had settled. Now that I have my tank of the future (Krampus), what good is Justice? But am I really just going to sit around wasting the only legendary costume I have?

No doubt, and that’s why I decided early on I wasn’t spending anything out of my wallet on this game. I knew I could be vulnerable to something like that. Probably, I’d have been better off saving my gems and calling it after I spent my keys, but I just couldn’t believe I could do 30 gem pulls and get such garbage in return.

But again, two big priority targets for me were Gormek and Hawkmoon, and I didn’t get them until last, so maybe it will work out. Also, Grimm with costume bonus is NASTY! I still don’t have the costume to third ascension yet (power leveled it on Ulmer costumes!) and non-costume Grimm’s attack and defense are already substantially higher than unemblemed Magni!

Zero question it had an impact. Seeing so many threaten to quit over the non-S1 costumes has really got me thinking, but after finally landing a super-rare, top-tier hero (Krampus), it’d be a shame to quit before I get to see him at full power. (Sunk cost fallacy?)

True. Just wish so many of them weren’t three-stars. I guess I can get prepared to try and dominate certain raid tournaments! :laughing:

That would hurt, as both of those are costumes I would loved to have pulled. I think the Giga-Thorne dream probably died yesterday. :skull_and_crossbones::sob:


The change in the game is something that can almost be physically felt it is so dramatic. That being said I do enjoy the game for the escape it grants me. I think at this point I will still play the game after the S4 and non-S1 costumes, etc come out. It will be with the mentality of killing time and doing my thing. I complete quests, challenges, etc, but don’t compete on them. I guess the creep has minimal impact to me then unless late event stages become only possible with this heroes. That’s probably not out of the question as if they’re too easy now, with better heroes that gets exacerbated.

I think even if they don’t make a new arena as power creep goes higher by trophies alone things will “balance” with haves and have-nots in terms of new heroes. I wish I could say the same for wars, but the matchmaking is so appalling bad that mismatches are very likely to be worse.

I think the F2Pers are just going to have to band together in their own groups and keep doing their thing. It is worse for the F2Pers that compete currently as that will be exponentially harder once these changes start regardless of however many data driven analytics are followed probably.

Given I am F2P and the spenders fund me playing I guess I am overall okay with it as I have lost that overt emotional connection to the game when took a big step back a year or so ago. All I can do is stop watching Mystic Vision I guess if I felt inclined to do anything.

Anyways, don’t sleep on Justice @Noble_Weasel. Her AoE blind is huge for me in maps and quests. It was between her and Richard for my tank (and I ended up with Elkanen there anyway :laughing: :man_facepalming:, but I digress) and even though Richard got the emblems (and is currently +18, my strongest hero currently) Justice still gets play. It’s largely based on style and your roster but I have zero regrets ascending Justice. Her AoE blind makes it much easier to bring a single healer on harder stages. I love that utility. Same is true of Hu Tao for epic (whose costume I am jealous you got). Food for thought.

Leo us been solid too, better than I thought he would be. I believe you also have Proteus, Onatel, and Hansel if I am not mistaken though so maybe you need his mana control less. That 40% cut is probably my second or third best means of control after Gretel and MAYBE c-Little John. If you have better mana control methods the AoE blind maybe be more beneficial.

Who knows, maybe when fighting power creep you’ll need a core of Zulag, Justice, and Krampus just to live long enough to fire some wings!

I will circle back about the rest later, but you did get some good epic costumes.



This is really my greatest fear. Once I saw that it was eminently possible to open diamond chests on the regular and complete all quests (except Ninja Tower) with my roster, I became a lot less concerned about the rest. I could probably do Ninja Tower, too, but it isn’t worth the time/item investment to me. If I start missing a significant shot at materials because I don’t have a roster full of paywalled heroes, that’s what will bother me most.

I feel like I don’t have any option now but to ascend her and see what she’s got. I can see how the blind-all would be useful, and I remember it being super annoying when I was at a certain point in the game, but Azlar and Elena have almost soured me on slow heroes, especially as yellow is the only color where I’m missing a four-star mana troop. Could be because Azlar and Elena are so squishy that they almost never fire, though. Justice shouldn’t have that problem.

Then I have to decide about paladin emblems. No more for Zulag now? Tear down Giga-Thorne to build Justice? And what about her actual costume? Should I emblem her to optimize in costume or out? Does the costume have any usability, given that it is basically the same as the much-maligned Guardian Owl (albeit at slow speed instead of very slow)? In costume, she’s naturally another wizard, and my roster is already eaten up with those, so no help in class-related matters.

