The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

Yep, that’s a much better option than what I’ve got. Few buffs to worry about Finley, and The Pig’s overheal makes sure you are ready for the fight and can take a few extra hits before you need to heal. The only thing our teams would have in common would be Joon, as I don’t even have The Pig, Gretel, or Jackal, and my Leo and Justice are not ascended. (Leo is in line for darts next, though.)

Me, too, and I don’t know why. I feel like I won more raids going 3-2, since mono is such a gamble. You either crush the opponent or get crushed - not much in-between. I use my mono blue team even against non-red tanks because it is so strong, but I find myself avoiding mono-red, even with green tanks, because the tile damage is still awful with BT, Gormek, and Falcon.

I don’t have him, but he has that reputation. I think the pirates are the most unimpressive of all the challenge event heroes. Finley is obviously beastly, and Peters seems OK, but the rest don’t do much for me.

I would also :poop: myself, as a four-star mat has (sadly) never been a completion reward, even under the re-vamped event format, which is a shame. Not that I wouldn’t gratefully accept another scope. I have 8, but 6 are promised to Krampus, and Isarnia, Raffale, and Richard are going to have to battle it out for the next set.

He’s worked out much better than I thought he would. He is still new to me but I genuinely like him. He would get emblems if it weren’t for Joon. After Joon though he is next since Raffaele is still 7 scopes away (Glenda first). Definitely before c-Li Xiu.

Not to get too sidetracked, but I don’t think Raf needs emblems. His heal is massive and his HP is huge. He should fire before dying and if he fires he’s in good shape again. Maybe not in raids, but I am not inclined to bring him there anyway. Mostly provinces, quests, events, etc.

I do hate the gamble aspect which is why I won’t commit fully to it. I feel I won more in 3-2, 2-2-1, etc because the second color could keep you in the fight enough to recover from primary color tile droughts.

I think the main reason I am trying is I am getting deeper in maxed 4’s and 5’s in each color and mono is the best way to go deeper on my bench with cool synergy.

I am pumped for Glenda (1 scope away) and think I can use her on off color even given her damage boost. Say Tibs first, Glenda second, Quintus third. That would hurt. Maybe Glenda, then Kadilen, then Little John too, etc.

Even winning with mono feels weird some times … almost lazy. Like I got tiles, so I won. Sometimes I win mono with only firing a special or two because tiles are so strong. That seems thoughtless in some ways.

I have been tinkering with not bringing a D dropper in raid teams and am having some success. I should say it’s not as much of a dramatic uphill battle as I thought it would be without one. I got so restricted with team build with all the “musts” I had calculated for a team that I only had 1-2 “free” spots. Part of that was having a limited roster previously and then being slow to readjust thinking. I am finding other ways to win though with new heroes. It’s proving fun so far! :+1:



Sounds like we are making the same kinds of choices. I planned to ascend Leo and give him monk emblems before I drew Joon. I’ll finish Joon, and Leo will get them next. Raff has gotten shuffled back in blue after Isarnia and Krampus showed up, although I really wanted to take Raff up. I’m still torn between him and Isarnia, as I feel like I’m running out of healers in war. But first - Krampus. My Li Xiu +20 (no costume yet) will probably keep her emblems for now as maybe my fourth or fifth best yellow for war, but once I ascend Leo, Chao (my current sixth yellow) will lose his emblems to Lianna (unless his costume turns out to be boss).

Still no Costume Rigard? That would make it hurt even worse. If not, I hope you get him Monday. Assuming I like the featured costumes, I’m making a serious costume haul on Monday. Should have enough to do 27 or so summons with keys, and another 30 or so with gems, if I want. Time for some new projects and hopefully at least one or two five-star costumes, along with Bertila (who at least looks no worse than the other upcoming HotMs).

You know, I think emblems is doing that for me. The gap between emblemed heroes and unemblemed heroes is so great that there are some heroes I think would do well in certain situations, but I can’t bring them because they don’t have emblems and will die too quickly - especially four-star reds and yellows. I hope SGG’s newfound generosity with emblems and some more new costumes (at least for the bonus stats) will remedy that somewhat. You’re right - it sucks to have maxed heroes you never use.


You have better blues to deal with than me. I have Glenda, Raff, and Thorne and I will likely do them in that order.

Nope, but if I go 3-2 with blue or red I get the Boldtusk or Kiril A boost. Better than nothing.

Good luck in your pulls! I think I will only have 3, but you never know! :crossed_fingers:



Ooh, your HA10 isn’t too far off. I’ve only one day’s research left.

I will spend 75 gems to continue in Raid Tourneys sometimes. I know those gems add up. For me, the extra emblems are worth it, and there’s an increased chance of gold tokens.

I buy discount VIP sometimes, and share the gems (I’ll understand if someone wants to kick me from this thread). :see_no_evil: Haven’t bought any POV pass. Might allow myself to buy it once…

I definitely shouldn’t buy any pins and backgrounds from the avatar shop either. :joy: It’s cosmetic only, but I like that it’s guaranteed. All those 200 gems purchases add up, but it’s better than getting another S1 dupe.

I don’t think you are stingy with gems. I’d say you are laser focused on your goal!


@Muchacho, she’s ready for action just in time to tank for this weekend’s war.

If I finish Pirates legendary before war starts, she might even get a talent or two to make her sturdier. Will let y’all know how it goes.

Nice, congrats @Noble_Weasel

I am trying to finish pirates as well, but it may be close on time. Rare is done and I am maybe 20% through epic. Did they make events shorter in the past year or so?

