The FTP Rebellion. Who wants to join?

I’ve got 30 at least once.

Truth be told I really don’t get into events, wars and whatnot but even when I do i couldn’t care less for the loot: it’s almost always :poop: anyway - that’s the truth.

But as I’ve mentioned before Zynga has realised the potential of extracting money from low-to-nil spender and they are beating that dog.


Indeed, that means in one MV viewing you might have managed about the same loot one might have gotten in an elemental chest.

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But I lost all the fun of the elemental chest.


Bwahahahahahah :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That was yesterdays green chest:

Not too shabby, I get 3-4 elemental chests per month, in roughly every 10th is a 4* mats, in every 3rd or 4th an EHT.

Happy gaming


MV does tend to give as many, if not more, mats for example… weird huh. and relatively low-effort gems too


thanks to everyone who encouraged me to ascend Silvaria (I would tag, but am afraid to miss someone). I have her at +19 with a level 16 magic troop, so she charges in 9 tiles. She combos well with my Gregorion (both special skill damage and tiles), her minions ARE a bit flimsy but still help too.


Well, the S5 portal closed and tried my luck with some summons. As mentioned before, my first 3 summons had 2 3* dups (Aqueela, Faiez), and 1 new 4* (Ptolemy). Collected enough coins for another 2 summons which resulted in 1 3* dup (Jahangir), and 1 new 3* (Waqas). So after 4(?) portals, I’m just missing Jarif to complete the 3* collection, and Scoratek and Azmia to complete the 4* collection.
But, I bet from this point on, I’m mainly going to get dups.
I haven’t counted, but does it seem like there has been a large drop off of 3 and 4 star heroes starting from S3? I’m mising a few S3 4* heroes (Jott, Sumle, Shadereave), and a few S2 heroes (Gadeirus, Danzaburo, and Sumitomo). But completed S4 collection, and likely going to do the same for S5.


After grousing like this, I got an EHT in my tourney loot this past week… for a top 50% finish! :laughing:


Jarif is the only 3* I got so far. I do recommend going for Azmia, she is great.

I changed my D team to this:

Seshat +12
costume Elena +7
Azmia 75 +20
Ferant 75 +20
Lianna +12 w/ CB

I did it thinking it would be annoying with 3 riposters and not attacked much. I seem to be right. In a week of being up I have only been raided a total of 15 times and my record is 11-4.

I commented on this at one point. S3 will probably be the high water mark for 4* heroes in terms of both overall cumulative quality as a season and volume unless management changes their goals. S3 had 2 4* in each color for 10. Starting with S4 that stopped. Same with new events, most don’t have more than 2 or 3 new 4’s, but then have at least a 5* in each color. This also matches what the devs said about 3’s and 4’s not being a focus.

There are more 5’s in the game total than any other rarity and they are also the hardest to accumulate even though they are have the highest quantity.

So far the “pinch” on 4’s hasn’t been too bad, but I have noticed it a little. Given another year with more new events and perhaps another season I think the release pinch on 4’s will really be felt.

The good news is most the new 4’s once maxed and emblemed, even LB’d, are really solid.



Nice to see you can make use of your riposte heroes. It probably helps that Azmia and Ferant aren’t exactly your vanilla riposte.

I guess for me, it’s more of the frustration that these portals are quickly becoming “useless” as there are limited 3*/4* heroes available. I guess once I complete collecting them, I could just hold off on summoning until there is a HoTM or featured hero I want. I’m done collecting duplicates for the most part, so unless there is an outstanding duplicate (Junaid comes to mind to replace a Scarlett), there’s going to be a slow down in roster development. Not that it really matters as it’s all luck of the pull.

Maybe the challenge event will be lucky and I’ll get some new projects. As it is, I’ll probably complete what I have in the next week or so, and then probably switch to troop feeders and a second TC20 (current one is paying off well, just got a Thorne which makes 5 legendaries since last SE). The thing about troop feeders is that I’m kind of hesitant on completing my mana troops to 30, or just hold off until the new cyclops troops are released.


Gotta admit, I’m actually more excited about the 4-stars I managed to pull lately than anything else. I have a pretty decent roster of 5’s, solid roster of 3’s, but my 4’s have been lagging. They’re not bad, but not exactly great either. Hoping the new additions will remedy that.

On a side note, I defied the odds on ToL this morning and pulled….

Guess that’ll help with the upcoming Soul Exchange should I decide to give it a go. HA10 was also odds breaking with a Costume Quintus.
Kinda funny, even when I defy the odds, the game says — no event hero for you. Oh well, at least c-Quintus is new to the roster. Any thoughts on him?