You may be the first person in forum history to be envious of someone getting Hu Tao! LOL

Two out of three - I’m missing Hansel. Good thought, though, about the need for mana control. A 40% cut is nice, but maybe less necessary with Onatel already in the fold.

Ack! Keep those kinds of thoughts to yourself! :scream: Just kidding.

I’m feeling better about them than yesterday, anyway. I feel like just one more legendary would have made me feel OK about everything. Maybe a lucky key pull will come my way in the next couple of months. Or maybe Bertila turns out to be a low-key beast. We’ll see. Appreciate the comments, and look forward to whatever else you feel like contributing, as always.



Why? I wouldn’t. Justice you use to blind, not damage. She is plenty survivable on her own especially with a costume bonus to the base stats. You have a working system with Thorne, leave it. His power is better with the higher A value.

If you went full attack, Justice still has garbage damage. She is already solid within our her stats to do what she does. I don’t think she needs them. Especially being considered on a whim with all the time and resources it would take to reshuffle.

Hu Tao COSTUME, not Hu Tao. Although he was my last vanilla 4*. Took me nearly 3 years to get that :wastebasket: :panda_face:. :laughing:. I do like and use him. I would use him more if I didn’t have Justice.

All this being said I don’t raid with Justice unless I mono (less than 20% of the time). I do raid with a select few slow heroes, but the boast survivable stats or huge powers like Gullinbursti, Quintus, etc. I raid more with Leo, but you have Onatel :man_shrugging:. Until Leo came along Justice did raid more often.

2020 wasn’t great for much, but it was great for my yellows! :+1: They’re probably slightly below average rather than a full on dumpster :fire:. :laughing:

No idea what it does, but costumes level fast and even if the costume power is junk the stat boost is great for the effort.



I think all this is true, especially about the resources right now. After all the feeding and ascending of costumes in the aftermath of my costume binge, I’m way low on food. Like, “I got 30 wizard emblems from MV and can’t afford to give them to Sartana right now” low on food! I should probably focus on leveling Justice and costume and see how they work for me before deciding about emblems.

Just noticed his costume has a healing debuff, so maybe that will make him more useful. Still won’t give him emblems, as I’m trying to make Elena viable now. I assume his debuff wouldn’t stack with Fura’s for a complete negation of healing.

That will probably be me, too. Right now, my mono yellow squad is Onatel, Poseidon, Joon, Vivica, and Li Xiu. Justice can’t be any worse than Li Xiu for damage, and the blind is more valuable than her mana cut. Just a little slower to fire.

Oh, I’ll level the costume. Just wondering if there is any use for it. It is 240% AOE damage, plus 50% damage for each dead ally. Then the caster gets +24% mana generation for 3 turns. I don’t love a skill that depends on dead allies to be effective, but it sounds situationally useful. Ideally a wing, but I wonder about a C-Justice flank with a Zulag tank. Color synergy checks out, and the strategy with Zulag seems to be to treat her as a tile dump, ignore the healing, and target the wings, then come back for Zulag and her flanks. Justice could make that a dicey proposition, as killing the wings makes her more dangerous, Zulag keeps her alive, and after the first cast, she’d probably be close to average mana. Maybe I just think about weird stuff… :thinking:

Anyway, I see why Guardian Owl owners are major-league pissed over this costume. C-Justice has like 100 more attack and 25 more health, with only somewhat lower (40 points) defense. Owl gets 40% more base damage on his special, but you could make up part of that if Justice’s wizard talent (jinx) fires. Owl is very slow vs. Justice at slow, and Justice buffs her mana generation after the first cast. Owl is totally outclassed by this costume in every way.

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@Noble_Weasel @Muchacho sorry your pulls weren’t stellar, but you both did get some good costumes from the haul!

I agree that the costume bonus is worth it for Justice. And yeah, @Noble_Weasel with Onatel already, Leo becomes less important. Justice’s blind-all though, wow. I use Danzaburo sometimes, and when he blinds all it is a thing of beauty

@Muchacho Chao is a mini-Onatel, so Chao’s costume is an excellent pull!