Good luck!


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When they refreshed the challenge events, they increased each difficulty from 10 stages to 15. Maybe back in second half of 2019?

Good luck!

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Hi all! How ya doin’? Me? I’m doing quite well. Especially considering I just pulled Finley with my one and only coin!!! OMG, I just cant believe it. Never imagined.

So my plan is to finish up Alasie, who is at 4/78, and then start on Finley. This truly made my day. :joy:


Wow…congrats :partying_face: Now the value of your account increased by several 100$ :rofl: :dollar:


Wow! Amazing! Big congrats. I won’t pull on Pirates because most of them don’t impress me, but Finley is straight nasty. Enjoy.


BTW, my new purple project - unless I pull a good costume Monday - is Fura. I know some folks around here have and use her. I hope to add my observations in the not-too-distant future.

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Congrats @amrath. I am glad the portal was more kind to you than me so far.

I have only done 1 pull and was shooting for Peters, but really anyone as I have no pirates. Portal turns green … could it be!?! … Peters, or maybe even Lady Locke!?! … nope, Belith. I ate her. Should have known :no_mouth:

My Fura is +20 @Noble_Weasel. She is on my normal farming team, which is essentially a rainbow 5 AoE heroes to blow everyone up as needed. I see no need to replace her there.

Beyond that I have to try to find use for her so far. Even on the emblem quests she would apply to the bosses are purple making her weak. If I get a better 4* or 5* (not sure how since I barely summon) she is getting stripped.

I don’t regret having maxed her. I just had too high of hopes for how good all the S3 heroes were sounding and she is simply not at their level. The Almurs, Brynhilds, Gullinbursti, Mists of the world. She is more like a niche, but sound S1 or S2 hero.

I am doing the math in my head @SamMe and think I will fall short based purely on time. I even skip titans and everything else to just play the challenge when I can and I don’t think I will make it. If I had known I would have started on Legendary and worked down. Rare and Epic will be complete for sure. That is why I like the seasonal events, plenty of time.

I think it is kind of a bummer they made it longer, but not noticeably harder. More time consuming for the same difficulty. Maybe it is harder and I not remembering since I don’t do these often. The stage loot is :poop: too so there is no plus to that really either unless I am missing something.

Good luck out there!



It was the healing debuff for four turns that sold me on her over Stonecleave next. That seems situational, but useful. She won’t get emblems, though. My wizards are boss.

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Funny you should say that. I pulled twice hoping for something other than Peters as I only have 2 pirate heroes: duplicate Peters. First was Skittleskull, and the second was… another Peters.

I think RNG is broken… a 3rd Peters to go with my 3 Proteus. I am not complaining, but still.


That’s what I thought at first too. The problem I found is raiding in diamond she doesn’t survive well. This may be different running mono, which I don’t do often with purple. I started her out emblemed full HP/D and it didn’t help, so I reset and went full attack to emphasize her good stat. Her good stat can benefit me in her death still too.

I am down around 2200-2300 cups as I haven’t raided in like 5 days. Maybe when I rebound I will make an effort to use her.

:no_mouth: … this is why we can’t be friends (kidding :laughing:). Congrats on those pulls.

I have been playing 3 or so years but on the boards less than one. Coming here confirmed I am very unlucky with RNG. I was hoping for Peters as I don’t have great smashing teams. I have some strong heroes, but not a full team in any color. I tend to grind, so mana control is big. My best controller is Gretel and Peters would have been a welcome second.

I might do a vanilla challenge next challenge event. I have done 4* challenge on legendary, but not vanilla. It seems a self perpetuating circle of the biggest spender with the best heroes get the best loot (speaking in generalities, let’s not lose our minds here) exacerbating the power gap between players. There really is almost an entirely new tier of players in someway. S4 will make that worse I fear.



It is, but then I manage my expectations. I don’t go for high scores on the challenge events, mainly because I have better things to do, so I am usually satisfied with completion and getting troop tokens.

I basically just grind my way through the events and challenges and take what I get. Sometimes I get pleasantly surprised.


Same here.

I gave up on storing challenge coins for guardians…so I did 3 or 4 free pulls…got a new one:

Peters came to my roster too late. Pulled him last event. Maxed him out +1 but hardly don’t use him other than on some occasional war clean ups…may be he will get some more love in some tourneys. Need to learn how to time him better.


I get that, that’s what I do. I am just playing for completion rewards. I don’t have the time to keep replaying, or the desire. It just makes coming to the forums kind of frustrating. If given an option between two vanilla heroes most the answers are still “wait until you get X special/rare hero”.

At least there is still this thread for now.



@Noble_Weasel … I had Fura on full attack path. She just didn’t do much of anything. Stripped her when Sartana accidentally popped out of TC20. Let us know how you use her. I haven’t figured it out.

@Muchacho … You won’t be able to finish Legendary? Do you only allot specific time each day?

I had to do Legendary, just to get the compass. I just used my last one on … Hu Tao. Kid wanted me to do Danzaburo next. This is what happens when I have no projects.

Gullinbursti made his debut for Epic stages. That overheal is fantastic. I ran him with Wilbur, BT, Falcon, Mist. Also my first time really using Wilbur. He made everyone blow up, ha.

I mostly kept this team for Legendary. Subbed in Mitsuko so Finely could die with flair. But I think Wilbur would have been just fine.

Congratulations @amrath on Finely! He is a fun hero.


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