Absolutely it helps. Elena is in costume too. I essentially have 3 premium riposters in that middle. It’s what the game gives me, so why fight it? :man_shrugging: Using Boril and Cyprian I don’t think is the same due to the lack of secondary effects.

Yes, exactly. Less 3’s and 4’s being released means there are less to collect and dupes become an issue with repeated summons. The fact that over half the new season heroes are 5’s is irrelevant as you can’t reasonably obtain them.

I think I will have 6 summons. I have no heroes from this portal. If I manage 6 new ones with no dupes I would be ecstatic. Even if I manage like 4, when I add my current projects it’ll keep me busy for a while, maybe even through the end of the year.

True of my F2Ps. I would say for the most part my 5’s accompany and fill holes to my 4’s rather than the other way around. I think it can be different, but it depends on what 5’s you get. My 5’s are heavy in snipers and kind of niche support.

I am in the minority, but think he’s good. My Quintus without costume is +20 and I him a lot. Not entirely sure what the costume special is, but even the boost would get me excited. If I didn’t have a surplus of sorceror emblems to dump on him I may feel different. When he is maxed out though he is solid I think. My purples kind of suck though.



That’s a great way to look at it. It’s funny, but in alliance wars, I tend to have unused 5-stars because my 4-stars are better fits for attack team synergies.

I’m intrigued by c-Quintus and have a truckload of sorcerer emblems, so I might slow level him and see. I’ll need to figure out if he fills a need.

Thanks for the advice!


I have 38 coins right now, so maybe get a couple of chests and the 10 for completing will give me 5 pulls. But I have a couple of circus heroes (D’Andre, and Eichbelborg), so there’s a chance to get duplicates. It would be nice to get 5 new heroes, although 2 or 3 would work.
As they are likely going to be 3* or 4* heroes, I could probably rush them along with TC19 if I’m motivated, otherwise I can take some time with TC1 which means a few weeks of projects. It’s actually kind of sad that I think about it, that there are only 2x 3* and 3x 4* (except villains with 2x) for each individual event… so 11 likely heroes, plus the lone 4* bard. Ah well, we’ll see.


Bane and Brienne.
ToL used to be somewhat fun with roster management, but rite now is boring to play and boring to pull.

And seriously… What the Hel is the granted 3* doing in the legends portal? :thinking:

About 3* and 4*…
That is going to have a huge impact on FTP.
Consider how much you play for 5* and where your real expectations are.
We might say that 3* are FTP ballroom, 4* CTP’s and 5* PTP’s.
The next ballroom is the category’s prize, two ballrooms ahead it’s delish.
If they shut our ballrooms there’s nothing much in the game than standing in line outside a very expensive club we don’t belong while hoping a bouncer is compassionate enough to let us in.
Hoping the night isn’t a bust in the form of Horghall.

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Yes, I am saving like crazy for CF2 and I will invest everything that I have there. Some villains and circus 5*s will help also many 4s and 3s from slayers, No many heroes from there

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There have definitely been fewer 3* and 4* in s4 and s5. We had 10 each in s3, and only 5 each in s4 and s5. Foretold by the q&a last year when SG said they would be prioritising 5*…

The only benefit of having fewer 3* and 4* is if there are some particularly key ones worth chasing… then at least the pool is less diluted. If, though. If the 3* and 4* released have the very very critical skills needed… :slight_smile:


I had the same thought this morning. (And I already forgot which of the 3 stars I pulled)


Sure, I mean if there are fewer Morris type fillers, that’s fine… that being said, Morris was a S4 hero.

I guess I could hold onto the coins indefinitely until all the costumes are out, but who knows if the game will still be around.

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Dang! That’s impressive. Nice strategy.

Bummer. I guess I defied the odds a bit as well. Instead of two three-stars, I managed Oberon and Gormek. Just a snack for Kage. Was hoping against hope that Tahir would show early. If he doesn’t show this weekend during CF 2, I’ll be bummed.

It hurts because you are right. I did my usual thing of starting at level 10 and mapping out my teams back to stage 5 or so. Seems like about any team can get through stage 4. Realized I didn’t use a mono red team at all. In fact, I don’t think I used a red hero at all. And then, I got off track and used the wrong team to beat stage 6. I had planned a mid-tier mono yellow team, but I used the mono blue one I had planned for stage 7 instead. I just regrouped, assembled a second mono green team for stage 7, and pushed on through. That team? C. Melendor, Buddy (unemblemed), Elk, Kad, and Lianna. And I still had HotM Bertila in reserve. It’s barely worth planning ahead on ToL anymore.