Well, it is beginning to look like the third pull for this month is not going to happen because I haven’t received any additional keys from any sources thus far and the only RNG thingie left between now and the Masquerade ending in T minus 9 hours now for me is MV in 7 more hours. I might just have to say, oh well, at least I didn’t come away empty handed with 2 dupe Renfeld costumes for this month, I mean I got a new costume, Killhare ate relatively well on the two Renfeld heroes, I gave one of the duplicate costumes to a Kashhrek costume that just needed to be boosted to the max and that helped a lot. I haven’t had to purchase roster slots. Not ideal, but not the worst… But that Chef BT costume… Still another that eludes me. Not that I wanted a Red Riggie, but it’s the stat boost that I want.

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I haven’t read his card but wouldn’t certain they don’t stack. I am inclined to say they would until they get to their maximum percent drop stated in their cards. Almur and Fura can stack. I haven’t read :wastebasket: :panda_face: card yet to confirm though

I agree. I used Li in and out of costume through epic pirates thinking with that much opportunity I will finally get her. I don’t. I really dislike her.

I think she is a solid tank and flank coming up through platinum. I am just past that in my game. Someone can correct me if I am wrong. Her amped damage in costume is still bad and her bigger mana cut out of it is too small to. Sometimes it doesn’t even buy me a turn.

Justice can help that team survive with her blind and taking hits.

It may be effective, try it. My concern if I were attacking it is the HP and D values on those two. If the other flank and wings are punishing and fast (and not yellow or purple) it could be difficult. I would be inclined to bring a Yurple team, but whether I do that or mono I am trying to kill an HP sink hero with a weak color.

G. Chameleon maybe? Just use your easy to get event 5*, duh! You’re welcome! :laughing:



totally agree. I finally stripped emblems of my Li Xiu, gave them to Joon, and lightly re-emblemed Li only for 4* Tourneys (mainly defense). I don’t use her in challenge events, the mana cut is too small and the damage too light.

she still does see use in War, but only if I bring out a 2nd Yellow mono… and only effective cause I combo her with Chao and sometimes 2nd Li Xiu for stalling tactics.


Checking with you as someone here may know…I just heard Finley was nerfed. Is this true?!?

If you haven’t seen it in the News & Updates category, I’d take it with a grain of salt. Such a change could be in beta, but I doubt it, since the new one just opened earlier this week, and I didn’t see a note about it. But the chances of something already being live are close to nil.

What are your other greens? You don’t typically mono, correct?

That a good group of new epics too, I wouldn’t feel bad. I don’t know all their powers yet, Gormek is finally a vanilla hero minion counter machine and Grimm becomes a monster attacker all over again. Mine is +18 via A path with a massive attack, so with a costume bonus he is a monster. His costume power of boosting D too is amazing.


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I’ve only begun to mono recently, since I have only recently gotten a respectable mono team in each color. (Almur, Falcon, and Joon were kind of the final pieces in their respective colors.) Right now, my mono green squad is C. Melendor - Almur - Buddy - Caedmon/C. Skittleskull - Lianna, so either Kadilen or Bertila would obviously replace Skittles. Other greens are LJ +20, Horghall 3^something, Kadilen 1^something, Bertila 1^1 x2, Melendor 4^70, and Caedmon 4^70. Took forever for me to get a legendary green, which is why I have dupes of Melendor and Caedmon maxed. I also have a few dupes of Lianna that are untouched. Bertila won’t get emblems, since I’m flush with fighters. Kadilen might get emblems after I’m done with Vela.

Yes, I was relieved to see him pop out at the end. He was one of my major targets to deal with all the Tellys. I love Gormek anyway.

Yep; learned this yesterday. My Grimm is +20 - all attack with those last to def/health boost nodes. I have his costume on third ascension, and his attack and defense stats are already better than unemblemed Magni. In fact, I’m using him instead of Magni in my blue stack now, allowing me to swap back to uncostumed Kiril.

Actually, his costume power is a boost to attack - 50% for several turns, if I remember correctly. Would be even more useful to me if I didn’t have Krampus on the rise, but will be nice to have during war.

I have Kadilen. I would pick Bertilla. She gives everyone a minion. Offers a partial cleanse in you don’t bring c-Caedmon, he dies, or you use his base form for double debuff with c-Melendor. Her pseudo heal minions, combined with Buddy minions amplify Melendor’s HoT. Her and Kadilen both AoE, but she hits harder. If she reflects a ramming pulverizer D-drop it can drop the enemy D for more turns than Buddy’s 3 turns.

There is more plus side how I see it. I think she can survive better too. If you get Kadilen’s costume you may switch gears if you needed a tank, but you are good there. c-Kadilen as a flank doesn’t take priority over Bertila on offense either IMO.

My .02 :man_shrugging:


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